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Audience Amplify Bootcamp

Rapidly grow your email list and income through powerful, strategic collaborations even if you're starting at zero!


Imagine if you could...

Add new subscribers to your email list every 6-12 weeks through a few simple emails and social media posts... no paid ads in sight!
Send an email to your new subscribers that resulted in a flurry of responses, engagement AND sales... with less than 1% unsubscribes!
Add new people to your world just in time for your next live challenge... no need to spend weeks on socials trying to sign people up!
Find other entrepreneurs online who have the same beliefs, values, and complementary offers that SUPPORT your business instead of competing against it... hello affiliate income (another form of 'surprise' money).
Feel confident in what your offers are, who your audience is, and how to attract them into your world... no wishy-washy, vague strategies here!

Seriously, stop and consider what it would be like to accomplish those goals easily.

Well, it’s 100% possible with the power of strategic collaborations.

But maybe you're worried about...

How to find people to collaborate with. Where do you find people willing to share your offers with their audience (and why would they even do that?!)
What you'll send to your new subscribers. You've got your welcome sequence in place, but you struggle with consistent emails. You never know what to write (plus do people even read emails anymore? And will they read yours?!)
How you'll find the time to add another list building strategy to your already busy workload. How are you meant to make money from this anyway?
How to create your own type of list building event that attracts quality collaborators. And if you've got no audience, why would they even want to work with you?
Failing. Miserably. You feel nervous about stepping into the limelight, even just a little. What if you mess EVERYTHING up? Won't you discover posts inside Facebook groups vilifying your business and your event?! How do you recover from THAT?

And I won't lie... those are all valid things to worry about. But not when you have the support and training you'll receive as part of the 6-week live Audience Amplify Bootcamp.

list building can be hard...

But not when you leverage relationships, provide value, and present opportunities...

I've been running or participating in different collaborations since 2015. And it all started with my books. Little did I know that these types of events would become a cornerstone to my list building success...

I realized two things:

#1. Books, courses, workshops etc are ASSETS you can use to build your email list (and work better than lead magnets),

#2. Collaborating with others was easier than I thought!

In the past 2 years, I've used collaborations to add over 5,000 people to my email list without having to pay for ads. I've also added over 3,000 new customers to my business, increasing my income and loyal fans.

And finding these types of events is easier than you think...

...but what's even EASIER is hosting your own!

And I don't know about you, but I love working with people who understand the online world. You get to meet people who get you. Who don't go all glassey eyed when you talk about your offers, email marketing, and setting up tripwire funnels.

This is the power of collaborations. The first event was one I participated in and the second event was one I hosted. Both brought in over 500 new subscribers (each) to my world.

All I had to do was send a few emails (as a participant) and create a page and emails for my event and participants.

Easy and fun!

This is also a snapshot of the last 4 weeks. You can see that there were 610 brand new customers to my world. About 150 of those new customers were directly attributed to the collaborations.

And not a single cent was paid in ad spend to acquire these customers.

Through systems and automation, I'm able to create multiple opportunities for new people to my world to experience more help and support as and when they need it... I like to call this 'surprise money'.

I want the same for you too. πŸ™Œ

With every new subscriber, you move closer to achieving your financial goals. In as little as 90 days, you could have new potential customers, with hundreds of opportunities to create and sell value.

This is what leads to a stable, consistent business that makes money with ease...

Which means you can predict your income while leaving an impact on the people in your world. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Introducing the Audience Amplify Bootcamp

A LIVE 6-week group coaching program that will show you how to grow your email list (and income) using other people's audiences through the power of strategic collaborations.

The next Bootcamp starts January 2024.

What if you could experience the following:

"I'm not just growing an email list, I'm building a community. Each of these new subscribers is a life that I can positively influence. The impact I can make is phenomenal, and that's truly empowering."


"My voice matters. It's heard and appreciated by my email list right now. This influence comes with a responsibility to use it wisely, to continue providing value and positively shaping the lives of my subscribers."


"This is just the beginning. The success I've achieved has renewed my determination. I'm excited to continue this journey, to reach more people, create more impact, and keep pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve."

How would growing an email list and a community change the way you show up in your business?

That's exactly what you'll discover and experience when you run your own collaboration! Or when you participate strategically in someone else's event...

When you learn how to nurture your audience in a way that's easy and fun for you, not only will it impact and influence your subscribers, but you literally create your own license to print money...

When you use strategic collaborations in your business, you create a network of people you can rely on and support too.

A rising tide lifts all ships... ⛡️

βœ… Looking to launch a new offer? Instead of running ads, reach out to your 'collaboration network' and cook something up together that's a win:win:win.

πŸ“ˆ Want to add additional income streams to your business? Instead of jumping through hoops to join affiliate programs, reach out to your 'collaboration network' and see what they have on offer.

No matter which way you look at it, strategic collaborations are the answer to ALL your list building and money-making woes...

...when approached with genuine, thoughtful outreach. πŸ€”

If you prefer relationship-building to dancing for your supper (aka running paid ads), then you'll excel inside the Audience Amplify Bootcamp. Simply lean into being yourself, caring about other people and what they do and you've already mastered 80% of strategic collaborations. πŸŽ‰

The other 20% is the secret sauce... the step-by-step process of using those relationships to create strategic collaborations and lasting partnerships.

πŸ’‘You can add 100+ new subscribers (and surprise money) to your email list in just 6 weeks. Heck, you could do it sooner if you're ready to go! The Audience Amplify Bootcamp will give you EVERYTHING you need to do this and more.

In fact, the Audience Amplify Bootcamp is SO easy to implement even if you're starting at zero. As in zero audience. The whole point of the bootcamp is to not only show you HOW to find collaboration opportunities, but also HOW to create your own...

Start building and growing your email list with 3 simple steps:

Find the right partners - you'll discover there is a right and wrong way to collaborate.... and it all comes down to the people you invite to participate. Quality vs. quantity...
Power-up your partnerships - no-one likes the 'hit it and quit it' mentality in dating... so why would you treat your collaborators the same way?! Relationships are where it's at, baby!
Capture, convert, and captivate - the final piece of the puzzle is your subscribers. Both new and existing. Once you've got them, you need to keep them if you want to convert them into customers and loyal, lifelong fans.

Once you master the power of collaborations, in just a few hours a week, you'll have a stream of events that capture, convert, and captivate new email subscribers with ease.

I started the Bootcamp thinking I was just growing my list but instead I ended up building lasting relationships with like minded people.

I used Lise’s strategies to carefully research and select a list of people who I am now networking with. They have been interviewed for my podcast and have said yes to collaborating in my future bundles.

I am so much more confident and clearer in my business direction and I am now passionately invested in collaboration.

Jess Beard


Here's how it's going down inside the AUDIENCE AMPLIFY BOOTCAMP

Week 1: Mastering Collaboration Foundations module is available for you to dive into. There are three lessons with resources to help you master the foundations of finding the right people.
Week 2: This is your implementation week for Module 1. You'll find co-working, feedback, and group coaching sessions available to dive in. This is all about taking imperfect action.
Week 3: Partnership Power-Up module will be available for you to dive into. There are three lessons with resources to help you build meaningful, long-term partnerships that are always win:win:win.
Week 4: This is your implementation week for Module 2. You'll find co-working, feedback, and group coaching sessions available to dive in. This is all about putting the wheels in motion...
Week 5: Engagement & Conversion Catalyst module will be available for you to dive into. There are three lessons with resources to help you welcome and nurture your new subscribers. Let's add in some surprise money systems too.
Week 6: This is your implantation week for Module 3. It's also the final week of the bootcamp. You'll find co-working, feedback, and group coaching sessions available to dive in. This is all about implementation and getting a plan in place to move forward with your own collaboration.

What's inside?

3 core modules with 3 lessons per module (a total of 9 lessons). 

These will be dripped out to you every other week so you have time to learn and then time to implement. Lessons go live during the bootcamp on Weeks 1, 3, and 5.

3 implementation weeks.

These are the weeks following a module drop. This is where you'll have access to co-working, feedback sessions, and group coaching calls all inside the private Heartbeat community. These are for you to take action, seek input, tweak, refine, and move forward.

Workbooks, templates, swipe files and more.

Everything you need to support you in amplifying your audience is provided with each individual lesson. More will be added as needed. Got questions? Ask and you shall receive...

But that's not all...

You'll also get these special bonuses!

πŸŽ‰ Bonus 01

Collaboration Opportunity Database ($997 value): Access to a database of potential collaborators across various niches and industries, saving you time and effort in finding suitable partners for your collaborations.

πŸŽ‰ Bonus 02

Email Copywriting Guide ($97 value): A comprehensive guide to writing compelling and effective emails that engage, convert, and nurture subscribers, maximizing the impact of your growing email list.

πŸŽ‰ Bonus 03

Audience Segmentation ($297 value): A step-by-step course on segmenting email subscribers based on their interests, preferences, and behavior, allowing you to deliver personalized content and targeted offers.

πŸŽ‰ Bonus 04

List Building Event (priceless): You'll be invited to participate in a special bundle list building event for Audience Amplify Bootcamp participants only. See the entire process in action.


What others are experiencing...

You've got questions? I've got answers...

Does this only work for business or money-making niches?

No! Using strategic collaborations works for ANY industry, ANY niche. All you need is an offer that will work with the audience you're trying to attract.