your business by design

Your Business By Design

Grow a 5-figure recurring income business using your you-nique gifts and talents without sacrificing your soul!

There are currently 2 spaces available for a July, 2023 start.

You're ready for the next step... only you can't seem to drown out your fears, negative chatter, or overwhelm... the pressure is always there.

You're tired of self-sabotaging yourself

You know you're doing it but you struggle to get past the fears... at times they are overwhelming and crippling. Yes, you've had some success in your business, but it's been hard... you're ready for more ease.

You're tired of starting from zero each month

You feel like you're constantly hustling to make money, and while that has worked well for you in the past, you know there's a better, easier way to make money in your business, you're just not sure how.

You're tired of not meeting your revenue goals

You see other people saying they're successful and you're wondering why you can't seem to meet the money targets you set. You're following all the strategies, doing all the things but nothing is sticking. Recurring income feels so out of reach...

"For a Reflector like me, patience is most important. I always felt and new things happen for a reason. I knew the patience-demanding in my life is for a reason, and a big part of my process. Yet, ever since I have been working with Lise in YBBD and using Human Design, I know and understand things clearer."

Sultan Deniz

This 1:1 coaching & mentoring program will help you create your own you-nique money-making plan...

Once that's easy and fun for you, while creating an online business that's truly profitable.

Using the Human Design framework, we'll work at a deeper level to both bust those niggling doubts, insecurities, and fears and at the same time, develop a clear, actionable plan that will see you achieving your income goals over the next six months.

So what's the Island A to Island B transformation I hear you asking...?

What life looks like before 1:1 coaching with me:

Struggle Town is the capital of where you're spending a lot of your time! Everything feels hard, no matter how many times you try to re-align...
Your open head center is causing so much havoc that you can't trust your inner authority because the pressure you're experiencing to simply get your questions answered drowns everything else out!
You're tired of others coming into your business and telling you that you should be doing this or that, and you just missed out on this trend by a few months...
You've got some recurring income coming in, but the people joining your email list just don't appear to be people who want to spend money with you. Instead, they drain your very soul...

What life looks like after our time together:

You're now residing in Champion City, where everything is easy, fun (and profitable!) and you know how to pivot and align with ease.
You've become your own business coach. You're self-aware and know how to handle the head center pressures because you got this. You take things at your own pace and it's so much FUN!
You dance to your own beat. Your business is done the way you want to do it and it 100% works. It feels soooooo good to simply lean into being you.
You're a funnel Queen! Automation is totally your jam. Systems are in place and you can't remember the last time you checked your bank account. Money is simply always there!

Your Business By Design

You set your own pace. We'll meet weekly, set goals, assign tasks, and identify and tweak as often as needed. It's your business! You get to run it how you want to...

This 1:1 coaching and mentoring program is NOT me coming in and saying you have to get everything done in this amount of time. It's about helping you to identify your biggest needle mover and create a plan that feels easy and fun for you... whatever that looks like.

TOTAL VALUE = $10, 597

(or 6 monthly payments of $1,000 AUD)

There are currently 2 spaces available for a July, 2023 start.

Your Business By Design

How does this all play out?

This 1:1 coaching and mentoring program is a 6-month commitment.

Weekly Voxer access Monday to Friday AEST timezone. This is where you can process out loud...

Private training video library based on your needs and chart. You'll have lifetime access to this content.

6-months complimentary access to DBL, DIA membership + Human Design For Business trainings

I was stuck... until Human Design walked into my life...

Once I unlocked all the framework's secrets I created an online business that was 100% easy and fun for me. And that looks like consistent, recurring income with a ton of flexibility built in!

Of course, it hasn't always been smooth-sailing... I've made my fair share of mistakes (ahem to the tune of $9k in one go!). But since implementing Human Design, not once have I listened to another person when it comes to my business.

You're about to truly learn what it feels like to become your own business coach. 


"When you live out your you-niqueness, revel in it, cherish it, how can you not win? And when you apply Human Design to your business, boy oh boy, look out world 'cause here you come!"

Lise Cartwright

Your Business By Design

Support & help

I got your back, but so do all the members inside the Digital Income Accelerator. 6 months of all the group coaching and support you'll ever need!

online community

No private Facebook Group in sight! Our community is hosted on the Heartbeat platform and is 100% private and secure.

Weekly Checkup

Every Friday (my time) I'll be sending you a Voxer message to check-in. You'll have the weekend to report back and fill out your accountability document...

I designed this 1:1 coaching & mentoring program just for you...

This is PERFECT for you if:

You're open to working with someone 1:1 who will challenge you to be your own coach and won't spoon feed you the answers.
You found yourself nodding your head, leaning forward, feeling a sense of rightness, excited but uncertain... your strategy is telling you to pay attention.
You are serious (and I mean serious) about getting out of your own way and finally creating the business that's easy and fun for you.
You're ready to ditch all the "shoulding" and start listening to your own inner authority.

This is NOT for you if:

You haven't fully got yourself onboard with the whole Human Design element. I'll expect you to know your own strategy, authority, and profile numbers pretty well.
Finances are tight. Or you're placing all your faith in this being the magic thing that finally works so you're putting every last cent into this. Don't do that. You don't need that pressure (and frankly, neither do I!). DBL Lite or Premium are better fits.
You don't have at least 5-10 hours a week to dedicate to working on your business. It's gonna take some work, so you need to be clear and free to do the work as needed. 

You are only 3 steps from starting your success journey...


Fill out the application form, and if you're successful, make your payment and let's get down to business!


Once your payment has been accepted, watch your email for next steps, including booking in your 60-minute strategy call...


Within 24 hours, you'll have access to the Digital Income Accelerator and everything you need to hit the ground running.

I've been to Struggle Town more times than I'd care to admit...

That's why I believe I'm the best person to help. I know what it feels like to put all your time and effort into creating something, following all the steps that someone else tells you is what you need to do to launch... only to have a couple of sales trickle in, or worse, zero. You walk away feeling like a failure. Like you did something wrong because it must be you that's the problem...

But you're not the problem! Those one-size-fits-all strategies are the problem. When you discover your you-nique way of doing business, EVERYTHING becomes easy and fun. No more Struggle Town for you.


My most asked questions

I'm just getting started in my online business. Would this be a good fit for me?

No. This coaching program is not for you if you're in the START phase of your business. Your best option would be to join the Digital Business Lab and complete the 8 steps inside there first.

I'm a Manifestor / Projector / Reflector. Will this work with my lower energy levels?

Yes! That's why we have 6 months together. This is about helping you find your own working rhythm. You'll work at your pace.

Coaching is delivered via Voxer + Loom along with a group coaching Zoom calls. It's all low energy / high vibe / results driven.

Do I lose access to the content after my time in Your Business By Design comes to an end?

No! Any Loom videos I create for you are yours to keep forever.

However, you will lose access to the Digital Income Accelerator and associated memberships & trainings (although you will have the ability to access them if you choose to join the Digital Income Accelerator).

How long is this coaching program?

We'll be hanging out together for 6 months. You'll get access to everything you need within 24 hours of paying.

How do I join YBBD?

Because of the nature of this type of program where we'll be spending a lot of time together, it's important to me that we make sure we'll get along!

That's why there is an application process. Filling out the application form is NOT binding.

Once you've completed the form, we'll connect on Voxer and have a quick chat.

You'll receive an email with the payment link if your application is successful!

What do I get access to when I pay again?

Here's what's included:

- Digital Income Accelerator Membership, Digital Business Lab, and Human Design For Business (6-month complimentary access) $780 value + over $5,000 value in training programs

- Weekly Voxer Coaching access Monday to Friday

- A kick-off 60-minute Zoom strategy call

- Additional trainings as needed

When do we get started?

We'll kick off our 1:1 coaching with a 60-minute strategy call. This will be arranged once your application and payment have been successful.

What is the investment for YBBD?

There are two payment options:

#1: Pay-in-full = $5,000 AUD

#2: Pay monthly = $1,000 AUD

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You have 7 days to review your purchase and make a final decision about whether this is for you or not. 

After this time, due to the nature of this product and the time involved, there are no refunds.

There are currently 2 spaces available for a July, 2023 start.

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