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Ready to Start Your Online Business & Finally Start Making Money?


You know, that crazy-brilliant idea you’ve been holding in the back of your mind for “later”…

…when you have more time

…when life isn’t so busy

…when some of those big bills are paid off and you have more room to “risk” it.

…But then in walked 2020.

Job and income security? Gone. 

You didn’t expect the holiday savings account would see you sailing through the living room instead of to Alaska.

And you were told to wait.

Wait in line for groceries. 

Wait for the all clear from some unknown authority that seems to be giving direction.

You don’t want to wait any more.

You want to step out of that.

But where do you even start?

You Want to Make Money Working From Home


Be your own boss.

Reclaim the security you no longer have working for somebody else.

Enjoying a great cup of freshly brewed coffee while tallying overnight sales in your Stripe & PayPal accounts. ?

Working the hours you want, when you want.

Yeah, you want that.

But you just need some direction on the best steps to take to get there and bypass the headaches.

Maybe you're not sure on what business to choose that can earn you a good income, and you feel less confident about talking to people about what that might be… aka you're scared as heck. ?

Maybe you just need a little hand-holding and confirmation that what you’re doing IS the right approach.

Every day I see people worn out by worry, wondering if their jobs and lives will ever get back to normal…

You see them too, handing their future over to someone else to decide for them what their life will look like and when they can get back to work. Back to planning a life.

The dreams they’re allowed to have for FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, and EXCITEMENT  are limited. 

You Aren't Having ANY Of That!

? You sense and recognize that there are options.

? You want to be in control of your job security.

? You know there’s a better life waiting for you.

You just need a little help, some specific steps, and plenty of encouragement and encouragement to get there.

I KNOW you’ve got a seed of an idea—an idea that maybe eventually you’d LOVE to do full time, if you could just start making money at it…

Right now though, it feels like a big hill to climb to figure it all out on your own.

If you’re:

? frustrated at your lack of progress in what you know in your heart you need to be doing,

? feeling like it's too late to start an online business,

? feeling that you should be further along and closer to your dreams by now,

? feeling like you’ve got one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake,

I’ve got good news. There IS a solution.

Introducing the Kickstart Your Hustle Self-Study Course!

Grab the self-study course now!

A new, one-of-a-kind program for your one-of-a-kind business. 

? What if all your hesitation around starting an online business went away? 

? What if you had a simple process to follow to get your online business up and running? 

? What if all your questions and worries were answered about best practices, how-to’s—even how to approach and LAND new customers and clients?

What if you could be making money from your online business in 30 days OR LESS?

I’m excited about my online business, and I can show you how to build yours. I started my side hustle business back in 2011 when I desperately needed to escape my 9-5. 

My natural skill was a love for writing, even though I wasn’t a writer by trade. 

I started off as a freelance writer and SEO content creator, which became the bridge business I needed between my day job and creative entrepreneurial career. 

Within 4 weeks of starting my own side hustle and online business, I was making $1,000 consistently, and it grew from there… as did my confidence and personal happiness.

I quit my 9-5, went full-time into my online business and haven’t looked back.

Since then I’ve started other online businesses and my husband has one too.

I know your fears because I’ve had them at various points too. 

You need to know that there’s an easy process to all this. A process that you can follow that takes all the guesswork out for you.

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. 

You CAN make $100 or $1000 a month, or more.

You don't need to stand in your own way anymore.

The power is within you! You got this!

Join The Kickstart Your Hustle Self-Study Course And You Will NOT Be Left Behind In An Outmoded Job Market!

I know what it takes & I can show you how.

The goal of this program is to teach you — in 4 weeks — how to get your online business set up so that you can start making an extra $1,000 per month (or more!)

But if you think this is just another program that you buy and get to “one day”, stop right there. This isn’t going to work for you.

This is an action-oriented program

It's designed to help you take massive action and create a business you love and income you need.

It will help you choose the best starting point and confirm the direction you need to take.

There will be work involved.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard… 

Unless you don’t know what you want your future to look and feel like. Then, ya it’s going to be TOUGH.

But stick with me. I’m going to pull clarity out of you like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his  ?

Because if you aren’t living by a vision of YOUR future you’re doomed to repeat your past. 


By the end of the course, you will have your business set up and ready to start making an extra $1,000 per month (or more). 

So you can start planning your life again and live the life you deserve and be on the path to a better, more secure future.

It's time to claim back your time and experience true FREEDOM.

The self-study course is a recording of a live event that was held in February 2020, but due to the recent demand I’ve had for guidance on how to start an online business it’s been reissued as a self-study course. You get INSTANT ACCESS as soon as you sign up!


  • Four pre-recorded lessons so you can get started today!
  • Four replays of the group coaching calls to hear answers to common questions
  • Workbooks and supplemental materials to help you get clarity and create a plan


  • 30-Minute 1-1 Strategy Session With Lise! (Must be booked prior to August 30, 2020)
  • The Tech Library. Everything you need to know to get yourself ALL set up!
  • Leads on Autopilot Training. Everything you need to know to start building your email list (aka your target audience) right now.


For this self-study program only, I’m offering a special price of $297. 

But fair warning (oh, this sounds so much like Ivanna on the Shopping Channel!), as of July 11 at midnight  the price will double to $597. 

As a digital product, be aware that purchases are non-refundable.

I'm invested in your success, and my investment in you should not be disrespected with a call for a refund at the end.

We good?!? Good.?


Q: Who’s this program for?

A: While I can’t be all things to all people all the time, I created this program specifically for someone that wants to start an online business. That includes figuring out what  idea and business model is best for you and your goals, how to set up a website and/or portfolio to support that business, and how to get your first paying client. My aim is to get you making money by the end of four weeks, if not sooner.????

Q: I already have a business idea but haven’t started it yet. Can I still take the program?

A: Sorry to answer a question with a question, but how long have you had the business idea and why haven’t you acted on it yet? If you’re clear on why it hasn’t happened yet, great! I trust that once you meet the criteria for your “perfect time” to start, you will.

But if you need  a proven process to follow, someone to instruct you over any hurdle, and a reason to just do it, then this course is for you. I want each person to attain their biggest goals and dreams. 

Q: I’ve started my online business but wonder if I would benefit from taking this program?

A: Great question! Let me ask you this: are you making all the money you want? Are there any snags you’re coming up against repeatedly–attracting new clients, getting paid what you want, etc.? If so, then you’ll definitely gain some new insights into improving what you’ve already started. Don’t lose momentum with what you’ve got going just because of a couple snags. 

If you have just one snag, it might make sense to book a one-on-one strategy call instead. But since the price for that is $197 for an hour, you’d be better off getting the entire program  with over 20+ hours worth of content that could potentially cover you off in other areas AND you’re still getting a 30-minute strategy call with me included for just a bit more. You can ask me anything about your business during that booked time. 

Q: What if I have more than one business idea?

A: To get the most traction from this program, you need to focus on JUST ONE business idea. Remember, I want to get you set up to start receiving your first paying client. Once you get through the program you can definitely rinse and repeat the process for other business ideas or niches.

Let me make it easy for you to start your online business in 2020…

Follow the step-by-step plan in the Kickstart Your Hustle Self-Study Course and be earning extra cash within four weeks.

The choice is yours.

If you're ready to commit to making your online business dream a reality, then click the button below.

This is NOT for you if you aren't planning to take action.

Action takers need only apply. ?