I’m excited to bring you this guest post by Patrick from Hello Focus. This is a new productivity app that I’m excited to try out and I know you guys are gonna love what it will do for you in your own side hustle!

Your side hustle isn’t just an extra way to make some cash — it’s your passion, and maybe one day it will be your full-time job.

But while you’re still balancing the occupation that pays the bills with your fledgling side gig, organization is key.

While there’s lots to be said for post-it notes and colored pens, a clever app like Hello Focus can get you on track and keep you there when you most need to be on-task.

Manage Your Tasks

Hello Focus helps you manage your tasks by forcing you to do one thing at a time. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, nothing ever gets lost.Managing tasks with Hello Focus

The “focus” view keeps you trained on your immediate priority. You can even delegate a task if someone else is capable of doing it or you can break it down into steps — whatever you need to get it done.

Staying focused means when you’ve carved out time to work on your side hustle, you won’t be tempted to answer that off-hours work email or pick up a text from your boss.

The “do not disturb” function in Hello Focus keeps your priorities where they should be. You can even use it to shut down work completely when you want time for yourself or your loved ones.

When you’re still developing your side business, you need that extra focus to put the “Ps and Qs” in order. It may sound hard to believe, but multitasking drains your productivity — so Hello Focus encourages the completion of one task at a time.

Schedule Your Life

Manage your schedule with Hello FocusEach day, Hello Focus asks you to set today’s schedule.

No foggy mornings where you won’t know where you’re going until your first coffee break. Taking a few moments to plan helps you keep your life — all of your life — on track.

That’s why the app takes into account the full scope of your obligations. Your side gig is on your schedule, as is your “paycheck” job, and your kid’s soccer game or your yoga class.

When you know everything that’s important — including self and family — has a scheduled time, it all gets the right amount of attention.

Keep Up With Timelines

Stay in-the-know with Hello FocusDoes your mind ever stray back to that great idea you had to find a new client or freelancing gig? If you’re wondering why it didn’t get done, perhaps you should try again, this time with a task-focused timeline.

Hello Focus turns your priorities into road maps so you can track your own progress and involve other people when you want to expand your hustle.

Speaking of taking on staff or contractors, Hello Focus can also let you and your side business partners monitor progress, with a built-in function that shows who’s accomplished what and the tasks on which they are presently working.

Communicate in a Way That Works

Email is the ultimate time waster, but with Hello Focus, you can message right from the platform. You don’t need to exit your current, prioritized task to answer a question. You stay on track and follow your schedule throughout the day.

Hello Focus is designed to enhance productivity -- and its creators don't just pull ideas out of a hat. They've designed Hello Focus based on theories in academic papers and feedback from users. So when you want to grow your side hustle and take it to the next level, check it out. It will keep your focus where it needs to be...

Patrick Hankinson
Hello Focus

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