The last thing on your mind right now is how to increase income… or is it?Increase income in 3 simple steps

As of writing this blog post, the world is facing a pandemic… COVID-19 has hit every single country.

It's forced us to stop international travel.

It's forced us to distance ourselves from other people.

It's forced a lot of us to transition into working from home for the first time.

Right now, you might be on your own, or you might be surrounded by loved ones.

Either way, right now, things feel weird, amiright?!

Nothing feels normal, even for those of us that do work from home ?‍♀️

And if you’re someone who has been working a day job while doing something on the side, I’m certain, like many of my coaching peeps, you’re trying to figure out how to plug the income gap that’s opened up like a big ol hole.

So let’s figure out (together) how you can increase your income right now… without feeling spammy, without feeling like you’re taking advantage of others, and without being salesy.

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How to Increase Income Today

Follow the steps below to get started. Increase income in three simple steps, regardless of whether you're just starting out or have had a business (online or offline) for a while.

#1: Understand what your audience needs NOW

This is really important. People’s bank accounts haven’t simply dried up. There are people still spending money. There are people who are looking for help.

How can you help your audience right now with the skills you have?

This might mean that you have to pivot from what you normally offer, or it might be a great opportunity to offer your stuff in a way that supports your audience today.

For example, I have an awesome training called Easy Earnings. In the next few days, I plan to create a 7-day Bootcamp to help my people create an offer and sell it at the end of that timeframe.

My audience needs a way to make some quick cash, so I’m going to help them do just that.

YOUR ACTION STEP: Figure out what your audience needs and then create a situation that provides more accessibility to people to be able to buy it. Aka, offer payment plans, discount codes etc. You still deserve to get paid for what you offer, but make it more accessible ?

#2: Give more than you normally do3 steps to increase income now

I know that you already know this but giving more right now feels good.

We all want to feel good. Give more than you normally would during this time.

I know that might feel counter-intuitive to increasing income at this point, but hear me out.

This might mean making one of your offers free for a couple of months.

It might mean showing up and doing live videos more.

Whatever feels good to you, do that. And remember, it's all adding up in your favour.

If we put our business hats on, giving more makes your audience feel good about you which in turn makes them know like and trust you more… leading to them being open to buying from you… but the caveat to that is that you should already be a business or person that gives in the first place!

For example, I decided to gift my best selling book, Side Hustle Blueprint, to my private Facebook group and my email subscribers. It felt good to do this and I knew it would help so many.

A few days later, I decided to put together a toolkit with more free resources, including my course, The Side Hustle Blueprint Masterclass. It’s free right now until June.

Missed these free things? You can check them out here.

Giving more makes me feel good, makes me feel less like I’m taking advantage of people (to be clear, we are NOT taking advantage of people by offering things for sale – people decide if they buy or not – hello limiting beliefs!) when I do offer paid things, and is the right thing to do.

Remember: people are grown-ups. They get to decide whether they buy your stuff or not.

If it’s the right fit, they need it and they can afford it, they will buy it.

You just need to present it. ?

YOUR ACTION STEP: What can you give to your audience right now that will help them and won’t cost them a dime? You don't have to give it away forever, but giving it away for the next few months will only make things add up in your favour.

#3: Create offers that are quick wins

This is probably my biggest tip for you right now on how to increase income without working more hours.

It’s likely that your audience is in crisis mode right now. Everything is heightened during this time.

People just don’t have the brain capacity for a 12-week program. Or even a 30-day challenge. Mainly because they have no idea what life will look like in 1 months time, let along 3 months' time.

It’s difficult to see that far ahead right now.

My entire planning process, which is normally centered around a 90-day plan, has switched to 30-day planning and 7 days review. Pivoting and being flexible is my new norm right now.

So think about how you can create offers (or repurpose existing offers) into short-term, action-orientated quick wins.

Things that are working right now:

?60-minute trainings (either delivered live or pre-recorded) that teach your audience one thing that they can then turn around and implement today.

?7-Day Challenges/Bootcamps where you set daily action steps for your audience to do and hold them accountable for completing.

?Coaching calls on a specific strategy that has your audience walking away with something tangible either completed while on the call or with clear next steps.

YOUR ACTION STEP: What can you offer right now that is short, action-oriented and exactly what your audience wants and needs today?

Next Steps to Increase Income

Earning an income online right now is your best option of surviving and thriving during these crazy times.

But if you’re not feeling calm. Not feeling equipped for any of this…

Take a minute. Don’t create when you’re not feeling calm. Give yourself time to figure out what a new norm is for you.

Figure out what it looks like to work from home.

Practice J.S.T… Just sit there. No phone. No computer. No music. No people.

Sit in the silence for 20-30 minutes and practice intentional calm.

It’s difficult for the first 5-10 minutes, but after that… just wait and see ?

You got this!

Increasing income right now or moving to creating online income might feel hard for you. But following the steps outlined above will enable you to take action, start implementing, and feel good about what you're doing.

Momentum is key to getting you back into a routine, to getting back to some semblance of normality.

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