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Lise Cartwright

Hi! My Name Is Lise...

And if you've landed on this page while browsing this site, you're in for a treat! This is my Everything For Authors page... what, exactly, is that?!

Basically, it's where you can find everything I have to offer all in one place specifically for non-fiction authors. I love to make things uncomplicated and I also help non-fiction authors gain clarity and take empowered action... that's a little hard to do if you can't figure out how I can help, amiright?! So enjoy and pick and choose what you need right now and bookmark the page for the rest.  πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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Side Hustle Blueprint: How to make an extra $1,000 per month writing ebooks.

In the second book in this series, I walk you through how you can make a side income from writing ebooks, both for yourself, and as a ghostwriter. This is how I make $1,000+ per month from my own books.

I AM An Author: Shift your mindset and become a successful author in 90 days!

Struggling to write? Feel like you'll never get your book written? I got your back. Learn how to set yourself up for success and turn off your inner negative Nelly so you can get your book out there!

Capture, Convert, Captivate: How creatives can use email marketing to connect with their tribe, make an impact, and create consistent income!

Learn how to set your email platform up to nurture your audience and sell to your audience without ever feeling like a used car salesman! Connect with your subscribers with ease.

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Passive Income Product Planner

Use this planner to map out your first (or next) passive income product. This planner is perfect if you're not sure what else to offer after your book is finished. FREE launch planner included too! It's your complete passive income system.

Wanna collaborate?!

I love collaborating! I'm really interested in opportunities where I can teach and connect with your audience, or where we can get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs and share our amazing gifts with each others audiences.

If you have a growing and engaged audience who you believe could benefit from a workshop setting where I teach them an introductory into any of my group coaching programs or courses (where you're an affiliate), please reach out to me at lise@hustleandgroove.com and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Some ideas I love when collaborating include:

  • Being a guest expert in your group or membership
  • Offering a workshop as a stepping stone into one of my programs
  • Freebie Swaps – we promote each other’s freebies
  • Being interviewed on your podcast

I'm open to your ideas too, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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