Wahoo! You're a Money-Making Mary...

Money-Making Mary's are motivated, magnificent, and make their clients feel amazing. 🥰

You're at a point in your business where money flows to you with ease. You love what you do and are recognized for your brilliance... but you're wanting to scale so you can impact more people... 

You feel like you might have a few gaps to plug but you're not sure how to find them.

So let's help you find your way through that now!

You're in this phase if you've got multiple offers at varying prices, an email list with 5,000+ subscribers OR you're making $5k or more per month.

My recommendation is that you focus on creating recurring income so that you can free up your time to focus on the things you enjoy versus focusing on making money. 

Because when you have recurring income you have a baseline that allows you to make decisions with ease versus the I have to make money mindset.

The following activities form the foundation of your money-making marketing plan for the NEXT 90 Days.

Next, let's map out your GROW, NURTURE + SELL activities for your 90-Day Plan

Focus on what feels easy and fun for you!

GROW Activities

If you have a recurring income model (like a membership, subscription, mastermind etc) then you'll likely be focusing on bringing new people into your world every day, while refining your content to reduce your churn rate.
If you're a coach or course creator, then you might be focused on building out your offer suite with smaller, low-cost offers to meet the needs of your audience before they are ready to work with you 1-on-1.
If you're an non-fiction author, you might be focused on creating a group coaching program that takes your book(s) concepts deepear and with more actionable, tangible results.

NURTURE Activities

Develop long-form content that's optimized to sell your offers and attract your ideal audience based on what they are searching for.
If you're not emailing your audience 4+ times per week, now's the time to start doing that. Create nurture campaigns that lead to selling your offers.
Repurpose your content (both from your long-form channels and your emails) into micro content that can be shared across various platforms.
Connect with previous and current clients, customers, and members and find out if there's anything they need right now (get feedback too via a simple survey).

SELLING Activities

Setup or refine your evergreen selling system. Where are your gaps? What's converting or not?
Review your sales pages. Are they still converting like they were? Can you add any additional bonuses or trainings to the your programs based on client feedback?
Develop a recurring income model that feels easy and fun for you. That could be a membership, subscription or a hybrid. Focus on what feels good energetically and know that you don't HAVE to run a recurring business a certain way. If you don't want to host Zoom group calls, you don't have to! It's your business, you get to do you. Automate this with paid ad campaigns.

Resources to help you:

Be More You

Discover how you're designed to interact with your audience, attract your ideal customers, and market your business in this world through your Human Design chart. Be more you in your business today.

The Cultivate Program

Ready to create a 'doable' 5-figure (or more) monthly income plan? This 6-month group coaching program includes daily feedback, support, and live group coaching calls. Doors opening soon! Join the VIP Lounge to get your discount.

Recurring Profits Academy

Ready to create a recurring income business based on what feels easy and fun for you? Get access to 4 different income models you can implement or tweak based on your you-nique gifts, strengths, and talents. Discover this and more inside the self-paced course. 

Hey, I'm Lise...

I love working with amazing creative entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the world... 

Typically, I work with non-fiction authors, coaches, and content creators. People who love to teach and mentor are kinda my jam.

I can't wait to connect and hear more about you, your business, and what mark you're looking to leave on the world!

Lise Cartwright

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