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You've imagined having your own online business...

One that brings in a steady stream of cash from ideal customers that you can’t wait to serve…

But let’s face it--technology and you are not besties. And an online business can’t happen without some basic systems in place. 

You’d love to have:

✔️ your email set up to build a lucrative list of people who can't wait to buy from you, 

✔️ a lead magnet they’re clamoring for, 

✔️ a cute opt-in form and a high-converting landing page,

✔️ a professionally designed funnel that brings in money like clockwork,

✔️ a professionally designed website that you can't take your eyes off and neither can your customers!

Sure, you’ve tried to muddle through it all on your own because you're no slouchy Suzie. But it takes forevvvaahh to get anything to work. 🥴

Decision fatigue has set in...

Here's the thing: Your time is precious. Spending hours trying to figure it all out--only for it to not work properly--is a waste of your time. You need it to work NOW so you can move forward.

You want to focus on what you're good at... creating. But with all the things you're trying to figure out... well you don’t have any time left to create at all. And you're done. 🤦‍♀️

And let’s face it, all the backend details are draining your creativity anyway... which means you're even further away from reaching your audience and making money from your business.

Your dream bubble has turned into a big ol' rain cloud. 🌧

Before long, your online business dreams are dusted because it all just seems too hard.

What if...

✅ You could hand it off to someone else, especially someone who can anticipate what you need -- even if you don’t know what you need yet?

✅ You had a funnel that brings in consistent money allowing you to get back to creating, doing the things you love to do in your business?

✅ You could simply hand over your website domain, some content that you've written and get back a fully functional cash funnel that actually attracts and converts your ideal customer again and again... without you having to figure out ANY of the tech?

What would your business (and your life) look like if someone would do it for you? 🤔


The Done-For-You Online Business Bundle

Custom Business Strategy Session + Plan ($333 value)
Custom Designed Website ($497 value)
Lead Magnet + Lead Generation Setup ($497 value)
ConvertKit Email Setup + New Subscriber Welcome Sequence ($777 value)
Sales Funnel Setup ($497 value)

Total Value = $2,601

Save $1,104 when you claim your spot today!

You can pay in full or pay in 3 monthly payments.

I'll take care of all the setup so you can do what you do best... serve your customers!

Everything I setup will run on autopilot - minimum effort needed
Time and money saved is huge - get started in a few simple steps
No need for previous experience - I'm setting it all up for you!

"Lise created this fabulous welcome sequence, lead magnet funnel, set up my lead generation ads and was so accommodating when I needed changes or had to delay. She even supplied tutorial videos on how to make changes myself. Lise is an angel!"

Susan Sparks | Preacher, Lawyer, Standup Comedian

"Lise makes things so easy! Not only did she set up my entire ConvertKit account, but she updated my website, created my funnel, set up my lead generation ads, and just tied it all up in a nice bow. I can't recommend Lise enough!"

Lisa Doble | Author

Did someone say bonuses?!

You know I'm going to value-stack this for you, right?! I practice what I preach after all...

BONUS #1: The Tech Library ($197 value)
BONUS #2: The ConvertKit Starter Pack ($27 value)
BONUS #3: High-Converting Sales Email Sequence ($297 value)
BONUS #4: Sales Template + Prompts ($497 value)

Total Value: $1,108

Lise Cartwright | Founder of

"Hey Lovely! Lise here. You're fav DIY gal. Since being in business (9+ years) for myself, I have learned (and broken a few things) all the tech set up for my own business. 

I know what works best and what doesn't, and I've totally got your back when it comes to funnels! 

ConvertKit and I are best friends, and no matter what website you want created, I'll have it talking to ConvertKit like they're BFFs. Let's remove the tech headaches and set up piece of this and get you set up for success... and you can feel secure knowing that I'll take care of all of this PLUS the things you haven't even thought of yet..."

Save $1,104 when you claim your spot today!

Your questions answered...

How do I know if this is for me? Honestly, only you can answer that question! But, if you’re just getting started, you need an email platform setup, a way to get paid, a lead magnet, and a funnel. Eventually, you'll need it all. Why not set it up now so you never have to worry about it again?
How soon can we get started? As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire to complete so you can book in your Custom Business Strategy Session. As soon as we have your strategy session, you'll receive another email with everything I need to get started. Once that information is received, I’ll begin work on your package no later than 24 hours later. I’m just as excited as you are to get things going for you!
What if I don't have a lead magnet yet? Not to worry! You can create the bones of one while we are working together. I just need the content from you, I’ll take care of the design process. If you’re not sure what would be a good lead magnet, check out this blog post:
How long will it all take? From the time your payment is confirmed and your information is supplied, you will have everything in place within 60 days (possibly sooner) as long as there are no delays on your end. You will need to review things a couple of times, so as long as you respond within 24 hours, then we’ll be able to stick to the 60 day timeframe
How much do I need to do beforehand?As soon as your payment is received, a questionnaire will be sent out to you to complete. As long as you answer all the questions, that’s all you need to do. Ideally, you'll have your lead magnet at least outlined and have an about page drafted for your website. But generally, there isn’t a lot for you to do… because I’m here to do the heavy lifting for you!
What happens if I need ongoing support? Don’t worry! I got your back. You’ll be given access to a library of video resources that will walk you through your account setup and what to do to manage your website, email, and funnels moving forward. On top of this, 90 days after your account is active, I’ll jump on a call with you to make sure everything is working as it should. Details about all of this will be communicated to you once payment is completed.
I have a different email provided to ConvertKit. Can I still do this? - I work exclusively with ConvertKit. If you’re looking to move from your current provider to ConvertKit, then I can absolutely help you with that. However, if you’re not looking to use ConvertKit then I’m unable to help you at this time. 

If you’re desperate and you use MailerLite or Active Campaign, for an additional fee I can help you. Please email me to discuss further: 
Will I be able to choose my website? - Absolutely! You'll be provided with a few templates but you can choose your own brand colors, fonts (if you have some), and feel free to provide any images that are on brand for you. 
Can you tell me more about the funnel? - The funnel will include the following:
- A Facebook Lead Generation ad (you’ll be responsible for the ongoing FB ad fees) including image creation and ad copy.
- A landing page. A thank you page. A high-converting sequence.
- The ConvertKit automation setup (includes tagging, click tracking, sequence triggers etc)
- Creation of your sales page (connection to your payment processor included).

If there’s anything else you want to know, shoot me an email!

Save $1,104 when you claim your spot today!

You have the option to pay in full for just $1,497 too.

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