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Here's what you've been told you should do when creating a successful online business... 👉

Spend all your time in Facebook groups or going live on Instagram providing tons of free "value" (uh, what does that even mean?!)
Create printable products and upload them to places like Etsy and wait for the money to roll in (but all you're hearing is crickets and feeling burnt-out from endless creating with zero results)
Sell your mini-courses wherever you can (while desperately trying to hide your neediness)
Guest post on blogs, show up 'everywhere', and burn money on 'boosting' your posts on Facebook (because your friend Sally is doing it and she said you should too, but you've got no idea what you're doing or if you're even ready for ads)
Buy more 'shiny objects' that promise you the 'secret sauce' of online business success (just to learn it's ANOTHER outdated strategy or attempt to upsell you into a high-ticket offer you're not ready for)
The only way you'll make money online is to offer 1:1 coaching services and charge premium prices... (when you don't want to coach!)

But OMG... you're over it. 
All you want to do is find a balance between creating (and getting paid) and living a life that inspires songs like One Republic's I Lived.

You keep thinking: "When does this business get to be easy? When will making money happen without me hustling all the time?"

You could (like 305+ smart creative entrepreneurs) use the simple and tested Human Design framework to grow an aligned business focusing on what's easy and fun for you, where your audience wants what you're offering, and keep coming back for more...

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Human Design For Business Membership


Create an online business that feels easy and fun for you, based on how you're designed to uniquely show up in the world.

Grow your business strategically. Sell your offers with confidence and ease, like it's the most natural thing to do... Because it is.

When you stop denying your own truth, you can ditch the overwhelming stress and generate consistent income month after month, just by following your energetic blueprint.

When you join Human Design For Business...

You'll get everything you need to decode your unique Human Design chart so that you can make monthly income in a way that's best for you.

You'll get instant access to:

9 training modules based on your Human Design type 
Exclusive training and content based on your Human Design type
The exact steps you need to take to implement Human Design into your business so that you can leverage your you-nique way of doing and make money with ease
All the worksheets, guides, and cheat sheets you need to create an energetically aligned online business
Access to the members-only private community hosted on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support (there's channels for each type too!)
1 x LIVE group coaching call based on your type inside the community every month
Plus bonus trainings, resources, and tools as needed

The Human Design system is a powerfully transformative tool that has been described as "freakishly accurate" for a reason. There's a relief that comes when you feel seen and understood—maybe for the first time in your life. And it gives you permission to do business your way, make a great income, and keep your sanity intact.

If you're still licking your wounds from the last guru whose advice didn't work for you, I'm here to tell you that's ok. You likely just weren't energetically aligned to what they were doing.

Here's what happens when you ARE energetically aligned...

You grow a loyal audience that actually wants what you have to offer (over and over again)
You attract quality people that are exactly who you're you-niquely designed to help
Your inbox will be stuffed to overflowing with appreciation, reviews, feedback, and social proof from very happy customers who speak highly of your value
You show up with confidence, certainty, and authenticity because you're simply being you (seriously, can it get any easier than that??)
You start to make consistent, monthly income with ease
You work on your own terms and schedule
You never have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from again (Hello! How does on autopilot sound?)
You can ditch sleazy sales tactics and desperate-sounding social media posts
You build the foundation to easily scale into more passive income streams
Your business becomes energetically aligned, easy, fun, AND profitable!

Get instant access to ON-DEMAND TRAINING, LIVE COACHING, Tools, Guides, Journals, Resources & 24h support for only $22 per month.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of Human Design will verify your struggles and give you solutions of what to do instead. They're the struggles you've likely come up against your entire life...

It's time to get off the struggle bus and show up in the world (and your business) as the one-and-only YOU.

Most creative coaches & strategists charge anywhere from $120 to $500+ per month for this kind of value. But I decided to create something every creative entrepreneur could afford for just $22/month.