Wahoo! I'm so excited to bring you the "Black Friday Promotion Palooza"!

Wondering what this is all about? Well, for the next 48 hours, myself and action-taking Digital Income Accelerator members have created the most amazing Black Friday / Small Business Saturday deals for you!

Click on whatever you're interested in to grab your special deal
Buy only what you want and leave the rest
Deals are only available until 11.59pm US Eastern Standard Time Saturday, November 26 2022


Micro Offer Creators Toolkit + Bonus Workshop

Get instant access to 385 professionally designed Canva templates to help create and launch your offers in a weekend! You'll be able to:

Create a sales page that converts (prompts included)
Launch your micro offer with over 50 social media posts and templates
Design audience-attracting lead magnets
Create workbooks for your mini-courses and trainings
Plus so much more!

BONUS: get access to a LIVE workshop (Dec 13, 2022) that shows you how to use the toolkit, including how to create and launch your offers in a weekend.

Brought to you by Lise Cartwright | Hustle & Groove

2023 Human Design Moon Journal

The 2023 Human Design Moon Journal is the perfect tool for tracking how the moon’s movement affects you through Human Design.

Recording this connection clarifies the moon’s effect on you, allowing you to optimize your energy more effectively. And isn’t this what Human Design is all about?

BONUS: get access to a 25% coupon for your next Human Design Reading!

Brought to you by Yael Cohen

Change your life & success. Be On Top Of Your Overwhelm.

What are the ways out of overwhelm? 

To release invisible blockages, change your life, and follow your soul's callings? 

Our world is still under burnout + pressure. 

Do you feel blocked? Mixed emotions? 

Here's a way out! Yay! If you want to change your life & success, this is for you.

Normally $333, save $325 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Sultan Deniz Meditations & Inspiration

'I Deserve' Mini-Course

What if you identified and experienced more of what you deserve? 

What if you ceased resisting what you deserve? 

What if you transformed what you do not deserve into what you do deserve? 

A twelve-day journey that will take your ability to influence what you deserve to another level.

Normally $47, save $20 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Melinda Cates | I Make A Difference

"Mapping & Releasing Stored Emotions in the Body" Workbook

Our mind and body are connected. If something is going on mentally, it can manifest in our bodies as muscle tension, skin rash, headaches, etc. 

This workbook has everything you need to know about the mental patterns behind the pain and discomfort in your body and how to release them.

Normally $24.99, save $5 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Miyu Sudo | I Love Me More

The Webinar Promo Pack

The Webinar Promo Pack gives you everything you need to promote and fill your webinar; templates to create high-converting sign up pages, email scripts that increase show up rates, and amazing webinar slides. It’ll be the only tool you'll ever need to successfully promote your webinar with no stress!

Normally $29, save $22 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Patricia Soares

Finding Joy Journaling Experience

Reflect on what's working, what's not, and what you need most right now. Gather the information you need to understand what your next step is. Get clear on all that is standing in your way. Learn how to leverage your current strengths to create opportunities in your life and work.

Normally $47, save $20 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Jennifer Turner

Peaceful Mama Refresh

Launch Pricing! 

During the Peaceful Mama Refresh you will unpack one of your limiting beliefs around self-care. 

We will create an achievable goal around your self-care routine for you to start implementing right away. 

You will begin to learn how to calm your mind in the chaos of motherhood.

Normally $177, save $89 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Brittany O'Leary | Peaceful Mama Life

The Confidence Circle 5-Week Challenge

Hey, do you doubt yourself? 

Join us for 5 weeks of releasing all sorts of tension from your body while transforming limiting beliefs. 

Create more confidence while connecting to your authentic self. Also, no more feeling overwhelmed or alone in your journey. 

Click on the button to learn more!

Normally £75, save £35 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Harpreet Kaur | Grounded Women Project

I Am Affirmation Journals (Affirmation journals for women and kids)

You have to love yourself FIRST! 

The “I Am” Affirmation Journal and cards gives you space to reflect positively on yourself and ALL the goodness you bring into the world. 

Post the cards everywhere so you can exclaim these positive affirmations all day long until you truly BELIEVE IT!

Normally $21, save $9 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Krista Coyne

Art of Abundance: The Ultimate Money Mindset Makeover Bundle

Explore your money personality, release unconscious money blocks and rewire a fresh money story…one that helps you finally feel that you are whole, aligned and abundant.

Normally $67, save $30 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Vicky Santiago

Better Next Year Planning Template

A planning template for crafting a better next year. Includes a reflection segment and strategic planning. 

Imagine your best year ever by strategically planning the start of 2023 so that you don't waste your time and energy on the wrong things. This template and bonus replay of a big picture planning workshop will get you moving in the right direction in the new year!

BONUS: replay of the Better Next Year Workshop is included to give a video guided process as well! Normally $74, save $62 only during this 48-hour sale.

Brought to you by Gary Williams | Better Future International

Ignite Your Intuition Membership + Bonuses

Finally make sense of the Intuitive messages you receive by learning practical, easy, and fun ways to practice your Intuition. 

Navigate your life and decisions with more clarity and ease by feeling confident, empowered, and trusting of your inner guidance.

BONUSES: includes 3 bonuses - Audiobook, eBook and Intuition Practice Playbook

Brought to you by Jyll Hoyrup

The Entrepreneur's Wellbeing Bundle

Build a stronger business as an entrepreneur while you enhance your wellbeing and move past challenges. 

Journals, articles, workbooks, and fun things to do help you celebrate, support, and integrate your life and business toward achieving your goals. 

This Black Friday Bundle is not available elsewhere.

Normally $217, save $190 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Lois Reid, Ed. D. | Top Of Your Game Marketing

40+ Page Pinterest Strategy Guide

Your Conscious Business Building Guide to making your time on Pinterest the most effective, joyful, authentic, and aligned with who you are and what feeds your soul while crafting a strategy that works for you.

Normally $27, save $20 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Britni Wige | Hand In Hand Pinning

Self Love Experiment Membership

New Year TRUE You! 

The Self Love Experiment Membership is your guided and safe space to say YES to yourself (without the guilt!) so you can befriend anxiety, overcome overwhelm and rediscover the confident, beautiful, fabulous soul you are! 

Here's your invitation to BE more ME (you!) in 2023 ♥

Regular price is $11/m. Grab the annual subscription and get two months FREE! +
BONUS: Bye Bye Limiting Beliefs Workshop ($97 value)

This is the annual payment price. You will be charged $111 per year.

Brought to you by Kerri Leigh

Magic Dating Session

Searching for your soulmate, but don’t know where to look? 

Find the right strategy that works for you. 

Get help from a matchmaker and relationship coach in the Magic Dating Session, a 90 minute consultation to learn how you can find and keep your soulmate.

Normally $147, save $108 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Gabriele Strasky

I Dream of Simple All Access Pass

The i Dream of Simple All Access Pass combines all of my products into one amazing bundle for a FRACTION of the price of buying them individually.

- DECLUTTERING MADE SIMPLE 2023 (will be available January 1!)

Normally $96, save $41 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Tara Dubiel | i Dream of Simple

Nail Your Profitable Course Topic

In this mini-course, I'll teach you in just 4 steps how to nail a course topic that fits your business like a glove and will help you start making leveraged income.

Normally $17, save $10 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Gabby Grimaldo | The Learnologist

The Authentic Communication Bundle

Three powerful courses to help you connect with and understand yourself more deeply. Explore your behavioral, communication, and processing styles. Identify where your approach contributes to disconnection in your interactions and communication. Express yourself more responsively, and authentically. Influence more powerful connections in your relationships.

Three courses for the price of one!

- DISC Behavioral Styles And Me - 8 modules, 

- Sensory Processing Styles And Me - 9 Modules

- Active and Reflective Processing And Me - 6 Modules

Normally $590, save $415 only during this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Melinda Cates | U Make A Difference

The Parenting Lab Monthly Membership

The Parenting Lab.

Everything you need to know to make your child LISTEN to you so that you can go without screaming your lungs off and focus on modelling positive behaviours. 

Listen so your kids will talk + Talk so your kids will listen.

Launch Price Only! Normal price will be $19/m.

Brought to you by Mital Patel | Rise With Mital

"Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight!" Live Workshop and Hypnosis Experience

You don’t have to gain weight this holiday season! 

You’ll walk away with more confidence, motivation, and proven strategies to avoid feeling stuffed at holiday gatherings or controlled by cookie platters. 

Experience a mini-hypnosis session to help you succeed! Live and on Zoom: Saturday, December 10, 1-3pm EST, Replay provided.

Normally $97, save $70 only for this 48-hour sale!

Brought to you by Robyn Bragg Coaching

Jump into January 30-Day Challenge

This 30-day challenge will help you rock your 2023 resolutions. 

With short daily actions, you'll end January with your 2023 SMARTER goals and a plan to make them happen. 

Plus you'll receive tips, recipes, trackers, and mini assignments to take your health and your life from good to great!

Normally $30, save $15 only for this 48-hour sale! + BONUS 1 week December Challenge included.

Brought to you by Pamela James - 365 Living Well

Start a Printable Biz Course

In this self study course you will learn everything you need to get started selling printables on Etsy. 


Get started quickly with step-by-step videos to open your shop using free resources, over-the-shoulder design tutorials for 4 super popular niches & commercial usage templates.

Normally $97, save $30 only for this 48-hour sale! 

Brought to you by Cherina Booker | Cherie La Vie designs

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