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Resources to help you in your business

Surprise Money Funnel Workbook by Lise Cartwright | Hustle & Groove

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

👉 Learn how to create surprise money with a strategic tripwire funnel

👉 Walk away with a clear plan of what you need for your funnel to get set up in a weekend

🎉 If you're a DBL or DIA member, submit your offer to the next Monthly Promotion Palooza or List Building Event!

BONUS: access more resources and tools inside the workbook!

5 Minute Gratitude Journal by Sultan Deniz Meditations

Normally $44, Get It FREE!

Do you want to attract more of what you want into your life? Do you want to set yourself up for more flow, alignment, happiness and success? If yes, this intuitive, creative and fun journal is for you.

It is your #1 ground for your daily rituals. Your gratitude helps you to express what you are thankful for in life, what you already have - so that you can attract more of that into your life. Easy, effortlessly .

Flow with your 5-Minute Gratitude journal. Monthly & Weekly Planners included! Reflect towards your even more FUN and ABUNDANT life. In NEARLY NO time - 5 mins.

Use it to attract & receive more of everything you've been asking for. Use it to change your life.

Pinterest Quiz Funnels by Katie Hart | Create Wherever

Normally $37, Get It FREE!

In this 30-page PDF guide, you'll find out why you should create a Pinterest quiz funnel, how to structure a Pinterest quiz funnel, and more! 

Use these principles to plan out your own profitable sales funnel that includes an unforgettable quiz.

The Ultimate Signature Offering Planner by Claire Solomon

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Are you ready to create an Aligned Signature Offering in your biz?

Introducing…✨ The Ultimate Signature Offering Planner ✨

41+ pages of strategic planning to help you create a fluid, evolving, creatively-free container for your soul work (all while supporting your dream clients and honouring your own energy cycles)

10 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram to Increase Sales by Jenn Penn Social

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Easily optimize your Instagram to increase sales!

Get instant access to checklists and examples to optimize your Instagram account to reach more clients & make more sales.

How to Create Your Online Course in 7 days or less by AnitaPS

Normally $67, Get It FREE!

Learn how to confidently Create Your Online Course in 7 days or less WITHOUT having to struggle with all the tech or spend thousands of dollars on a team to do it for you.

Get started now!

Etsy Business Planner by Barrington Paige

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

The complete Etsy Business Planner.

Read the tea leaves: the 7-tool guide to become an intuitive content creator by Ninth House Astro

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

This 7-tool guide will walk you through practical and spiritual tools to become an intuitive creator. 

From automatic writing to astrological moon cycles and bibliomancy, these techniques will empower you so you will never look at a blank page. 

There are resources and space to jot down your thoughts too.

Five Step KDP Listing Makeover​ for Low Content Books by Fruitful Freelancing

Normally $12, Get It FREE!

Are your low content KDP books languishing on Amazon’s virtual shelves? 

Don't publish more books until you’ve given the books you’ve already published a listing makeover to show them off in the best light possible. 

Use this step-by-step workbook to tweak your listings for more visibility and buyer appeal.

The 5 Day "List Your First Product" Challenge by Cherie La Vie Designs

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Ready to take the leap and list your first digital product? 

This 5 day challenge will teach you everything you need to know. 

With step-by-step guidance, learn how to create your benefits & features, create a sales page, and launch your product.

personal development & Non-Business resources

Identify Your Emotional Triggers Workbook by Melinda | I Make A Difference

Normally $20, Get It FREE!

One of the most significant steps you can take in your journey of healing emotions is to grow your ability to recognize exactly what triggers your emotions.

Triggers are external events that cause emotions to surface. They are the most visible and audible part of the emotion process so they are more easily recognizable.

Knowing your triggers gives you the ability to work with your emotional process. This is so that you understand what you are experiencing and why. You can then influence what happens to you emotionally rather than your emotions influencing you.

The workbook contains an extensive list of triggers for you to consider, to help you identify and get specific as to the triggers of your emotions. Then you get to explore the triggers and the effect they have on you.

Triggers are a vital component of understanding why you experience the emotions you do.

The 'Identify Your Emotional Triggers' workbook will guide you in taking this essential step for your healing and growth.

Just Breathe: A Mindful 5-Day Journey by Charity Murphy

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Prioritize self-care and cultivate peace and joy in your life with the "Just Breathe: A Mindful 5-Day Journey". 

Learn small, practical steps to fill your cup and explore topics like gratitude and self-love. 

Join a supportive community of women and start living a more peaceful, joyful life. 

Sign up today!

Intro to Astrology by Amy Adams | Cosmic CEO

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Master the basics of astrology in less than an hour with this easy-breezy video course.

- Discover the 3 main building blocks of astrology
- Learn how to effortlessly read a birth chart
- Unlock the meaning in YOUR chart

Includes cheat sheets, worksheets, and a private community.

The Fearless Challenge by The Mindset & Gratitude Hub

Normally $15, Get It FREE!

Welcome to the Fearless Challenge! 

Get ready to embrace your fears and seize the opportunities that you deserve! 

Learn simple, effective techniques to quickly develop a mindset and gratitude practice that will easily fit into your busy life and allow you to become truly fearless.

Stressed Mama's Self-Care Bundle by Peaceful Mama Life

Normally $33, Get It FREE!

Transform your self-care routine with the "Stressed Mama's Self Care Bundle." 

Get 21 journal prompts, unique solo date ideas and creative self-care tips to prioritize your mental and physical health.

Recharge and feel refreshed in just a few minutes a day.

Master Your Morning 5-Day Challenge by Your Body Your Rules

Normally $5, Get It FREE!

A 5 day challenge to boost your confidence, self-esteem and motivation in just minutes each day! 

This challenge is for anyone who wants to improve their self esteem, confidence or body image. 

Plus it also helps with anxiety, self-acceptance and caring less about what others think!

50 Parenting Phrases by Rise With Mital

Normally $19, Get It FREE!

This Parenting Phrases Guide includes 50 parenting phrases (scripts) that will guide you to communicate with your children without losing your sanity. 

The tool you need to help your child feel seen, heard and understood instead of blaming, shaming or shutting down.

Travel Planning Lists by Krista Coyne | Adaptable Mom

Normally $5, Get It FREE!

If the thought of packing for your next trip overwhelms you, then download these packing lists to help you get started. 

You'll remember everything you need from your carry-on to your check-in luggage. 

There's also space to write in anything extra you don't want to forget!

Notion Tarot Deck by Daniela Uslan

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Do you ever wish you could do a tarot pull on the go? 

Or are you looking for a beautiful space to keep track of all of your tarot knowledge? 

Or maybe you're looking to deepen your relationship with the cards. 

You can do all of that and more with this beautiful Notion Tarot Deck.

Love Exploration Journal by TK Love & Lifestyle

Normally $11, Get It FREE!

In the Love Exploration Journal, you’ll discover all the love that’s currently in your life. 

Based on this love reflection, you’ll see where love is strong and where it may need some work. 

About 5 minutes per day will lay the foundation to have love blooming in your life!

Embodied Self-Compassion Bundle by Jenna Noonan

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Get your FREE Self-Compassion Embodiment practice and guidebook.

Soften your inner critic, release feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness and self-judgment.

Empower your life with the gentle, yet powerful and research backed practice of self-compassion.

Start to take more action and get unstuck today!

The Goal Getter Toolkit by Bucket List Life Coaching

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Do you struggle to achieve your goals? 

Imagine if you could create an easy plan to know what action you need to take and when. 

Would you feel more confident? Happy? Clear on where you want your life to go? 

Grab my Goal Getter Toolkit and get planning today!

Effective Gratitude Journal by Contrive to Thrive

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

A weekly gratitude practice for super busy people like you who want to experience the benefits of journaling for maximum results, even if you cannot journal every day. 

This digital journal is a fillable pdf, so you can type right into it.

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