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Grow your online business with proven money-making micro offers without hustling to make the sale, or chasing all the shiny strategies that leave you dazed and confused!


Here's what you've been told you should do when creating a micro offer business...

You must pick a niche! You know, narrow your focus, pick one thing... (Hello - boring! Anyone else struggle to pick a niche?! The riches are not in the niches...)
Make a ton of mini-courses and use them to get people into your world through S.L.O. (self-liquidating offer) funnels (and here's the kicker... you've become a master of the S.L.O. funnel... any SLOwer and you'll start having to pay people to buy your offers!)
Run Facebook ads to your posts on your FB page because that's the way to get visible, which is important when you're running an online business (because your friend Sally is doing it and she said you should too, but you've got no idea what you're doing or if you're even ready for ads)
Spend all your time on TikTok, creating Reels for Instagram, and updating your FB Stories with content (because everyone is telling you that you need to be 'everywhere' but your so burned out and over it)
The only way you'll make money online is to offer 1:1 coaching services or charge premium prices... (when you don't want to coach or charge silly money, you don't want that pressure!)

But boy oh boy... you're so over it. 

You keep thinking: "When will my business make me consistent money?"

Or, you could (like 289+ smart creative entrepreneurs) use a simple and tested framework to create micro offers that are easy and fun for you, that your audience wants, and that keep them coming back to buy more...

I am so convinced that the framework and tools shared inside this success hub are the keys that are missing from the gurus. It's exactly what helped me to completely change my life and create the online business of my dreams!

😳 I'll be honest with you...

Getting to this point wasn't easy.

When I started out as a creative entrepreneur back in 2011, I had no experience running an online business. But I learned fast. And pivoted, tweaked, and changed direction (so many times), trying lots of things along the way. Basically, I listened to everyone else instead of what felt good for me.

But as a full-time creative entrepreneur, while I loved the time-freedom to create my days how I wanted, and I LOVED making over $5k+ per month, I found myself no longer enjoying working 1-on-1 with clients, trading time for dollars...

Which led me down a little side-track for a few months (*ahem* years!)...

There were so many shiny objects, strategies, and ideas out there and EVERYTHING sounded so good and felt important to implement. And as a new author & creative entrepreneur (which is what I transitioned to after ditching my 1-on-1 clients),  I felt lost, like I hadn't found my "magic money offer" yet.

And boy, was I surrounded by hype! I got caught up consuming it all. There was an endless stream of advice on what I should be doing... I felt like I wasn't doing enough. I felt shamed for missing out or not 'getting it'. And to be honest, I felt like a complete failure...

Lise Cartwright

After purchasing my fair share of programs, courses, and tools ranging from $7 to $9,000, I finally realized two things:

There is no magical hack to overnight success. As a creative entrepreneur, understand this: you're uniquely designed to help others. When you allow yourself to be guided by that, making consistent income every month becomes easy and fun.

Copy-paste, 'one-size-fits-all' solutions don't work because they are either outdated strategies that the  creator isn't using anymore OR (which is more often the case) what they try to push on you simply isn't geared towards your natural gifts, strengths, and talents or the way you want to run your online business.

And that's when I finally realized: it's possible to run an online business and make consistent money with ease by focusing on solving problems my audience has. Funny enough, that ended up making business easy and fun for me, too.

So I ditched the hype and focused on providing my audience with what they were asking for. And I now enjoy sale notifications pinging my inbox on the daily.

And that's just payments received via Stripe!

Now I have a successful micro offer business full of digital products that I'm aligned with, that are easy and fun for me to sell. Multiple streams of income that take me less than 20 hours a week to run is so my jam!

No spending hours selling on socials needed (I closed my free Facebook Group that had 2k+ member in June 2021 and haven't looked back!).

And I want this for you too. I knew I need to make this process available to as many people as possible.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to this incredible framework...

When you join the Digital Business Lab...

You'll get everything you need to start making monthly income in a way that's best for you.

You'll get instant access to:

20 bite-sized trainings that provide you with an easy to use step-by-step process
Exclusive training and content based on member queries and industry updates to take the guesswork out of what to tweak and when to pivot
All the worksheets, swipe files, and micro offer templates you need to create and sell with ease
An ever-growing resource library with swipe files, workbooks, templates, mockups, planners and more so you're never stuck staring at a blank screen
Access to the members-only community on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support 
Feedback on your micro offers, worksheets, and business strategy inside the community every week so you're never creating on your own
2 x LIVE coachings & Q&A sessions inside the community every month
Plus bonus trainings, resources, and tools as needed

Here's a little peek of what you're getting...

Module Breakdown...


In this module, you'll dive into mindset and a visualization of what your dream business might look like so you can craft a clear vision and direction.

Resources to support you in this module include:

Money Abundance Journal
Self-Worth Booster Journal
Dream Business Visualization Journal
Mindset Journal Prompts
Stuck to Empowered Worksheet
Genius Zone Audit Worksheet
Strengths in Action Worksheet

PHASE 1: Build your email list to 500-1000 subscribers

In this module, you'll learn how to build your email list without running ads including step-by-step tasks to complete to set your list building efforts up for success.

Resources to support you in this module include:

Audience Building Freebies vs. Product Building Freebies
Lead Magnets That Convert
Create Your Lead Magnet
Setting up Your Email Platform
Create Landing Pages That Work
Get Your Lead Magnet Delivered With Ease
Write Emails That Get Opened
The Collaboration Strategy

PHASE 2: Create 2-3 offers that convert with ease

In this module, you'll learn about the four proven micro offers I recommend to hit the ground running with (or add to your existing product suite). 

Resources to support you in this module include:

Choose Your Income Model
The Micro Offer Framework
The Micro Offer Framework Workbook
The Micro Offer Creators Toolkit
Create Your Offers
Digital Product Suite Planner
Choose Your Offers Planner

PHASE 3: Lazy launch your offers to $1k months