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Feeling a bit stuck? Not sure what to do next or even where to start? The H&G Monthly Challenges are designed to get you a quick-win each month over a 7-day period. You'll learn a new skill, implement a strategy, or learn how to do the next thing in your side business to make it truly successful.

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Stop feeling stuck...

I know it’s pretty competitive out there.

I spent three years trying to figure this side business stuff out! Failing every day. Feeling miserable. Like everyone else had something that I didn’t.

Maybe there was something wrong with me? (My hubby says there’s definitely something wrong with me, but that’s besides the point!)

The problem was, I didn't know what I should be doing or when. I was exhausted with all the work I was doing... 5-10 guest posts a month, multiple podcast interviews, Facebook ads, sending out tweets... and when nobody bought anything I was promoting, I would think it was either me, or my dumb idea, and I’d just go back to the drawing board aka, more guest blog posts!

The truth is, we're kinda lazy...

We like things to be easy and when we find out it's not, we tend to throw in the towel fast.

It’s possible to make a consistent income stream from a side business, in fact, it’s pretty straightforward once you understand the strategies that make a difference.

You need support and a bit of a kick-in-the-butt to keep the momentum going.

Enter the monthly H&G Challenges! Each month, you'll be invited to a new 7-day challenge. You'll learn a new skill, or new strategy and how to implement them.

You'll gain momentum and start to see things really change for you and your side business.

Tried? Sick of getting no returns for your efforts?

If you are tired of writing all those guest posts and want to automate your income streams, if you have something you want to sell more of, or have new product ideas that you want to test…then the monthly H&G Challenges are for YOU. (You don’t need to have any technical skills, just a willingness to hustle…)

See you on the other side!

Join The Next Monthly Challenge!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you