Wahoo! You're a Launching Lucy...

Launching Lucy's are likeable, loveable, and leverage their strengths ! ๐Ÿ˜œ

You're on fire! You can't wait to launch your amazing signature offer out into the world... but you're also a little stuck on the best approach you should take... 

You don't want to make a wrong move and this has got you a little stumped.

So let's help you figure your way through that now!

You're in this phase if you've got 1-2 low-cost offers, a small email list (1,000 subscribers or less), your website is live, and you're looking to launch a mid-to-high ticket offer or recurring income model.

My recommendation is that you focus on bringing new people into your ecosystem BEFORE you launch your offer and I believe the fastest way to do that is by running lead generation ads at $15 per day (in your local currency). 

This will work really well if you have already set up a waitlist for this offer.

โœ… This takes care of your GROWING activities.

The following activities form the foundation of your money-making marketing plan for the NEXT 90 Days.

Next, let's map out your NURTURE + SELL activities

Focus on what feels easy and fun for you!

NURTURE Activities

Create discoverable content (blog, video, podcast) that's optimized to attract your ideal buyers and sell your offers.
Start letting your audience know that something's coming (waitlist invites too)
Repurpose content for social media platforms that you want to have a presence on.

SELLING Activities

Develop a promotion plan (the length of time you'll be direct selling) and write your sales emails.
Optimize your social media profiles to sell your offers.
Include content on your sales pages that help people make a decision: yes or no.

Resources to help you:

Be More You

Discover how you're designed to interact with your audience, attract your ideal customers, and market your business in this world through your Human Design chart. Be more you in your business today.

Cultivate Your Business

These books are designed to help you craft offers and money-making marketing plans that are aligned and easy and fun for you. Pick the book that best meets the needs of where you're at right now.

7 Days to $1k Workshop

Want a promotional plan that you can follow that includes what to send to your email subscribers and what to post on social media to launch your offer? This workshop has this and more!

Hey, I'm Lise...

I love working with amazing creative entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the world... 

Typically, I work with non-fiction authors, coaches, and content creators. People who love to teach and mentor are kinda my jam.

I can't wait to connect and hear more about you, your business, and what mark you're looking to leave on the world!

Lise Cartwright

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