for creative entrepreneurs ready to step into their power and craft an online business that's easy, fun, and profitable! ๐ŸŽ‰

Are you ready for:

Individualized support and feedback?
Money-making conversations?
Coaching that fits your schedule?

You don't need more courses! You need actual direction and strategy that supports your you-nique gifts, strengths, and talents...

We start July 8th, 2024!

Ready for me to be with you (almost) 24/7? 

'cause that's how much access you're getting (and more!)

Nobody understands you better than you... except for me! We can text or voice chat ON YOUR SCHEDULE to get you the individual help YOU need.

You get individualized, personal support from ME, along with DIRECT access to me on multiple channels... You'll NEVER be left to your own devices...

You'll get to pick and choose from ALL of my programs - Recurring Profits Academy, Cultivate, Non-Fiction Author Incubator, Human Design For Business and so much more (including EXCLUSIVE content just for you!).

Hey Lovely, I'm Lise...

If you're landing on this page, it's likely this isn't the first time that we've met, โ€” but, just in case, let me fill in the gaps.

I've been in "struggle town" more times than I'd care to admit. It's what led me to Human Design in the first place...

I got started as a freelance writer way back in 2011, when the online world was still sparkly and brand new.

I quit my job in June 2012 and was a full time freelance writer for a few years. 

2014 was when I made the jump to being an author and I quickly went full time in that too.

2016 is when I started creating courses and coaching programs.

I'm self-made. I love to DIY as much as I can.

And I TRULY care about the people I work with.

I designed this 1:1 coaching & mentoring program just for you...

This is PERFECT for you if:

You're open to working with someone 1:1 who will challenge you to be your own coach and won't spoon feed you the answers.
You found yourself nodding your head, leaning forward, feeling a sense of rightness, excited but uncertain... this is your strategy telling you to pay attention!
You are serious (and I mean serious) about getting out of your own way and crafting an online business that's easy and fun for you, even IF it doesn't make logical sense.
You're ready to ditch all the "shoulding" and start listening to your own inner authority (because you know you best!).

This is NOT for you if:

You haven't fully opened yourself to the Human Design process. In fact, you find it too woo-woo for your liking.
Finances are TIGHT. Or you're placing ALL your faith in this being the magic pill that finally works, so every last cent is going into this. Don't do that. You don't need that pressure (and frankly, neither do I!). Make decisions from a calm space, not one of desperation.
You aren't prepared to spend at least 5-10 hours a week on working on your business. It's gonna take some work, so you need to be clear and free to do whatever you need to do to break through your current conditioning. Buckle up Lovely, it's gonna get bumpy! But I got your back IF you're prepared to show up and do the work!
Guided support
Personalized strategy
Custom resources

what you're getting

Your Business By Design

90 days access to all the personalized support you can handle (Mon-Fri via Voxer)
1:1 60 minute strategy session (to kick things off and lay the plan for the next 90 days)
90 days complimentary access to any programs that make sense for your goals
Your own personal library of Loom videos based on your specific business and plans

$1,200 USD per month for 3 months


$3,000 USD pay-in-full discount (save $600)

($600 USD per month for 6-months option available too)

So what's your plan? ๐Ÿ“

Create an online course that EXACTLY serves your ideal customer (while managing your energy at the same time)
Build an offer suite that sells for you 24/7 (leaving time for you to focus on what you do best...)
Transition from always launching to an evergreen sales system that feels super easy and fun for you!
Create systems in your business so that you can spend WAY less time in it and more time having fun!
Create your 'Discoverable Content' system to cover your organic and automated income generation every single month 
Get clear on your messaging, your offer pathways, price points, or other parts that make your head spin outta control!
Adding multiple streams of income in a way that lessens your hours not increases them
Anything that helps you take your existing offers and amplifies their earnings in an EASY and FUN way (based on what that looks like for YOU) 

Whatever you wanna do, I want to help you get it...

Listen, I've done #allthethings and NOTHING you want to do will be something I can't help you achieve. I've either done it myself, taught a student who has done it, or coached someone through it.

Whatever you want, whatever you'd like to do - it's ok and it's possible.

It's about doing what feels easy and fun for YOU (not somebody else's way of doing your business!).

Before we continue, this is kinda important ๐Ÿ‘‡

This is a no-refunds kinda situation. You get access to anything that you need immediately once you're strategy call has taken place and, therefore, I'd be silly to offer refunds. But honestly, you're not going to want one, so it's cool. 

Phew, glad we got that out of the way.

Real talk time... 

I want you to be successful. I have big plans for you.

I got your back, and I'll give you all the advice and guidance you can handle... 

But here's the deal: 



You Got This!

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