Wahoo! You're a Growing Gabby...

Growing Gabby's are giving, gregarious, and good-hearted! 🥰

You're at a point in your business where everything feels comfortable! You love what you do and feel a sense of accomplishment every time you sit down to work... but you're also wanting to automate your growth... 

You're just not sure which framework to follow or which funnels are going to work best for you and your business.

So let's help you find your way through that now!

You're in this phase if you've got multiple offers at varying prices, an email list with 3,000+ email subscribers OR you're making more than $2k per month.

My recommendation is that you focus on your nurture activities, particularly around discoverable content for your offers and having ongoing conversations with your email list. 

This might mean upping your email game to emailing 3-6x per week... depending on what income level you're aiming for.

✅ This takes care of your NURTURE activities.

The following activities form the foundation of your money-making marketing plan for the NEXT 90 Days.

Next, let's map out your GROW + SELL activities

Focus on what feels easy and fun for you!

GROW Activities

Review your current lead magnets and ensure they are aligned to bring people to your offers.
Automate your audience growth with lead generation ads (and offset ad spend with tripwires/order bumps/upsells that feel aligned).
If it feels aligned, participate in regular list building collaborations such as summits, bundles, and giveaways.

SELLING Activities

Create an intentional promotion plan for each month and nurture your audience in between using content that will lead to that offer.
Optimize your emails to sell your offers through the P.S. Soft Sell strategy.
Create an evergreen sales automation in your email platform to sell an offer that is evergreen and priced at less than $1,000.

Resources to help you:

Be More You

Discover how you're designed to interact with your audience, attract your ideal customers, and market your business in this world through your Human Design chart. Be more you in your business today.

Automate Your List

Discover how to automate your list growth through paid and organic strategies when you join us inside the List Building Collective. Quarterly list building events included.

The Cultivate Program

Ready to create a 'doable' 5-figure (or more) monthly income plan? This 6-month group coaching program includes daily feedback, support, and live group coaching calls. Doors opening soon!

Hey, I'm Lise...

I love working with amazing creative entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the world... 

Typically, I work with non-fiction authors, coaches, and content creators. People who love to teach and mentor are kinda my jam.

I can't wait to connect and hear more about you, your business, and what mark you're looking to leave on the world!

Lise Cartwright

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