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Learn how to develop confidence and certainty without self-sabotaging your every move in just 10 minutes a day!
How to stop your 'negative nelly' inner voice and get your power back.
How to create a growth mindset so that you can master your inner voice, problem solve with certainty, and make decisions with ease!

Does any of this sound familiar...

Meet Sally. Sally wants so badly to succeed in her business. Every day she wakes up, takes out her to-do list and sits down to get to work... only to be drawn into some drama inside a Facebook group she's in.

By the time she realizes she's been drawn in, Sally has to head to work! As she walks out the door, she beats herself up for making zero progress yet again.

At lunchtime, Sally opens up her planner and looks at her to-do list again. This time she has uninterrupted time to get stuff done. So she starts to create a workbook for her freebie. As she starts adding content, the voice in her head pipes up: "Sally, what are you doing? We talked about this. It's time to throw in the towel on this silly business stuff. You're just not good at it." Sally hangs her head and beats herself up again for not being where she believes she should be....

But what you're really after is more of this...

Wahoo! That's the first thought that enters Sally's mind as she opens up her computer and see's multiple sales notifications in her email. She can't believe how quickly things turned around for her in just 90 days.

Sally is excited to open her to-do list. She's mapping out her next launch and has a podcast interview later on.

Just as she's about to head out to work, that inner voice in her head pipes up: "Sally, shouldn't you be prepping for the podcast interview? You know you don't interview well, and you'll likely stuff it up anyway!"

Sally stops what she's doing and says to that inner voice: "I got this. My coach, Lise Cartwright, has already provided me with the tools I need to be set up for success. Thanks for your voice of concern, but I'm good!"

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