Collaboration is a powerful tool for building your audience and growing your email list. In this video, I explore the results from two recent collaborations I participated in to show you what's possible when you don't want to use paid ads to grow your email list.

I'm a huge believer in using collaborations to build your email list. It also aligns with my profile numbers in human design (I'm 2/4).  In the video, I show you how collaborations and bundle promotions can be powerful tools for growing your business too.

I share my experiences with running the Spring Fling Giveaway (the event I host for members of the List Building Collective and Digital Income Accelerator every quarter) and participating in a bundle promotion (Audience Building Made Easy! Bundle), both of which helped me build my audience and promote my offers.

Let's dive into this a little more.

The Power of Collaboration vs. Lead Generation Ads

Why Collaborate?

I'm a huge advocate for collaboration when it comes to email list-building. While I've had multiple lead generation channels, collaborations offer a unique and effective way to add a significant number of subscribers to my email list in a short span.

The Usual Routine

I usually run lead generation ads that add 12 to 15 people to my email list daily. I also have a slew of other assets including 36+ non-fiction books on Amazon, which contribute another 5-10 subscribers per day.

The Experiment: Comparing Two Collaboration Strategies

48-Hour List-Building Event

I run a quarterly list-building event for my DBL and DIA members. Each participant submits a paid offer that becomes free for just 48 hours. I believe that a short, 48-hour window pushes people to take immediate action, rather than procrastinating when they are given more time.

7-Day Bundle Collaboration

I also participated in a 7-day bundle event organized by Nicole Beatty. In this method, potential subscribers have to first join Nicole's email list to get access to a variety of offers, including mine. Here, I opted for a VIP spot, paying to be featured prominently.

The Results

Insights from the 7-Day Bundle Collaboration

  • 488 new subscribers in 7 days
  • Paid VIP feature didn't significantly impact subscriber count
  • Low Tripwire conversion rate of 1%

Insights from the 48-Hour List-Building Collaboration Event

  • 455 new subscribers in 48 hours
  • 3% Tripwire conversion rate
  • No paid feature but as it was my event, I had the first position at the top of the page

The Verdict

For me, a 48-hour window was slightly more effective than a 7-day period, and the paid VIP spot in the bundle didn't yield significant benefits in this case.

By running my own event, I also get to control where I feature on a page and there's no beating the first spot!

Tips and Pro Strategies

Funnel Management

Always keep your new subscribers out of your regular email flow to avoid overwhelming them. I suggest creating specific tags and sequences for new subscribers coming from collaborations to manage this process.

Tripwire Conversion

I achieved a 3% tripwire conversion in my 48-hour event, advocating its effectiveness, especially for a cold audience.

The Road Ahead

I would still participate in bundle collaborations but may consider altering some of my strategies. I also suggest running these types of collaborations 30-60 days before launching any new offer.

Your Next Step: The List Building Collective 🎉

Ready to Take Your List-Building to the Next Level?

If this post has got you excited about the power of collaborative list-building, then it's time to take action. Sign up for the List Building Collective, a online coaching membership designed to teach you the ins and outs of growing your email list with or without running paid ads.The List Building Collective


Whether it’s through collaborations, lead gen ads, or a mix of both, growing your email list doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Analyze, experiment, and choose what works best for you.

Let the list-building adventure begin!

Lise Cartwright
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