Let's get you to a place of clarity & action...

So you can NURTURE your audience in a way that's easy & fun for you!

I've helped 1,000s of creative entrepreneurs get out of their own way and get to a place of clarity so that they can take action and nurture their people and convert with ease...

Wahoo! You're ready to NURTURE your audience so they convert with ease...

Once you've started to automate your audience growth and have your offer suite dialed in, it's time to figure out how to keep your audience engaged.

Remember: Without an audience, you have no way of making sales.

To determine your best next step, we need to decide on the ways we want to nurture and engage with our audience.

MORE OF A WRITER? Your main content platform is likely to be a blog... somewhere you can share your insights, knowledge and wisdom in a way that feels easy an fun for you.
LOVE CREATING VIDEOS? Your main content platform is likely to be YouTube (or a platform where you can share your videos). You'll thrive be inspiring and sharing how-to content with your audience.
PREFER DISTRACTION FREE CONTENT CREATION? Your main content platform is likely to be a podcast... either sharing your own insights, knowledge, and wisdom, or providing a platform for others to shine.

Once you know the content platform, then it's time to create Discoverable Content...

Resources to help you NURTURE your audience:

Join the List Building Collective

Growing and nurturing your email list go hand-in-hand.

Discover how to add new people to your email list every day while nurturing those already in your world.

You'll discover:

- simple sales funnels to convert new subscribers

- welcome emails that feel like a 'warm hug' for new subscribers

- nurture tips and strategies every single month from experts


Create Your StoryBank

Your StoryBank is simple a collection of stories based on different phases you've gone through in your business.

These are things like your origin story, why you got started, bumps along the way, aha moments etc.

Then, it's about capturing the daily stories with a simply practice you can implement into your business right now.

Telling stories are what you'll do with your audience as often as you can to keep them nurtured and engaged.

GET YOUR STORYBANK TEMPLATE (with bonus video training).

Read Cultivate Your Audience

Not sure if you have all the components in place to grow your audience and nurture them with ease? 

Want to learn how to:

1. Create a strategic freebie that attracts your people

2. Create landing pages that convert with ease

3. Setup a weekly (or more) newsletter that people actually open

That's exactly what you'll discover (and more) inside Lise's bestselling book, Cultivate Your Audience.

GRAB YOURSELF A COPY OF THE BOOK HERE (with bonus resource library and trainings included).

Get The Newsletter Prompts

Building your email list is hard enough, now you've got to figure out what to say to them every week! Struggle no more...

Inside the Newsletter Prompts spreadsheet, you'll discover over 60 prompts to help you create newsletter that your audience can't wait to devour.

Couple this with the StoryBank template and the Cultivate Your Audience book, you'll be well on your way to creating newsletters that your audience engage with.

This will then lead to sales with ease!


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