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Here's what you've been told you should do when creating a digital income business...

Spend all your time in Facebook groups or going live on Instagram providing tons of free "value" (uh, what does that even mean?!)
Create printable products and upload them to places like Etsy and wait for the money to roll in (but all you're hearing is crickets and feeling burnt-out from endless creating with zero returns)
Sell your mini-courses wherever you can (while desperately trying to hide your neediness)
Guest post on blogs, show up 'everywhere', and burn money on 'boosting' your posts on Facebook (because your friend Sally is doing it and she said you should too, but you've got no idea what you're doing or if you're even ready for ads)
Buy a ridiculously hyped & priced program, course, or whatever the gurus are spewing this week (because they clearly know what they are doing... not!)
The only way you'll make money online is to offer 1:1 coaching services and charge premium prices... (when you don't want to coach!)

But OMG... you're over it. 
All you want to do is find a balance between creating (aka getting paid) and living a life that aligns with your soul.

You keep thinking: "When does this business get to be easy? When will it make any money?"

Or, you could (like 305+ smart creative entrepreneurs) use a simple and tested framework to create digital products that are easy and fun for you, that your audience wants, and keep coming back for more...

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The Digital Business Lab

Create an online business that feels easy and fun for you by using proven digital products that sell with ease.

Build your digital products from scratch, fast. Grow your business strategically. And sell your offers with confidence and ease, like it's the most natural thing to do... Because it is.

When you stop second-guessing and start taking imperfect action, you can ditch the overwhelming stress and generate consistent income month after month, just by following what feels the most natural for you.

When you join the Digital Business Lab...

You'll get everything you need to start making monthly income in a way that's best for you.

You'll get instant access to:

20 bite-sized trainings that provide you with the step-by-step process
Exclusive training and content based on member queries and industry updates
All the worksheets, swipe files, and digital product templates you need to create and sell your offers with ease
An ever-growing resource library with swipe files, workbooks, templates, mockups, planners and more
Access to the members-only community on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support 
Feedback on your digital products, worksheets, and business strategy inside the community every week
2 x LIVE coachings & Q&A sessions inside the community every month
Plus bonus trainings, resources, and tools as needed

Here's a sneak peek of what you're getting...

Module Breakdown...


In this module, you'll dive into mindset and a visualization of what your dream business might look like.

Resources to support you in this module include:

Money Abundance Journal
Self-Worth Booster Journal
Dream Business Visualization Journal
Mindset Journal Prompts
Stuck to Empowered Worksheet
Genius Zone Audit Worksheet
Strengths in Action Worksheet

PHASE 1: Build your email list to 500-1000 subscribers

In this module, you'll learn how to build your email list without running ads including step-by-step tasks to complete to set your list building efforts up for success.

Resources to support you in this module include:

Audience Building Freebies vs. Product Building Freebies
Lead Magnets That Convert
Create Your Lead Magnet
Setting up Your Email Platform
Create Landing Pages That Work
Get Your Lead Magnet Delivered With Ease
Write Emails That Get Opened
The Collaboration Strategy

PHASE 2: Create 2-3 offers that convert with ease

In this module, you'll learn about the four proven micro offers I recommend to hit the ground running with (or add to your existing product suite). 

Resources to support you in this module include:

Choose Your Income Model
The Micro Offer Framework
The Micro Offer Framework Workbook
Create Your Offers
Digital Product Suite Planner
Choose Your Offers Planner

PHASE 3: Lazy launch your offers to $1k months

In this module, you'll learn a simple process to launch your offers even if you don't have an audience built just yet.

Resources to support you in this module include:

Create Your Simple Sales Funnel
Setup Your Surprise Money Assets
The Lazy Launch Planner
Simple Sales Funnel Planner
Image Mockup Templates
Simple Sales Email Template
Income Projection Calculator