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Become a bestselling author!

Hi there budding Kindle author. Are you looking for that secret sauce, that special sumthin' that will make a difference to your books and get you that coveted orange 'bestseller' sticker on Amazon?

Guess what? There is no secret sauce... it's about understanding how the Kindle platform works and using that to your advantage. No gimmicks, just great writing and sound marketing strategies.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in learning more about, then read on!

Are you feeling stuck?

Writing a book is one thing, writing a book that sells and connects with your readers—now that's a bestselling author!

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Lise, Just Tell Me What I Get Already!

Stop being so impatient... ok, ok, I know you just want to get started and you're frustrated that you can't seem to figure this out, I get it. Read on to learn what's in store for you if you join me on the Kindle joy ride:

  • Burning Kindle Questions Answered

    You know all those questions you’ve had about how things work on the Kindle platform? You’ll get all of them answered + even more…

  • Book Setup and Formatting 101

    Ever wondered why some books look professional and others don’t? It all comes down to the way a book is laid out and formatted. I’ll share my templates with you!

  • Book Launch Strategies

    We’ll work together to determine the best launch strategy that will work for you and then put it into action. I’ll also share my other strategies as well…

Praise for Lise's Kindle Coaching

Natalie Kent

Lise is a wealth of knowledge and a delight to work with. When I came to her, I knew almost nothing about publishing a book and she has educated me very patiently about the world of ebooks and Amazon in a short amount of time. I know I couldn't have published my first book without her help. Thanks Lise!

Natalie Kent, Sacred Business & Soul Blueprint
Mitch Matthews

“I have to say that when I first referred to Lise I was somewhat doubtful someone could actually live up to all the great things I’d heard about her.  But once I connected with her, I knew I’d found the right partner to help launch my Kindle book.  Not only was she knowledgeable, helpful and thorough, she was also delightful to work with.  She went above and beyond every step of the way.  And she always delivered.  I highly recommend working with Lise.  In fact, I’ve lost track of the number of close friends I’ve sent her over the past few months!  She’s that good!”

Mitch Matthews, Dream.Th1nk.Do.
Cara Filler


Cara Filler,

What Are You Waiting For?

I get it, it's scary. But I'm a nice person who is real and won't beat around the bush. I'll tell it to you straight and provide you with honest advice and direction on where and what you need to do to get your book(s) to being a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

Your book could be accessed from any and every mobile device in as little as 30 days!

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