Get strategic and make a plan for your author business by watching the live workshop below!

When it comes to running your author business successfully and easily you NEED to be clear on what you want and have a strategy in place.

Get Strategic in Your Author Business

When you’re not focused, not clear, you’re not gaining momentum and you’re going to have the following happening:

  • You have a LOT of books and services but few of them are being bought.
  • You can’t even get people to sign up for your FREE stuff (ouch!).
  • You’re not making money (or not enough to quit your day job).
  • You’ve got no idea what step to take next or what tactics will move the dial.

So in this live workshop, I covered how to fix that by answering some very specific questions… it got a little real y’all!

In 15 fast-paced minutes, I take you through how to gain clarity and move forward so you can gain momentum in your author business for 2018.

Click here to watch the replay of today’s workshop.

You need momentum in your author business not just for your bank account but for your self-confidence.

Your books are crucial to other people’s success. You just didn’t know it, did you?

In this workshop I cover:

  • Why you’ve been struggling to get momentum
  • The top 5 myths that are holding you back from creating a successful author business
  • How to get clear on your next steps
  • Your way forward to making it all happen

Click here to watch the replay of today’s workshop.

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Let's Get Strategic and gain momentum in your author business

Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright

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