Writing for Hustle & Groove

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Open%20Sans”]Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Hustle & Groove blog!

Guest posts get shared in our weekly newsletter and on social media.

Here’s what you need to know:


Hustle & Groove topics range from operating a successful online business to marketing an online business, all geared towards people who are looking to grow and scale their business through passive income.  They are generally authors, course creators or digital product providers.

Our readers love simple, actionable tips on a specific topic or examples of results that can inspire them.

Our readers are both just getting started with an online business, and those that are farther along in a full-time online business but looking to expand and grow with different strategies.


Business → Starting an online business, starting or expanding an author blog (platform), online tool reviews/comparisons, systems or processes for creative entrepreneurs
Marketing → Effective websites, social media strategies, book launches, email marketing, lead generation
Productivity → Strategies, software/tools, processes to minimize admin time for specific tasks


Guest Posts should focus on providing valuable content to readers and must include practical, how-to/action steps readers can use immediately.

Readers should be engaged with your post and inspired to take action with what you've provided.

Your post should not aim to sell any products or services (that’s what your bio is for!).


Conversational, first-person language. Write as if you were talking to a friend, make it personal. Avoid adding ‘fluff' or irrelevant words that don't help the reader.

If you're not sure, spend some time on the H&G blog to understand the types of posts I write and emulate that.


Posts should be 1000+ words. Focus keyword(s) must be provided.


Use headings/lists/bullets/italic/bolding where possible to encourage readability.

Keep paragraphs to no more than 5 lines long, remember people skim-read online, make it easy for them to do this.


Do not include links to your own products within the post content (that’s what your bio is for). You can link to one blog post from your own website.

Please include at least three anchor links to relevant articles already published on Hustle & Groove and/or products sold by Hustle & Groove. These articles must not be guest posts.


If you have an image (that you own or one that you can use under Creative Commons) or screenshots that will help explain your point, please add to your post and include the images separately when submitting.

Please ensure all images are submitted as separate JPG files, including a picture to use for your author bio. Make sure all images have been optimized for the web.


You should aim to share your guest post, once it's published, on your social media accounts, link to the post from your own website or blog, and be present for comments after the post is up.

We require your URL (so we can promote you too!), and your number of email list subscribers. Please specify all other social media accounts you broadcast to and numbers you reach.


We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to Hustle & Groove.


You must provide original content. Your post cannot have been previously published and it must be copyright free.

This will be checked, so please ensure you're only submitting original work you own.


You agree that every post you write for Hustle & Groove will only be published on Hustle & Groove unless otherwise granted permission by Lise from Hustle & Groove.

Preference is given to published writers and/or authors.[/text_block]

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  1. Your post needs to be submitted as an editable Google Doc. If you create your post in another program like Word, please copy and paste it into a Google Doc. No exceptions.
  2. Title the doc with your submission date, your name, and main keyword. Example: 12Jan21-LiseCartwright-EmailMarketingTips
  3. Add your name, email, and website at the top of the doc.
  4. Add a bio (up to 300 words) and headshot at the top of the doc. This is where you can include your own links.
  5. Review the guidelines to ensure your post meets them.
  6. Share your Google Doc including editing capabilities with write@hustleandgroove.com and send me an email to let me know you've submitted your post. Also send your images to this email address as well (not required, but happy to receive them).


An editor from Hustle & Groove will review your post and let you know if it’s been accepted within two weeks.

If it's not right for the Hustle & Groove audience, you're free to use the post anywhere else.

If accepted, any necessary edits will be made and scheduled to be published.

You will be notified via your contact email, once it goes live. Please ensure that you're active in the comment section and then share it on your social media accounts.

We look forward to sharing your awesomeness with the H&G Community![/text_block]