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Resources to help you in your business

Must-Open Welcome Sequences LIVE Workshop by Lise Cartwright | Hustle & Groove

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Join Lise for a LIVE workshop on how to write your welcome sequence along with how to craft engaging newsletters that get opened and clicked!

Live workshop takes place on August 31, 2023 at 7:30pm EST. Lifetime replays available for all who are registered.

What you'll learn:

✅ How to write your emails and not sound awkward, salesy, or like you don't know what you're doing!

✅ What to include in your welcome sequence and how long it should be.

✅ How to go from welcome sequence to selling your offers on autopilot (without being salesy).

Bonuses include welcome sequence template with prompts, tagging and segmentation checklist, automation template, newsletter prompts, and a simple sales email template.

The Breaking Barriers LIVE Challenge by Alison Bieber | Your Body Your Rules

Normally $197, Get It FREE!

Break through the mindset barriers that hold professional women back! 

In this challenge you will elevate your self-acceptance to command the attention of any room. 

Embrace a growth mindset and conquer imposter syndrome with daily actionable tasks. 

Sign up and ascend to the next level of your career.

Course Design Date Tracker by Dr. Kelly Martin, Renovo Designs

Normally $100, Get It FREE!

The Course Design Date Tracker is a powerful tool for course creators, providing a streamlined system to manage time and tasks. 

This innovative tracker simplifies the course creation process, transforming weekly strategies into actionable steps, fostering confidence, and paving the way for successful, profitable online courses. 

Navigate online education with newfound ease and precision.

Simple Sales Page Wizard by Anna from Wicked Marvelous

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Simple Sales Page Wizard is your ultimate shortcut to impression-driving content.

This innovative resource merges comprehensive outlines and intelligent AI prompts to fast-track your content creation process.

Enjoy exceptional efficiency, consistency, and precision—optimizing your sales page has never been this accessible, dynamic, and straightforward.

65+ Card Spreads for Soul Purpose + Soulful Business by Claire Solomon 

Normally $22, Get It FREE!

Now is the time to embrace your intuition and create a business that resonates with your soul's calling. 

Don't let confusion or disconnection stop you from crafting offerings that are in true alignment with your unique path.

🔮 Grab the Mini-Course worth $22 for FREE today!

Express Presenter Mini-Course by Zoe Zalick

Normally $49, Get It FREE!

Struggling to make a video promo? 

Showcase your expertise and connect with your audience quickly and easily with video training and group support for one-take recording. 

Harness the power of your own voice and finally get the support you need to get that video done.

Cosmic CEO Archetypes Quiz by Amy Adams // Cosmic CEO

Normally $33, Get It FREE!

Discover your Cosmic CEO Archetypes with my innovative quiz, inspired by astrology. Dive into your cosmic leadership style, and;

🌟 Illuminate your inherent strengths and challenges

🌟 Align your business strategy authentically

🌟 Explore your distinct entrepreneurial spirit

Uncover your primary CEO archetype for Free today!

AI Launch Formulae by Katie Joy | Digital Entrepreneur

Normally $49, Get It FREE!

Harness AI to launch your high-converting sales page in minutes! 💰🍾

The AI Launch Formulae is a PROVEN strategy & series of ChatGPT prompts to help you:

➡️ Save Time....for
➡️ Faster Launches...to
➡️ Generate Revenue Faster!

Strategic Branding for Small Businesses by WriteWithPat

Normally $12, Get It FREE!

Give your brand a boost with strategic branding. 

Add distinctive character. 

Create clear messages that showcase your value. 

Keep loyal customers. 

See your small business shine and connect, making a strong impression.

Branding to Selling Bundle by Swayam

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Download Plug & Play Resources that helps to Build Your Brand & An Automated Approach to Sell Without Selling (...Ready to use & implement in next 10 minutes)

What's Inside

✅ 500+ story prompts to build your authority and sell using stories.
✅ 200+ Proven hooks & headlines that converts.
✅ 10+ Facebook group growth templates to build your community with Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
✅ 15+ Ultimates scripts to pitch your programs and clients on demand.
✅ 101 Hooks for TikTok / Reels / Shorts
✅ Facebook Ads compliance cheatsheet to run ads effectively.

Download Your Bundle Today to Build Trust, Authority, Relationship & Revenue Mainly. 

The Content Upgrade Toolbox (Canva) by That PLR Girl

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Introducing the Content Upgrade Toolbox! 

Content upgrades are those high-value, supplementary downloads, offered alongside related blog posts. 

Are you ready to create Content Upgrades that will get your potential customers, eager to give you their email address? 

This template set has everything you need to get started right now.

How to Create Eye Catching Reels in Canva Workshop by Jess | Inner Alchemist

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

💥Stand out from the crowd and cause a pattern interrupt when YOUR reel looks different from all the generic ones.

💥Get more comments and DMs.

💥 Boost you algorithms and sales.

Claim your free ticket to my latest workshop and learn how to create eye catching Instagram reels in Canva.

Not All Graphics are Created Equally - Mini Course and Bonuses by Chaali - Sparkle and Spread Joy

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Discover the magic of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary with my expert guide and curated resources. 

Elevate your creations effortlessly, no stress or excessive costs. 

Unleash your creativity today and start making gorgeous products to sell.

Gingerbread Theme Kids Party Bundle - Planning and Games PLR by Pretty Printables by Sheila 

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Christmas Party Games and Planning Guide PLR Gingerbread theme.

Ideas for how to run your Christmas Party and Games so that you are ready to go with less planning from scratch. 

Save time and money with this bundle. 

Perfect for non denominational parties due to Gingerbread theme.

5 Instant Clarity Prompts for Creative Entrepreneurs by Jennifer Maxwell

Normally $37, Get It FREE!

Get off the hamster wheel of frustration! 

Finally get clarity on your Ideal Client, Nail your Natural Niche, and outline your Obvious Offers - once and for all! 💪

Stressed to Success Workbook: Get Your Business to the Next Level Even When You Feel Stuck by Melissa | Raindrp

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

"Stressed to Success" is a transformative workbook for entrepreneurs grappling with stagnant business growth. 

It equips them to shatter mental barriers, devise feasible strategies, and leverage stress as a catalyst for for advancement, propelling them from inertia to achievement.

personal development & Non-Business resources

The Freedom Formula: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Forgiveness by Caress | Mindful Passions International LLC

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

The Freedom Formula is a digital course that guides open-minded adults through a step-by-step process of forgiveness and healing. 

By acknowledging emotions, understanding different perspectives, expressing emotions safely, and identifying needs, you can make a conscious decision to forgive, leading to healthier connections and a path toward happiness.

Checklists + Goals Planning Pages by Sundaee Sprouts

Normally $7, Get It FREE!

Beautiful checklists and goal pages to help you get organized on track in your personal life and/or business. 

This has quarterly goals pages to help plan for success in your business!

The Meditation Book: The Essential Meditation Book for Beginners to Find Peace, Reduce Stress, and Improve Mental Health + Accompanying Video by Blair from Energetic Wave Publishing

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Would you like to feel more alive, peaceful, and loving? 

Use this book and video to learn Blair's simple but powerful breakthrough meditation process and mindfulness techniques. 

Use them throughout the day to raise your awareness and attract good people, things and circumstances into your life.

Mini Recipe Cookbook by KDB Manuscripts, LLC

Normally $7, Get It FREE!

Mini-Cookbook featuring twenty much requested family recipes to include appetizers, Christmas morning brunch, breads, salads, crab cakes, chicken wraps, hot soups, lasagna and chili for cold days, cookies, pies, cakes for desserts. Even pickles. Available in PDF format.

60 Second Sanity Savers- Conquer Frustration, Anger, and Overwhelm, One Card at a Time by Mary Peterson Cook Ventures

Valued at $17, Get It FREE!

This FREE guide is packed with quick and effective stress-relief techniques that you can implement in just one minute or less. 

We understand that every second counts in your busy day, so we've designed these techniques to bring instant relief, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

A Lunar Road Trip: The Moon Through the Zodiac Signs by Daniela from Befriend The Zodiac

Normally $37, Get It FREE!

Understand how the moons energy changes as it moves through the zodiac. 

This will help you better understand your birth chart and to plan your month according to the moon cycle.

Self-Awareness Expansion Workbook by Melinda Cates | I Make A Difference

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Your lifelong journey to understand yourself, how you work, and what influences you will go to another level here. 

Expand what you notice and why it's important. 

This workbook helps you grow by focusing on key areas, so you can truly see, hear, and feel who you are and who you are not.

The Synclarities Starter Kit by Lori from Improviding Life

Normally $11.11, Get It FREE!

Mainstream manifestation practices tend to be problematic, bypassing the reality you’re experiencing and rooted in materialistic comparison. 

The Synclarities Starter Kit equips you with an easeful and personalizable embodiment practice for spiritual connection and energetic abundance. 

Get ready to enjoy synchronicity show and tell with your spirit squad!

Postpartum Recovery Roadmap: Healing and Strengthening Exercises by Sehat Living by Shriti

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Are you a new mom seeking a clear path to postpartum wellness and strength? 

Look no further than "Postpartum Recovery Roadmap: Healing and Strengthening Exercises." 

In this comprehensive guide, I've put together weekly exercise plan to empower you on your journey to a strong, pain-free, and confident postpartum life.

Daily Self-Care Plan/Journal by Krista Coyne | Adaptable Mom

Normally $7, Get It FREE!

Did you get your daily dose of self-care today? 

If not, then you need this! Don't deprive yourself of self-care anymore. 

This self-care plan will help you commit to a daily dose of self-care so you can recharge and be ready for anything that life throws at you.

Being in Your Perfect(ion) with Ease - Play: Introductory PlayShop to Bridging Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health by De'Nicea Hilton Harper | The Perfect PlayGround

Normally $9, Get It FREE!

In this intro PlayShop, you’ll explore the connection between Authentic Leadership and Holistic Health - and get to see they Play well together! 

Get to know the 9 phases of transformation that occurs as you Discover (and Be!) your Perfect Authentic Self - so you can confidently lead with Ease.

Calming the Chaos Workbook by Emma Neale

Normally $19, Get It FREE!

Stress and overwhelm can become a normal part of your day - use this workbook to develop strategies to ensure you are looking after yourself everyday.

I AM UNSTOPPABLE: 90 Day Guided Journal by Charity Murphy

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Ready to leave behind stagnation and embrace the unstoppable you? 

Explore my 90-day guided journal—a transformative resource designed to shatter limitations and uncover your true potential. 

With daily prompts, motivating quotes, and valuable bonuses, your journey towards a more empowered self begins now.

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