Grow your online business with a proven money-making micro offer without constantly hustling to make money, feeling overwhelmed or burnt out!

Here's what's likely going through your head right now when it comes to creating a coaching offer...

I must pick a niche! You know, narrow your focus, pick one thing... (Hello - boring! Anyone else struggle to pick a niche?! The riches are not in the niches...)
I've got to run Facebook ads to get clients. Because that's the way to get visible, which is important when you're running an online business (because your friend Sally is doing it and she said you should too, but you've got no idea what you're doing or if you're even ready for ads)
The only way I'll make money online is to offer high-ticket 1:1 coaching services (when you don't even know if coaching is the right fit for you)
I've been burnt out already coaching others. I'm so over Zoom but I love working with others I guess I just have to suck it up... (Uh, no you don't!) 

At this point, you're over it all. Maybe it's time to give up?

You want to work with people on a deeper level, but you're suffering from Zoom call fatigue. Back-to-back calls are not fun for anyone... So how can you help your clients get the transformations you know they need without sacrificing  your time, energy, and boundaries...?

Imagine if...

You woke up to a calendar full of coaching sessions that left you feeling energized and excited rather than exhausted or bone-tired...
You couldn't WAIT to connect with your coaching clients and hear the progress they were making while you enjoyed your morning walk...
You received voice message after voice message of a-ha's, breakthroughs, and gushing messages from clients and students astounded at how much progress they were making... and not a single Zoom call in sight!

You could (like 300+ smart multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs) use a simple and tested framework to create a coaching experience that is easy and fun for you, that your audience wants, and that keeps them coming back to buy more...

I'm so excited to introduce you to the Easy Coaching Micro Offer: Create a Profitable Online Business in 30 Days or Less!

Get the tools & knowledge to create your own transformative coaching packages using this proven micro offer...

Zoom is so last year. Wow your clients with a new way to coach that provides fast results without draining your time or energy.
Test the waters in a low-effort coaching container that allows you to decide if the framework you have is suited for coaching or something else.
Launch with success using the templates and examples provided so that you can coach confidently and scale quickly.

What's inside?

Here's what you'll get instant access to:

Step-by-step workbook to keep track of what you're doing as you progress through the trainings (plus it has all the links included to all the resources!)
Lazy launch sales email templates so that you can write your emails without overthinking what to say
Examples so that you've got ideas to pull from (so you don't have to start from scratch)
Video mini-course covering:
--> How to craft the content for your low-effort, high-value coaching framework
--> Technology options to keep your life really simple and without the fluff
--> The 'lazy launch' process so you can launch (and make money) with ease
BONUS access to the Micro Offer Framework, my secret weapon to running a multi-passionate online business!

Hey there! I'm Lise Cartwright and I want the same and more for you...

BUT... getting to this point wasn't easy.

I'm a bestselling author, creative strategist, and business coach. I'm also a self-confessed multi-passionate entrepreneur who cannot stick to one thing... and that's ok! Because I get to run my business based on what feels easy and fun for me, and that's exactly what I do and have done since August 2020...

I wanted to stop hustling, drop all the Zoom calls, and breathe... enjoy my business and inspire others to do the same.

The last 12 months compared to August 2020 - July 2021

For the first eight years of my business, I experienced a feast & famine cycle. 

Things were hard. 

I chased every strategy and tactic, looking for the "magic pill" that would bring me the success I was told was just around the corner if only I continued to reach... continued to push myself forward. 

Only it didn't work out that way at all! 

Everything was hard, complicated, and at times, there was no money coming through the doors...

After purchasing my fair share of programs, courses, and tools ranging from $7 to $9,000, I finally realized two things:

💡 ONE:

There is no magical hack to overnight success. As a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, understand this: you're uniquely designed to help others. When you allow yourself to be guided by that, making consistent income every month becomes easy and fun. And a whole lot more profitable!

💡 TWO:

Copy & paste, 'one-size-fits-all' tactics don't work because they are either outdated strategies that the creator isn't using anymore OR (which is more often the case) what they try to push on you simply isn't geared towards your natural gifts, strengths, and talents or the way you want to run your online business. Too many assumptions are made...

❌ No spending hours selling on socials needed (I closed my free Facebook Group that had 2k+ member in June 2021 and haven't looked back!).  I'm not even on TikTok!

No Zoom calls at all! I ditched butt-in-chair calls for my coaching clients and students over two years ago. And the results? More client and student successes and less pressure to 'look' good on camera (for both parties!) or try and figure things out all on one call.

Ready to get instant access?

Get the workbook, templates, and mini-course for a one-time fee.

Answers to your Q's:

I'm a new online business owner and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! This works really well for new online business owners. It's a leg up to create a business that's 100% aligned right from the start with a proven micro offer.

I've been running my business for a while. Will I still find value?

Yes! The Easy Coaching Method will provide you with access to resources, templates, training and more that will help you get your online business to the next level with a proven income stream that's light, easy, and fun.

How much support is included?

This is a self-study course. You work through this at your own pace. If you desire more support, then you might like to consider joining the Digital Income Accelerator when doors next open.

Does this only work for coaches?

No, this works for all online business owners, such as authors, freelancers, content creators, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to create a monthly income stream and who don't want to HAVE to spend all their time on Zoom calls...

I'm not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

No. This is beginner and budget-friendly and you don't need to be good with tech or buy any software unless you want to. The tools we mention in the training all have FREE options!

When will I get access?

You'll receive an email with all the details immediately after your successful purchase.

You are just one step away from creating truly transformative coaching experience that's easy, fun, and profitable!

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