Create a Simple Sales
Funnel in Just 5 Days!

So you have a product or service. And you know it's awesome, so you're sharing it everywhere. Doing all.the.things. But you're SICK of trying to get people to buy! I get it. That's why I learned about sales funnels to automate this process. Want to learn too? Join the Simple Sales Funnel in 5 Days FREE course now!

Starts Feb 2, 2017!

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You're sick of putting in all the effort to find new customers or clients only to get.... well crickets for all your hard work.

You've tried running Facebook Ads, guest posts, being interviewed on podcasts, etc, etc, but NOTHING is sending you the sales that you thought it would — that everyone says you should be getting.

You're ready to give up. You're thinking "I gave it a go, I'm just not cut out to do this!"

STOP! Don't quit just yet...

I know it’s pretty competitive out there.

I spent three years trying to figure this out! Failing every day. Feeling miserable. Like everyone else had something that I didn’t.

Maybe there was something wrong with me? (My hubby says there’s definitely something wrong with me, but that’s besides the point!)

The problem was, I didn't have an automated process to manage all of this. I was exhausted with all the work I was doing... 5-10 guest posts a month, multiple podcast interviews, Facebook ads, sending out tweets... and when nobody bought anything I was promoting, I would think it was either me, or my dumb idea, and I’d just go back to the drawing board aka, more guest blog posts!

The truth is, it's totally possible.

It’s possible to make a consistent income stream, that's relatively passive and automated – and it’s pretty straightforward once you get the deets.

I've done it for my books and other products. I'll show you how you can set up your own automated sales funnel.

Not only do you get to see everything that I did, I've put that info into a 5-day course that covers the main things I did to make $500 from just one simple sales funnel (my very first one) and how your can replicate this.

If you're tired of getting no return on your efforts — there is a better way!

If you are tired of writing all those guest posts and want to automate your income streams, if you have something you want to sell more of, or have new product ideas that you want to test…then this is for YOU. (You don’t need to have any technical skills, just a willingness to hustle…)

See you on the other side!

Create Your Simple Sales Funnel in Just 5 Days!

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