How productive are you when you work at home? Do you have a dedicated home office, or just an area where you park your butt in the hopes of being inspired to get your work done?

Working from home can be a struggle. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “yeah, right, a struggle…” but it’s true. Yes, working from home is awesome, you get to slop around in your slippers, wear your most comfy pants and not have to worry about doing your hair or putting on makeup (although, I’d encourage you to at least put in some effort to look presentable, as it makes a big difference in how you start your day) — yes, all those things are awesome, but there are also some drawbacks to working from home, namely productivity.

I know I’ve said this before, but I can be easily distracted by the silliest things when I’m at home, like seeing the kitchen messy, now that is an urgent task that needs to be addressed, or putting the washing on, because you know, we need clothes to wear…

These are the types of distractions I deal with on a daily basis! Now if I had kids, I’m sure that list would increase…

If you wanna increase your productivity, it really starts with how well laid out your home office is. I know this might sound silly, but being able to step into a space each day that encourages creativity, inspires you and allows you to work at your optimal output, can only benefit your productivity in the long run, right?

It’s about intuitively boosting your productivity, and this is how you can do this right now.

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Affordable Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Home Office

Now, depending on whether you own your own home or not, some of these will work for you, others won’t. Just choose the options you can try and get started!

Option 1: Change your wall colour

I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles, but stick with me for a second. The psychology of colours is a proven thing and if you have the wrong colour in your home office, it can significantly damage your productivity.

If you own your own home, then think about painting your walls in cooler colours, as these are associated with warmth and creativity. Check out Pinterest for some ideas.

If you are renting or leasing your home, then avoid painting the walls — instead, you can add the right colours through curtains, paintings, photos and furniture. Here’s some ideas on Pinterest for you too.

Option 2: Choosing the right desk and chairs

Aside from furniture colour, you also want to make sure that the desk and chairs you have in your office are going to meet your needs. For example, I have the worst desk and chair setup right now. My desk is higher than my hips and my chair is low and does not support my back (this is changing very soon!).

You want to make sure that your desk is the right height, or look at investing in one that is adjustable, allowing you to either sit or stand (so you’re not sitting all day). Your chair should have a good lumbar support and should be the perfect height for you to sit comfortable at your desk.

Don’t forget a foot stool as well, particularly if you’re vertically challenged like I am!

The other thing you want to consider regarding your desk is whether it’s got enough space. Do you need a corner desk or a long desk? Consider these options and ensure that the desk meets your needs… otherwise you’re going to end up like me, with a booster seat on her chair…

Option 3: Ensuring proper lighting

Just as the colours of your wall impact your productivity, so does the type of lighting you have in your home office. Have it too dark, and your brain is gonna think it’s nighttime and you’ll feel low on energy, have it too bright and you’ll feel like you’re on stage.

Your best option is to have as much natural light as you can in your home office. If you can’t access natural light, then opt for energy-efficient light bulbs and lamps so that you can ensure that your working space has the right level of light.

Incorporating mirrors is also another option, as these bounce light around the room, so a large mirror can help ensure the lighting is just right for increasing your level of creativity and inspiration.

Other Ideas

If you’re really tight on funds, then consider any of the following ideas to increase your home office productivity:

  • Add pops of colour to your desk, such as washi tape over your desk, coloured frames etc
  • Adding personal mementos, like photos of your family, friends, of holidays you've taken, beaches, fun in the sun!
  • Adding plants to your desk or office area, providing fresh air and life to your home office

At the end of the day, your home office needs to be set up so that you can get to work immediately once you’re in it. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, then setting aside a specific space in your home that is only used for work, is the next best thing.

Do you have a great tip about how to make your home office super inspiring and productive? Share it in the comments below!




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