Welcome DBL members! I’m so excited that you’re here.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to be part of the quarterly List Building Events and what you need to do right now.

What you need to know:

The List Building Events run every quarter. There are two separate events. One that’s focused on promoting business-to-business offers and one that is focused on promoting non-business offers.

The next List Building Event is scheduled for:

December 16 – 17, 2022 (this will be themed as a Christmas giveaway fyi)

It’s a gated giveaway where for 48 hours only, authors, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs will flock to get their hands on exclusive quality free gifts provided by each contributor.

HOWEVER, visitors can only get access to the gifts they want by signing up DIRECTLY to a contributor’s email list (aka that’s you).  (There will be no sharing of lists! This means no GDPR violations or spam complaints – just smoking hot leads interested in what you’re teaching about. ) 

There’s no list size or social media follower requirement. 

I only ask 2 things:

  1. You email your list (or share on social media if you don’t have an email list yet) twice about the giveaway during the 48-hour promo period.
  2. That you give away something that is of real value. That could be valued between $0-$47 or higher and something everyone can have instantly (so you can’t “gift” a contest for one person to a free coaching call with you).

How to participate:

Please complete the contributors form HERE.

This will confirm your place inside the giveaway.

You will be listed on the giveaway page in the order I receive your details. So the sooner you submit everything, the better!

DEADLINE: I need to receive your form completion and details by December 11, 2022.

What should I give away?

You can contribute anything to the giveaway that:

1) You could charge $47 for or more (you can submit your lead magnet, but if you have a low-cost offer that you’re prepared to give away (aka it needs to be FREE), this would work better!)

2) Everyone will get instant access to it – so no contest where 1 person “could” win a 1:1 call with you. 

I find peeling off parts of paid products or giving away a template that’s normally $27 or above works really well. 

**Remember the higher quality of the gift, the more sign-ups you will get**

If you’re not sure what to offer, let me know and we can chat about it. 

Contributor Assets

5 days before the scheduled promotion, I’ll be sending you the following assets so that you can prep your promotional activities:

  1. Email / social media swipe copy (this is copy you can edit to share with your audience)
  2. Promo graphics for use where ever you wish
  3. Suggested promotional flow

I’m so excited to be offering this to you all!