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Resources to help you in your business

Black Friday Sales Plan Training by Lise Cartwright | Hustle & Groove

Normally $67, Get It FREE!

The Black Friday selling season is just around the corner. Are you ready to help your audience in a meaningful way while also making some moola at the same time?

Inside this training:

✅ you'll learn how to plan and prep for this holiday season with ease

✅ you'll discover the easiest and most profitable Black Friday offers you can make to your audience during this time

✅ you'll get access to templates and tools to help you put this into place with ease

Grab your copy of the Black Friday Sales Plan Training today!

Voice Recovery Workshop by Kris Safarova, Firmsconsulting.com

Normally $147, Get It FREE!

Lost your voice after a full day of speaking?

Watch this workshop as Kris shares her techniques on how you can recover your voice quickly and what you can do so you won't lose it again next time no matter how long you are speaking.

Use coupon code RECOVERURVOICE to get free access.

SEO Checklist with AI Prompts by Anna Addoms | Wicked Marvelous

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Take the hassle out of on-page blog SEO with our AI SEO checklist. 

You'll receive a comprehensive checklist that takes the guesswork out of on-page SEO with AI prompts for keyword and meta description optimization.

Privacy Policy Ascension by Nyree | Compliance Genie

Normally £47 (approx US $58), Get It FREE!

Empower your business with a GDPR privacy policy, infused with magic and expertise ensuring you not only meet the European and UK regulatory standards but also honour the trust clients place in you when it comes to their personal information. 

Let the Genie guide you to tailor a policy that resonates with your unique business essence, ensuring you manifest both spiritual and regulatory alignment.

personal development & Non-Business resources

28-Day Mindfulness Challenge Workbook by Mihaela Zaharia Health Coaching

Normally $28, Get It FREE!

Mindfulness is a prerequisite for sustainable behaviour change. If you ever set New Year's resolutions to build healthy habits or to be more productive, only to give up by the end of January, you need more mindfulness.

Get this 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge Workbook with simplified mindfulness exercises (97pages).

I Am Unstoppable: Embrace Your Inner Power 90 Day Guided Journal by Charity Murphy

Normally $27, Get It FREE!

Get set to unleash your boundless potential with the 'I Am Unstoppable: 90-Day Guided Journal' 🚀✨. 

Dive into 90 days of empowering prompts and inspiring quotes, shaping your unshakable confidence 🌟. 

It's your time to craft a story of limitless possibilities and unwavering triumph. 

Ready to start?

Healthy Beginnings for Moms by Shriti Shah founder of Sehat Living

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

The ultimate guide to nurturing wellness during the transformative journey of motherhood. 

Inside, you'll find 50+ healthy recipes, fresh seasonal produce ideas, and easy exercises designed specially for moms-to-be and new moms.

How to Attract Money with Ken Honda by Kris Safarova, StrategyTraining.com

Normally $37, Get It FREE!

Learn the right mindset to attract a positive relationship with money, and release the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams in life.

Your Power Struggle Success Plan by Mary Peterson Cook; Mary Peterson Cook Ventures

Normally $37, Get It FREE!

Lost in the maze of parenting power struggles? You're not alone.

Empower yourself with our practical strategies, tailored to help you navigate challenges with compassion. 

Strengthen connections and communicate more effectively with your child. 

Step forward with clarity and confidence.

Unleash Your Passion: The Official Toolkit for Midlife Women Who Want More by Tina @ Identity Reinvention

Normally $47, Get It FREE!

Unleash Your Passion is the Official Toolkit for Midlife Women Who Want More. 

These transformational 22 pages contain 7 days of exercises and journal prompts to help you design, create, and live the life you really want AND make time for it, without overwhelm. 

Email and DM support included.

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