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How can I help?

Be More You

Discover how you're designed to interact with your audience, attract your ideal customers, and market your business in this world through your Human Design chart. Be more you in your business today.

Weekend Business Blitz

These FREE videos will help you get eyes on your business this weekend so you can add a little more oomph to your business and start the week refreshed and invigorated inside your biz!

Resources & Courses

These are a few of my fav things. From free to paid, click around based on what feels aligned for where you're at right now in your business. Or ask yourself "what's my next step?"

Hey, I'm Lise...

I love working with amazing creative entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in the world... 

Typically, I work with non-fiction authors, coaches, and content creators. People who love to teach and mentor are kinda my jam.

I can't wait to connect and hear more about you, your business, and what mark you're looking to leave on the world!

Lise Cartwright

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