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Resources to help you in your Personal Life

Fix Your Money Mini-Course by Beth Blanco

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

This course will introduce you to the 3-pillar Money Freedom Method and help you craft a plan for your finances without the overwhelm. 

Children's Book Publishing Checklist by Marcy Pusey (Miramare Ponte Press)

Normally $99, Get It FREE!

Want to know how to publish for children? This publishing guide has 22 steps from book idea to published and selling, tutorial videos and articles to show you how and why, insider secrets to help your book stand out from the rest, easy-to-click links to save you time searching, and an all-in-one publishing strategy you can trust from a best-selling award-winning author, speaker, editor, and story coach.

From Magical to Mundane - The Empowered Mompreneurs Journal by Jessica McCarty

Normally $17, Get It FREE!

Is your life magical or mundane? That's the question that I ask myself on the regular. I was tired of my life being the same old same old. Was this all there was? As I started creating magic in my life on a smaller basis, bigger magical moments started to come more regularly!

5 Easy Steps to Set Life Changing Goals Guide by Corinne Lennox

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Have you hit that point in your life where you know you’re not where you want to be but you’re not exactly sure what you do want and even if you were, you’re also not sure how to go about getting it? Don’t stress, my friend. A lot of us have been there, myself included. 

That’s why I created this easy, 5 step guide on setting big, life changing goals and actually achieving them starting today. There is no time like the present. 

After working through the 5 steps you’ll know what what your biggest dreams are, why they're important to you, what you in your dream life will look like, what's been holding you back and what action you're going to take in the next 5 days to start making one of these big, amazing, life changing goals happen. 

You’ll feel more joy, more clarity, more confidence and be ready to jumpstart what I like to call a living a bucket list life on your terms.

Mindful Monthly Reflection & Intention Setting Journal Prompts by Kerri Leigh

Normally $11, Get It FREE!

Awareness = empowerment, so give yourself permission to reflect on your yesterdays, and use these insights to intentionally set yourself up for success and where you want to be tomorrow!

Prayfirmation Calendar and Journal by Michelle W. Fuqua

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Build Confidence in Your Calling! 

For the Woman of Faith who wants to Crush Doubt & Negativity so that she can fulfill her God given assignment. 

This guide is based on Scripture and each affirmation establishes your right to the life you dream of and disrupts negativity, doubt, and misbelief that keeps you from advancing towards your dreams. 

30 days of Biblical thought reconstruction will transform your life from the inside out. 

Resume Template by Lisa Mahar

Normally $30, Get It FREE!

Get a FREE ATS-Friendly, 2-page Resume Template. 

Professionally designed to make your experience shine! Modernise your resume to get attention, be competitive, and win the jobs you want!

The Secret Love Vault by Gabriele Strasky

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

The SECRET LOVE VAULT would have saved Romeo’s and Juliet’s lives had they known about it. They experienced romance but made a few mistakes that ended their love and lives. 

If you are frustrated with dating, can’t seem to find the right match, want to overcome losing your love, or want to attract The One and don’t know about your inner magnet (yet) that you can work for you, you need to sign up. The thing is, no one taught you what to look out for when choosing a partner. 

These masterclasses will teach you:

1. How to love like Romeo & Juliet without the trouble of having to die 

2. Show you the way to a lasting, romantic, and fulfilled relationship with the one you want 

3. The roadmap you must take to reach your goal of lasting love. 

A professional and experienced matchmaker teaches these classes and gives you insider knowledge that will help you find The One. You will learn what went wrong before and how to avoid those mistakes in the future. Don’t waste another day. 

Sign up and start your road to love like Romeo & Juliet without the trouble of having to die. 

Are You Over-Responsible? - Checklist by Melinda Cates

Normally $35, Get It FREE!

This is the MUST HAVE "Are You Over-Responsible?" CHECKLIST that will support you to GO FROM 'Doing it' (being and holding responsibility) for others to supporting them to 'Do it' (take responsibility) themselves.

Get your affirmation game changer by Catrin Jacksties

Normally £47, Get It FREE!

Affirmations don't work (at least on their own). You need a special ingredient that no one is talking about. I give you the secret ingredient. And I include a guided meditation so you can get started to change those beliefs immediately.

The Toxic Relationship Aftermath Journal by Melissa Hickok

Normally $15, Get It FREE!

The journal helps women know what the next steps are after ending a toxic relationship. 

It takes the guesswork out of "what do I do now?" type thinking.

30 days of daily affirmations by Jen Turner

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

I have an invitation for you… 

Take a journey to see what is possible for your life. For 30 days I will email you a daily dose of inspiration with a journal prompt to support your journey with clarity. 

Daily Dose of Self-Care Download by Krista Coyne

Normally $7, Get It FREE!

Do you give yourself a DAILY dose of SELF-CARE? If not, don't ignore your need to take care of yourself. 

You need the time to recharge, so you're ready to deal with #life. 

With the Daily Dose of Self-Care you'll be able to follow through with your self-care activity because you'll be able to find time in your day that you didn't think you had. 

You'll find the kind of self-care that makes YOU feel good and continue to keep it up! 

Mind The Chatter: Master Your Inner Voice, Gain A Positive Mindset, And Get Your Power Back! by Lise Cartwright

Normally $13, Get It FREE!

This short but powerful book will help you master that inner negative chatter that's rolling through your head.

In under 2 hours, you'll be introduced to a simple 2-minute framework that allows you to take back control of your thoughts and get your power back!

If you're familiar with Human Design and have an open head center, this book will especially speak to (and help) you!

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