3 Reasons Why You Need to Dot Your “I's” and Cross Your “T's” When Starting Your Creative Side Hustle…

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Here's Those Three Reasons:

  • Don't Lose Money

    If you're not tracking income and expenses from day dot, how can you be sure you're not spending more than you're earning? How can you know you're making a profit? You need to know this so that you can plan your exit strategy, right?!

  • Stay on Track

    Are you tracking deadlines? What about how much time you've got to spend in your creative business? How do you know what to charge if you don't know how long something's going to take you? Smart freelancers are doing this — are you?

  • It's All in the Contract

    No matter what you're doing, if you're working with a client, you MUST have a contract in place. Without a contract, you're relying on the client to know when to pay you — not great for you if the client is super busy and forgetful… Get that contract in place BEFORE you start your work!

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Learn how to figure out the right rate for any project, including your minimum viable rate. Ensure you get paid what you're worth by using my special rate formula calculation.

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Learn how to implement an independent contractor agreement with your clients. Implement best practices for dealing with your clients and make sure that your creative business is completely protected.

Book 4: How to setup and structure your business the right way

Learn all about the boring stuff, like the dreaded taxes, business setup and best practices around tracking your income and expenses and working out the all important PROFIT!

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Get immediate access to the top 57 freelancing job sites available, as vetted by yours truly. Never complain again about not being able to find a gig because you've got over 40 sites to plug into for work…

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Do you love shiny, new objects? You'll love this guide! In it you'll find over 101 tools, apps and programs to help you run a super successful online business, featuring both Mac, PC, Android, iOS and Windows options.

Book 7: 18 ways to grow your business in 30 days or less!

Been running your awesome biz for a while? Not seeing the growth you once were? Check out these 18 unique ways to grow your business that you probably haven't even thought of. Bonus: They'll take you less than 30 days to implement!

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