When I first started out as an SEO writer, it wasn't my end goal. I didn't want to be writing random articles on random topics for the rest of my life – it was a means to an end.

Early on in my career as a freelance writer, I was looking for ways to diversify what I could write about. Sure, as an SEO writer, you're writing about lots of different things, but the articles start to look the same… Headline, keyword mentioned 2-3 times, write engaging copy, point to website, blah, blah, blah…

Bluntly, it just got boring. I wasn't going to leave my full-time job for something that I wasn't excited about, that's for sure.

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So, while I was still working full-time, I was doing freelance writing on the side and I stumbled onto other types of writing, and a couple of these types were areas I excelled in.

And it got me thinking — maybe you're looking for some other ways to diversify your writing too; maybe you are feeling a bit jaded with your SEO writing and need to mix things up a bit. Lise to the rescue!

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Here's some other niches that you can use your writing skills in – some you're probably aware of, others might not be so obvious – choose the ones that make sense to you and keep diversifying – it's how you'll stay engaged in what you do and how you'll stay ahead of your competition.

  1. Social Media Posts – this is micro-content. Writing engaging posts, creating shareable images, infographics, you name it. This can also lead to social media management, something which I pursued when I started writing this type of micro-content for a client. It's fun to me – coming up with compelling copy in 140 characters can be tough! I like a challenge, maybe you do too. If you're keen to get started in social media, check out this course at Udemy – it has all you need to know to get started!
  2. Copywriting – this is a very lucrative niche to get into, and one that can pay a lot of moola. But, you need to have some creative wit about you to go down this path; it's definitely not for the faint-hearted! If you're keen to get started as a copywriter, you'll definitely have no problem finding work on sites like Upwork! Check out this post from Copyblogger.
  3. eBook Ghostwriter – this is something I fell into when I first got started on Upwork as a freelance writer. eBooks are very popular and if you have a way with words and distilling information to people in a way that is easy to digest and engaging, you've got yourself a winner. What I quickly discovered though, was that if you ghost write ebooks, it's even more lucrative – it takes SEO writing to a whole new level! If you've never written an ebook before, check out Pat Flynn's free ebook guide – I used it to write my own ebook and to ghost write many others!

There are many other writing niches out there, from technical writing through to being a full-blown journalist.

The point is that it pays to diversify. Just like we talk about diversifying your income, you should also diversify what you do – this will ensure that you stay engaged and continue to enjoy what you do and not get burnt out.


Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright

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