I'm always on the lookout for ways to increase my productivity, particularly when I work 98% online, inside my Chrome browser. This guest post talks about difference Chrome extensions you can use to increase your productivity without being distracted while you work. I'm off to install all of them!

You can’t get away from the Internet: It’s everywhere. It helps us work, it helps us do research. It helps our families plan things like vacations and it gives us tools to better manage necessities like paying our bills or growing our side businesses.

But the Internet, especially at when working, can be a time drain on your productivity. That’s where special extensions, like those for Google Chrome, can come in handy.

Extensions are simply built-in tools that help you better manage what you already do on the Internet. They might help with organization or lists, or block things that rob you of precious seconds or minutes while working on that important project.

For instance, take reading all the articles that you find of interest on the web; sometimes you just can’t get to them at that moment. The Pocket extension gives you one-step saving with just a click.

Or you can also use OneTab, which reduces clutter by giving you one tab for all your open pages.

What else can help with increasing your productivity levels? This infographic outlines a few ideas below.

And remember nothing will increase productivity more than implementing these ideas!

Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

Lise Cartwright
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    • Luka

      Nice infographic, I like it! Clean, simple and easy to read:)

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