The rpa course

Grow a recurring income business without increasing the hours you work!

It's time to stop chasing sales and following other people's strategies.

Instead, learn how to work less by creating a recurring income stream based on your you-nique gifts, strengths, and talents. Earn 5 figures or more every single month!

You want your business to feel easy and fun, not make you feel burnt out and overwhelmed


Most of the strategies that you try that other 'experts' recommend take a lot of time... or simply don't work the way they said they would (at least not for you).

Investing weeks into recording content for YouTube, Reels, or TikTok, launching offers to your audience that never seem to sell, and still not making consistent, recurring income is the worst feeling in the world...

Do you feel like you've tried everything to grow and nurture your online business but nothing seems to work?

Did you invest hours creating content for social media... but you don't get the consistent income you've been told to expect?

You're tired of self-sabotaging yourself

You know you're doing it but you struggle to get past the fears... at times they are overwhelming and crippling. Yes, you've had some success in your business, but it's been hard... you're ready for more ease. You're ready to ditch everything everyone else is saying and trust in your own way of doing things.

You're tired of starting from zero each month

You feel like you're constantly hustling to make money, and while that has worked well for you in the past, you know there's a better, easier way to make recurring income in your business, you're just not sure how to make it stick. And it's not for lack of trying! You're an action taker, you're ready for your action taking to pay off...

You're tired of not meeting your revenue goals

You see other people achieving recurring income and you're wondering why you can't seem to meet the money targets you set for yourself. You're following all the strategies, doing all the things but nothing is sticking. Recurring income feels so out of reach. You're at a crossroads and you need something to start working...

"If there is anything you should do for you and your business, it is to join Lise's program Recurring Profits in 2023.
I can't tell you how much value I got out of her program, that was just for 6 weeks (beta version). I got my new membership described, landed on a price that I loved and really figured out what I am going to put in that membership with MasterClasses, courses, help, coaching etc. I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring for me, my life, business and family - this will be grand 🙂

All I can say - if you are not joining Lise's program for 2023 - You are missing out on both yourself and your life and business too."

Bente Eskerod

Women's Health Coach

Let's dream a little...

It's Friday morning. You wake up just as your alarm goes off. It's 6am. For a minute, your heart skips a beat, your head starts to pound... until you realize