To get unstuck as an author implies that you're aware that you're stuck… easier said than done.

Here’s the thing you don’t believe right now – having a profitable author business can be easy (and should be easy).

When you use the right methods to get clear on your goals, decide on your next steps, and take immediate action, a profitable author business is a given.

Everything will fall into place, the stars will align, and your author business will become self-sustainable AND allow you to quit your day job (if you want to do that).


Yes. Really.

Get Unstuck With Let's Get Strategic

When I created these 1:1 sessions I knew it would resonate with authors who are ready to take action.

I have used this method over and over again in my own author business and with my other author clients.

That’s what I’ll be helping you with when you get one of the remaining Let's Get Strategic Sessions — getting clear on your goals and creating a specific, step-by-step plan on what you need to do NEXT.

Not what you think you should be doing…

… not what your author friend has been doing…

But what YOU need to do next to achieve YOUR  goals, YOUR success.

Truth time: people LOVE reading books.

Yes. I do. You do. We all do.

When I see a book that I know will help me with my business/body/life/cat taming — I put my card down to purchase it. That's what it should look like in your author business…

People will happily put their card down to buy YOUR books.

I know that when I get clear on next steps, I can get my clients results.

Real, tangible results.

My clients get these awesome results:

  • They create books that new readers love to buy
  • They finally have a funnel in place that captures their hungry readers' deets (while giving them free stuff they actually want!)
  • They have a plan for the next 90 days that is clear and concise

It’s all go for someone who wants to fix their method of creating a profitable, sustainable author business.

You want results, I want to give you them.

Once you're clear on your next steps, you'll be able to create book funnels and services that are so desirable to your readers, that you'll sell them like hot cakes, again, and again, and again, until you take it off your site.

Time to join a Let's Get Strategic Session and get one of the few remaining spots.

Click here to get profitable momentum in your author business.

Let's Get Strategic and get unstuck in your author business

Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright

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    2 replies to "How to Get Unstuck in Your Author Business"

    • Cynthia Crosby

      Thank you for sharing this really helps to overcome obstacles as a writer, I have a lot of, topics for books, that I want to write, I just have to get to writing. How fun you have made it!! Thanks!!

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