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Are you ready to build your email list?

I'm going to share with you my favorite strategy for adding 100+ email subscribers (for FREE) every single month! Oh and a way to make surprise money on autopilot...

I was struggling like you are today but I can help.

When I got started back in 2012, I had no email list to speak of. Yet I heard so many people saying things like:

"The money's in the list..."

"I wish I'd built my email list sooner..."

"An email list is your best business asset!"

Imagine people joining your email list without you even trying...

You know what I'm talking about here. 

You open your email program (like ConvertKit) and hazuah! You've got 100 brand new subscribers and all you did was share a few posts on social media.

Or maybe you asked a few people you know to share your lead magnet with their people.

Or you did a free training inside someone's Facebook Group.

Well... I'll let you in on a secret:

These are real-life examples of how I and my other students have gotten new subscribers into our email list without spending a dime on ads.

It's all about COLLABORATION.

Collaboration? Yep. Good ole' fashioned relationship marketing.

And chances are you've totally stumbled upon a collaboration-style lead magnet event before.

Essentially, a lead magnet collaboration is where you align yourself with a few other people who have a similar target audience and agree to promote each others lead magnets to your existing audiences. That could be on social media, email, video... wherever you're most active.

And if you're not active? That's cool too. A lead magnet collaboration is your best way to start showing up for your audience!

This means that you get new subscribers without having to hustle and pay for ads, and your fellow collaborators get the same. 

And when you add in a Tripwire, you get surprise money coming through as you go on with your usual list building efforts.

It's a win-win-win if you ask me!

I know what you're thinking...

Getting a free offer and a landing page together feels out of your reach right now let alone doing something like a lead magnet collaboration and a tripwire.

Come on Lise! We're not tech-savvy like you are...

Or maybe you're worried about how to get started, what to say in groups, or how to ensure it's all set up the right way.

You're looking for a simple and easy way to get people to sign up to your email list that doesn't seem so complicated.

And what about traffic? How do you get traffic to your opt-in or landing pages?

Your questions—answered inside the Start & Grow Your List Training!

Everything you need know to add 100+ subscribers every month without paying a cent on ads or wasting your time posting on social media!

Not tech-savvy? I got your back! Not only will I be sharing all the in's and out's during the training, you'll also get access to step-by-step tutorials inside the membership area too.

Start & Grow Your List Training is an in-depth program covering everything you need to know to start adding 100+ subscribers to your list every month.

You'll also learn how to create surprise money moments in your business with a thank you page tripwire offer (if you're ready for that!).

And of course, we're doing it all the Lise way: Easy and Fun. High-value. Low-effort. 100% ick-free.

You'll learn how to plan, set up, launch and make surprise money during the training — all over the course of a few hours.

But more than that... You'll discover a simple way to add new subscribers to your email list every month. No more waiting until you've got some spare cash to run lead generation ads to get new peeps onto your list.

The main reason I love collaborations — or more like 5 of them.

Collaborations help you make sure you're growing your list full of your target audience, not just people who want all the free stuff.
Collaborations allow you to grow your list without paying for ads or wasting time posting aimlessly on social media.
Collaborations give your new subscribers the opportunity to experience your work at a no-cost price—and later on, come back for more (paid) offers as they progress through your email sequences.
Collaborations allow you to grow your circle of influence and connect with like-minded creatives that you can collaborate with again and again. You might never have to pay for ads!
Collaborations, coupled with a thank you page tripwire, allow you to receive surprise money moments in your business, no matter where you're at. And they are so easy and fun!

Super intrigued? Eager to rock your list-building efforts with a collaboration? Then what are you waiting for?!

What you're getting:

Bite-sized training videos and templates to help you get up and running quickly!

A handy Trello Dashboard walking you through all the steps so you don't miss a thing!

Access to my Tech Library showing you how to set EVERYTHING up from start to finish.

Lifetime access to the replay + materials inside the private membership area

How you'll get new subscribers every month

Here's what we're covering inside the training:

Lesson #1

The lowdown on the best lead magnets, how they work, and when to use them as part of a collaboration.

Lesson #2

Deciding what lead magnet to use + what tripwire offer to choose (Hint: repurpose your best content!)

Lesson #3

The lowdown on the collaboration strategy, how it works, and how to get started today — the easy and fun way.

Lesson #4

How to choose the right people to collaborate with and where to find them quickly.

Lesson #5

What you need to create a high-converting collaboration page that draw the right peeps.

Lesson #6

Quick tips for designing your promotional materials with access to my best templates!

Lesson #7

All the tech pieces you need to setup your own lead magnet + your collaboration page.

Lesson #8

Creating your thank you page tripwire and how to make it a no-brainer for new subscribers.

Lesson #9

Running a successful collaboration that's easy and fun for everyone involved!

"Lise always delivers. Every single training I take from Lise teaches me something new, but in a way that's simple to implement."

Patrick Dixson

Ready to grow your email list + get surprise money?

You can add 100+ subscribers in the next 30 days and make your first couple of sales (which will likely cover the cost of this training) — and that'll be just the beginning!

The Start & Grow Your List Training is perfect for you if...

You feel like your list building efforts are getting you nowhere and you're sick of it. A collaboration allows you to build your email list without spending a dime on ads.
You're not confident that your lead magnet is what your audience wants. The workshop will show you what lead magnets work best to attract the right people onto your email list.
You've been running Facebook or Instagram ads to grow your list — or you believe you need to spend money to get people in. A collaboration allows you to quickly add 100+ new subscribers without ever spending a cent!
You want to make sure you're growing your list with the right people. A collaboration (when done with the right collaborators) allows you to make sure you're attracting people who want what you have to offer... and you'll make surprise money too!

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if...

List building isn't something you're focused on right now — though I definitely don't endorse this if you're growing your online business!
You don't have a digital online business or want absolutely nothing to do with selling digital products in any way, shape, or form.
You'd rather pay for ads to grow your email list insead.

Hey, I'm Lise Cartwright...

And if this is the first time you and I are meeting, hey! Like you, I started out with no idea of what I need to do to build and grow an email list.

I also started with no idea of what I wanted to sell or who I wanted to serve... but after asking myself questions and listening to how I felt, I discovered that creating an online business that's easy and fun... is actually easy and fun!

If you're ready to jump off the list building hamster wheel and are low on cash, then the lead magnet collaboration strategy just might be the answer you're looking for!

Either way, I got your back. I'm here to empower you to make the right decisions for you business based on what FEELS good for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a lead magnet?

That's ok! The very first thing you're going to learn is the BEST lead magnet to create for a collaboration. I'll even show you how you can repurpose content you've already got!

I've tried setting this up before... I'm bad at all the tech though!

Lucky for you, I'm all about the tech!

When you join Start & Grow Your List - The Workshop, you'll get access to a library of tech tutorials that walk you through all the settings + tech pieces you need to start growing your email list and making money with a tripwire.

Spoiler alert: the tech setup is a lot less complicated than you think!

What if I don't have anything to offer for a tripwire?

That's totally fine! You don't need a tripwire to make the collaboration work for you. All you need is a lead magnet aka a freebie. The tripwire can come later.

I only offer services in my business. Is this for me?

100% yes. You need new leads, right? What better way to get them than leveraging the power of collaborations?! Plus, when you add the tripwire... it's a great way for people to experience your work before they invest in your packages.

I'm just getting started. Should I do this?

Uh, yeah! If you're just starting, this is PERFECT for you. You'll be able to build your list quickly and fill it with the right people right from the start. I knew you were smart!

I don't have my email platform set up. Can I still do this?

You sure can! The tech library you'll have access to will quickly become your best friend! From landing pages to email sequences to segmenting, it's all inside!

I've got another question.

Send me a message using the chat box at the bottom right of this page, and let's chat it out!

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