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How to Create Black Friday Promotions That Sell Like Hotcakes...

Create a sales plan that feels easy and fun for you to execute
Learn which offers sell the easiest and how to create them in a weekend
Write a sales page that takes all the guesswork out!
Optimize your sales with order bumps and upsells or as I like to call it 'surprise money'

In 90 minutes, you'll learn exactly how to take your Black Friday ideas and turn them into magical cash injection offers!

I'm sharing my planning secret sauce with you to help you prepare for Black Friday, which is gonna make your previous years' sales look like a drop in the ocean.

By grabbing the 90-minute training, you'll walk away with a clear cash injection plan, so you're not left scrambling come Thanksgiving...

Instead, you'll have an easy & fun sales plan that goes 'ka-ching' with all the sales!

Here's what we're covering inside the Black Friday Sales Plan Training:

Complete Clarity

You'll have your Black Friday Promotions mapped out with a clear plan in place. When someone asks you what you're doing for the holiday promotional period, you'll no longer be shrugging your shoulders in confusion... instead, you'll have a clear money-making plan ready to execute!

Cool & Calm

Because your buzz building campaigns are all done and scheduled ahead. Yeah, this year, you'll get to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and all the trimmings without having to race to your computer every hour to send out last minute emails and social media posts.


Yep. This year you're going to bring in the money honey! All you gotta do is implement the plan and sit back, relax and reap the rewards. You'll learn how to optimize your Black Friday Promotions so that you can double or triple your income during these four promotional days.

What's included and how's it all going down?

Bite-sized training lessons that you can watch in less than 90 minutes
Lifetime access to the training via the private course access area
Promotional email templates so you don't have to figure out what to write to your email list
My simple sales page template. No more blank page or writer's block for you. Use this simple sales page to craft words that connect with your target customer at a time where they are searching for your awesome-sauce!
Example promotion plans with suggested timelines based on what you have in place in terms of audience size and reach!

Hey, I'm Lise, your coach for this training

Here's a few things about me that I feel you should know:

I've sold over $2,000 in 7 Days with a single 5-day launch (no ads in sight).
I'm not  a sales or marketing whiz! I've made a TON of mistakes and lost $9k in 2019 because I didn't follow my gut...
Sharing one 10-min tip to a client in a Strategy Session brought in $1k in organic sales in less than 3 days.
I have no special degrees. I bleed when I stub my toe. I cry at sad movies. Basically, I'm just like you! Maybe I'm a little ahead of you in experience and knowledge... but I'm more than willing to share what I've learned with you.
The minute I started focusing on what's easy and fun for me, money started to flow into my bank account with ease. 

Ready to remove the stress and overwhelm and get your Black Friday Promos created and scheduled? Let's do it!

This is how much I made during the Black Friday holiday period in 2022. I sold one core offer that had multiple options... it was fully automated and I didn't do any social media posts! This was so easy and fun for me, and this is what I'm going to help you map out for yourself!

Let THIS YEAR be the year you can finally relax AND make money via your planned and automated Black Friday sales plan! 

You'll receive lifetime access to the training and access to the live Q&A session (from the live workshop) along with a private course area with more resources to help you be set up for success.

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Lise provides so much value on her live workshops. I love the way she plans and provides clear action steps. It makes it so easy to go off and implement.

Sloane K., Author & Coach

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