What Does It Really Look Like To Grow & Monetize Your Email List?



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It all starts with setting up a system that brings new leads into your business every day…


Well, for starters, you're going to need a lead magnet that your potential customer DESIRES right now as well as an easy way for them to join your email list (think ZERO resistance here).

Here's the thing…

Your email list is your NUMBER ONE asset.

And your email list should be full of your potential customers because you've focused on ATTRACTING them, right…?

But hang on a minute… you hadn't even thought about attracting potential customers.

In fact, you're just happy when someone joins your email list ?

But now that you think about it, whenever you do offer something to them to buy, you get either crickets… or a couple of sales here and there.

Definitely NOT the consistent income you're wanting or need if you plan to quit your job at the end of the year.

You KNOW that if you could build your email list on pure blood, sweat, and tears… you'd have 50,000+ subscribers!

I get it.

It Would Be Great If You Could…

Have access to step-by-step training by someone who has already built their email list FULL of potential customers and continues to do so every day with ease… no stress-bunnies here! ?

Deep dive into a list building strategy and get clarity on what steps to take right now so you can implement over the next 7 days.

Get just the right amount of tech walk-through so you can grow your email list and making money without worry about what you're doing.

Well… I have some good news for you, my friend.

That’s exactly what you get instant access to inside the Leads on Autopilot Mini Course, available as part of the Grow & Monetize Your List Course Bundle Sale!

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But what happens after you've got potential customers on your email list?

You need to monetize your list… and it's not about only making money from them either.

No. You understand that you need to nurture them just as much as you need to regularly present opportunities for them to buy from you. ?

What you're stuck with is WHAT to create that will sell with ease…

⍰ What types of offers will your audience go for?

⍰ What offers are easy for you to create on the budget and tools you have available right now?

⍰ What offers will be easy to sell?

That's exactly what you're going to get instant access to inside the Easy Earnings Mini Course, also available as part of the Grow & Monetize Your List Course Bundle Sale!

What's Included:


  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Leads on Autopilot Training Course + Materials
  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Easy Earnings Mini Course Training + Materials
  • LIFETIME access to everything included
  • ACCESS via a private membership site with your own personal login

PLUS These Bonuses:


  • INSTANT ACCESS to The Tech Library (valued at $197)
  • INSTANT ACCESS to Welcome Sequence Template + Video Training (valued at $37)

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This course bundle is for you even if you're just starting out…

… even if you've got an email list but haven't monetized it yet.

You'll learn EXACTLY how to grow your email list (full of potential customers not freebie seekers) on autopilot as well as how to create offers that sell with ease.

Consistent income is just a few moments away. ?

The best part? You're getting two courses for the price of one.

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Your business (and life) could look VERY different over the next 7 days.

Your Investment:

ONE PAYMENT OF $67Two courses for the price of one!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this course bundle for?

A: Anyone who wants to learn how to quickly and easily build and grow an email list FULL of potential customers and then turn around and monetize that list with easy-to-sell offers. Whether you're just starting out or already have something in place, you'll be able to apply what you learn to your business.

Q: How/when is the bundle delivered?

A: As soon as you sign up, you get INSTANT ACCESS to all the training and bonuses. Full details on how you access will be provided once you sign up.

Q: I don't have a lead magnet yet. Will this bundle work for me?

A: Yes! It’s so much easier to get started than you think. You'll learn exactly what lead magnet you should create right now, how to create it, where to store it, and how to deliver it. EVERYTHING you need to know will be covered.

Q: Will I have to spend more money?

A: Yes, but you don't have to spend a lot… just $5 per day (and you choose your own budget). You will need an email platform with pro access, but if you don't have this yet, you can get started for free. There are lots of of free and low-cost options included in both mini-courses.

Q: How long before I can start getting new subscribers aka potential customers?

A: That’s up to you and your motivation/organizational skills. You could start getting new subscribers within a few days of implementing the Leads on Autopilot strategy. It's that fast!

Q: I've never created anything online. Will the Easy Earnings Mini Course still work for me?

A: Yes! It doesn't matter whether you've got offers already or none, you'll learn exactly what offers you can create right now that will sell with ease to your email list.

Q. I'm not good at tech, can I still join?

A: The good news is, yes you can! All the tech walk-throughs are provided and if you're still not sure on something, let me know via email and I'll record even more detailed step-by-step walk-throughs. I got your back.

It doesn't matter where you are in your business right now. It doesn't matter how much (or how little) you're making. It doesn't matter that you might have failed in the past when it comes to building, growing, and monetizing your list…


I'm not saying this to brag, but to simply illustrate a point. 

Even in the face of this scary pandemic we're ALL facing, I remain calm. Because I know that all I need to do is continue to show up for my people and give them want they want.

Simplicity is key in times of uncertainty.

Even if you're just getting started with list building or have never created anything online, the skills you'll learn from this course bundle can be repeated over and over again.

I know this because I've done it. And I know, 100% that you can do this too.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that there's no work to be done. Because there is. But it's about working smarter, not harder. 

You'll also experience moments of doubt and wonder what you got yourself into…

But you know what’s harder?

Building an email list full of FREEBIE seekers.


You will grow your email list FULL of potential customers with ease when you focus on the right strategy to bring the right people into your world…

You'll create offers that sell to your email list because you know what they want and how to get it into their hands.

It's time to drop the overwhelm, stop the stress, and get clarity on what you need to do RIGHT NOW to build, grow, and monetize your email list with ease.

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ONE PAYMENT OF $67Two courses for the price of one!