unlock your design + implement faster

Get your Human Design chart read with practical tips on how to move forward in your business + all your online business questions answered!

Wondering what a Day of Voxer session looks like? 


Prior to our DOV session, you would have filled out a questionnaire + provided your HD chart details.

At the start of our DOV session, you'll receive a welcome text or audio (depending on how I'm feeling!) inviting you to start.

I'll also provide you with a Loom video breakdown of your HD chart!


The magic happens in the space between us chatting...

This is the power of a Day of Voxer... space to process and sit with everything we'll chat about.

Your strategy and authority have time to absorb and process... there's not rush to cram everything in like there is during a limited-time Zoom session.

Take your time and allow the a-ha's to come to you.


As our DOV session comes to a close, I'll summarize everything and provide you with some clear action steps.

Depending on what's discussed, I might also record some additional training videos as needed.

You'll have a very clear blueprint on how to implement your HD chart into your business and take full advantage of everything available to you inside the Digital Business Lab!

"I can't recommend Voxer Coaching with Lise enough!"

"I thought the Voxer Coaching went very smoothly and I loved how much back and forth Lise and I did. We literally live on opposite sides of the world but it was like she was just down the street!

Lise is genuinely invested in her students. She wants us to succeed and shares all she knows with us. She connects with you on a personal level and she strives to understand what you want from your business so she can best help you.

After my Voxer Coaching, I implemented what Lise told me to do... (we worked on how to increase my email subscribers) I had around 100 subscribers when I started and now I’m over 400 (in just two weeks since our coaching.)

I have created 2 different workbooks and just listed 2 for sale on SendOwl.

Since my Voxer Coaching with Lise, I have a much clearer vision and understanding of how to know what my audience wants and how to best serve them. I also understand more about just how important nurturing our audience is to our business. It’s about truly showing up.

I can't recommend Voxer Coaching with Lise enough! 🥰"

Debbie Brady

Author + Coach

You + Me = Your Best Day Yet!

I got into business to help other creative business owners get out of their own way. To help move them to a place of clarity and action so that they (ahem you) could experience what's possible for themselves.

That's what this custom Day of Voxer Coaching is all about! Me helping you to get the clarity and action you need right now so that you CAN have an online business that's easy, fun, & profitable.

Think of this as my eyes on your business...

We can look at everything you have, review your Human Design chart, figure out where it all fits, what you could sell on autopilot, what you can eliminate, what you might want to create... basically think of this as your intensive time to clean up, optimize, and strategize.

It's kinda like cleaning out the hard drive on your computer... I'm going to come in, ask you some questions, then we'll figure out your BEST next step to get you to where YOU want to be, clearing out the fluff along way.

I can't wait to get started!

You've got questions... I've got answers! 👇

How do I book in my Day of Voxer coaching session?

Upon purchasing the Day of Voxer coaching, you'll be prompted to book in a time then. You'll then receive further instructions on how to set up your Voxer access to me and what happens next.

I just joined the Digital Business Lab, will this be helpful?

Yes! In fact, this will likely be the best thing for you to do to hit the ground running, especially if you don't know much about Human Design + your business and how it all ties together. It's an opportunity to pick my brains and set yourself up for success.

I'm a member of the Digital Income Accelerator, should I do this?

That depends... you already get access to a Day of Voxer Q&A session every week. If you want an additional day up your sleeve, then you're more than welcome to grab one (or more) as needed.

I've never used Voxer. Can you explain more about how it works?

Of course! If you're familiar with other apps like FB Messenger or WhatsApp, or any direct messaging app, then Voxer is not that different.

It's both text and voice based. You can put it on 'walkie talkie' mode if you want to deliver short audio messages, or turn that mode off and record as long as you want.

Prefer to text? Then you can. You can also include links and images.

The app is free (although I do recommend the paid option if you want to keep your messages. It's $5 per month) and can be downloaded to your phone or you can use the browser version.

You can see it in action here: https://www.voxer.com/individuals 

Can I buy now and book my DOV for later?

While I'd love to provide you with unlimited options, my boundaries are firmly in place. You can book your DOV session 90 days out. My schedule and availability changes, so right now, that's as far out as you can schedule based on what feels comfortable and aligned for me.

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