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If you're a coach and you're not making the money you want to be making each month, this blog post is for you.

In this post, I wanted to walk you through my recommendations for a Voxer coaching client that I was chatting to recently based on a couple of different things.

She was looking to build a profitable business online but hadn't been able to get consistent $1k months.

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Understanding Your Business Phase

This particular client is in what I call The Start-up Sally phase, which means that she's earning less than $1,000 per month from her business, and she has a small unengaged email list.

She has had some success, but nothing sustainable. A lot of this has to do with where she's at in her profitable business journey and not having clarity on her offer suite.

A couple of things that she told me was that currently what she has in place right now is 2 high-ticket offers. She's got a 1 on 1 coaching program that's 12 months long, which is $6,000 New Zealand dollars.

And then she has a group coaching program that is 6 months long, and that is $3,000 NZD.

Building a profitable business

She's got a few clients in both of these programs and now she wants to transition into getting more consistent recurring income coming in.

But she doesn't want a whole bunch of offers in her suite.

We talked about what she's currently doing with her email list, and we talked about what her goals are for the next 90 days.

I recommend focusing on a 90-day plan versus trying to map out what your entire year is going to look like because things change. And depending on your type in human design… Sometimes you need a little bit of flexibility.

Aligning Offers With Your Human Design

This particular person is a Generator, so it's about following her gut.

Responding to everything externally where her gut is giving her a green light, but also she's here to follow joy.

And that's one of the conversations that we had during our Voxer coaching hour… Up until this point, she has been struggling to figure out what her offer suite looks like because she didn't feel like she was doing the things that brought her joy.

She was in a classic scenario where she was doing things because she can do them, not because she enjoyed doing them.

Just because you can (do something) doesn't mean you do….unless it feels aligned.

This is why she hasn't been able to move forward in her business with much success.

It's why she's not even talking to her email list.

She even said, “I'm hiding from social media and my email list because I don't have anything joyful to say. I'm not excited about anything…”

Crafting a profitable business online

Her current high ticket 1-on-1 program and her group coaching program: she's going through a realignment process right now to bring them more into alignment with what she wants to be doing, and now she's super excited.

Creating a Membership Program

During the Voxer coaching hour, I guided her in transitioning from her high-ticket offerings to creating a monthly coaching membership. This will provide her with a profitable business model while opening up opportunities to pick and choose when she takes on high-ticket clients.

This was led by asking the question, “What do you want your day-to-day to look like?”

Once we decided that a monthly coaching membership was what she wanted to ultimately build to, we discussed how to price this, based on her current offer suite.

The pricing strategy we discussed was based on the need to bridge the gap between her 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching offers, providing a more accessible entry point for her potential clients.

When creating a membership program, consider your target audience's needs and the value you aim to provide.

But also consider what you're already offering and how it all fits together.

The goal is to tailor the membership to align with the preferences and pain points of your audience so that it appeals to them and provides a clear path to their success.

Developing a Sales Funnel Strategy to Build a Profitable Business

The discussion delved into the creation of a sales funnel for her membership program.

This involved strategizing the lead generation process, developing a freebie as a product-based strategic lead magnet (one that is designed to bring your lead to your main offer), and implementing tripwire and order bump offers.

Understanding the components of an effective sales funnel and aligning them with your audience's buying journey is essential for driving conversions and maximizing revenue.

Implementing a Money Making Marketing Plan

Once we mapped out her offer suite and sales funnel, it was time to create a money-making marketing plan.

This consists of grow, nurture, and sell daily activities.


This is about growing your audience and offers. Depending on which business phase you're in, you might need to focus your efforts here for the next 90 days.


This is about being present with your audience. How you choose to do that is up to you.

It doesn't require you to be on social media all the time. But you do need to decide where you're being visible with them.

Personally, I do this on my YouTube channel and my emails.

This client is looking to focus on emails, as that aligns more with the way she was to show up.


We're in business, right? That means we have offers to sell.

Unless you're presenting the opportunity for people to buy from you every single day, then you're not selling in your business.

To be clear, this isn't about launching or hard selling. This is about providing ways for your audience to buy your offers.

I teach my Digital Income Accelerator members to do this via the Discoverable Content System and the Evergreen Sales System.

Your money-making marketing plan ensures that you're consistently focused on audience growth, engagement, and sales.

By mapping out and executing activities in these core areas, you create a structured and intentional approach to generating income in your business.

What's Next?

By understanding your business phase, aligning offers with your Human Design, developing a well-structured sales funnel, and implementing a comprehensive money-making marketing plan, creative entrepreneurs can enhance their chances of achieving consistent revenue growth.

Ultimately, the key lies in understanding the needs of your audience, aligning your offerings with your passion, and strategically executing your business growth plan.

Consider these questions as you map this out for yourself:

  1. What does my ideal day look like? How can I create a business that supports this?
  2. Am I currently doing things that are easy and fun for me in my business? Do these activities support my ideal day?
  3. Do I know what easy and fun looks like for me? 
  4. How am I growing my audience and offers every day?
  5. How am I nurturing my audience every day?
  6. How am I selling to my audience every day?

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