When it comes to starting and growing a side hustle, having access to the best side hustle strategies is one of the things that will allow you to make decisions quickly.

Just getting started? Find out where you should be focusing your time and forget about the rest…

Ready to grow, baby grow? Find out what your next steps are to take your side hustle to the next level…

Time to throw in the towel on your day job and go full-time in your side biz? Learn what strategies matter most…

15 Top Side Hustle StrategiesTop 15 side hustle strategies

Let’s start at the beginning. Below you’ll find the best side hustle strategies for just getting started in your side hustle. Then as you move through the blog post, you’ll discover strategies for growing your side hustle as well as what to do when you decide to call it quits in your day job and go all in on your side biz.

I’m excited to see how things pan out for you in the next 90 days.

Starting a Side Hustle

Strategy #1: Choose a profitable idea

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see new business and blog owners make — not making sure that their idea is going to be profitable.

If you don’t know if your idea is going to make you money, how can you plan for world domination?!

It also helps if you’ve got an idea or skill that you can start your side hustle with, but if you don’t, then you definitely need a bit of help.

Don’t skip this step. Having an idea and then validating it is key to your successful side business helping YOU achieve your income dreams and goals.

Strategy #2: Choose the right business model

I feel that a lot of us want to start a business because we have to or because we want a different life and we do so without really thinking things through and looking at the types of business models available and figuring out what will work for us.

There are many options, and often the fastest (and easiest?!) path to earning some cash is through providing services, like starting your side hustle as a freelancer, consultant, copywriter, virtual assistant etc.

But if you don’t want to be swapping your day job or another ‘trading time for money’ situation, then a service-based business probably isn’t the right option for you (although I’d recommend it’s where you start).

If you’d rather work from home, out of a co-working space or even your local cafe and then scale the hours you work based on YOUR needs, not the needs of a client, then you’ll need to decide if you want active or residual income or a mix of both.

Strategy #3: Create your website

Make life a little easier on yourself and get your website set up as soon as possible.


Because then you can start building your email list, which is one of the most important things you can do when getting started with your side hustle.

But you can’t exactly build a list if you don’t have an online home to send people too, right?


Read: How to Setup Your WordPress Website (includes tutorial videos)

Watch: How to Setup Your Squarespace Website

Strategy #4: Figure out pricing

Now you need to figure out what amount you’re going to charge for your side hustle. Easier said than done it might seem…

But once you understand the simple formula behind pricing your products or services, it makes life a lot easier.

Growing a Side Hustle

Strategy #5: Create your goal card

I’m not a fan of business plans… I’ve never created one for my own business because my business doesn’t really ‘fit’ the standard business plan.

Instead, I like to have a goal card for each year instead. This sets your intentions, financial targets, timeline, and the value you’ll deliver.

I find doing this is a much better way of laying out the bones of my business for the year and makes me accountable.

Grab the FREE Goal Card template and read about how to use it here: https://hustleandgroove.com/one-page-business-plan

Strategy #6: Create your vision, mission, and values

This is where things start to get a bit more ‘businessy’ but not so much that this is hard to do.

This is just a one-pager that allows you to keep your vision, mission, and values front and center, so that you know who you’re serving and why.

Grab your FREE template and read about how to use it here: https://hustleandgroove.com/setting-vision-mission-and-values

Strategy #7: Grow your email list

If you haven’t already, you need to be capturing emails and building your email list. Why?

Because you own your email list! This means that you don’t have to pay for advertising your latest product or service if you’ve got an engaged list of people who love what you produce.

Strategy #8: Master your schedule

If you want to grow your business, then you need to get a handle on your schedule. This doesn’t mean you need to fill every hour of every day, it just means you need to know when you’re working and when you’re not.

You need to stick to deadlines and ensure that you’re not dropping the ball when it comes to managing your client projects.

Strategy #9: Automate tasksTop 15 side hustle strategies

Automation is one of my favourite strategies to help you grow your side business, because it frees up more of your time so you can focus on doing the things that make you the most money.

I also love automation because you don’t have to deal with people like when you hire a Virtual Assistant or outsource.

And while there’s nothing wrong with having a VA and outsourcing, there are times where you just don’t want to deal with people, and this is where automation comes in.

Things you should consider automating:

  • Social media posts
  • Sharing blog posts
  • Email sequences
  • Todo lists

Those are just a few of the things you can automate with tools like IFTTT and Zaiper, both of which I use.


Check out the following ‘recipes’ or ‘applets’ to help automate areas within your business:

– IFTTT: Tweet Instagram Photos to Your Twitter feed

– IFTTT: Automatically Tweet’s What You Favorite in Pocket

– IFTTT: Tweet’s Your WordPress Blog Posts

– IFTTT: Sync iOS Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

– IFTTT: Track your Side Hustle Hours in Google Spreadsheet

– Zapier: Add new Teachable Customers to a ConvertKit Sequence (search for this)

– Zapier: Add ConvertKit Subscribers to a Google Spreadsheet (search for this)

– Zapier: Create Trello Cards from New Gmail Emails (search for this)

– Zapier: Create new Trello Cards from Typeform Entries (search for this)

– Zapier: Create Trello Cards from New Evernote notes (search for this)

– Zapier: Add New Todoist Tasks to Google Calendar as Events (search for this)

– Zapier: Backup Evernote Notes to Dropbox (search for this)

– Zapier: Tweet Posts from a Facebook Page (search for this)

Zapier provides you with multi-app zaps. When you log into Zapier, you’ll be provided with a list of apps and all you have to do is choose the ones you use and then Zapier will provide you with a list of all the zaps they currently have in place!

Read: How to Use CoSchedule to Manage Your Blog Calendar and Social Media Scheduling

Go All In on Your Side Biz

Strategy #10: Create a strategic plan

Before you can escape your J.O.B. you need to have a strategic plan of how your business is going to run once you’re full-time.

This strategic plan is high-level only — don’t worry about all the nitty-gritty details yet, that’s for the next step!

Watch the FREE video tutorial and learn about how to use it here: https://hustleandgroove.com/simple-strategic-plan

Strategy #11: Create a 90-day plan

Take what you’ve written down in your strategic plan and then map out the first 90-days with all the nitty-gritty details of how you’re going to achieve those goals.

You’re going to work in 90-day stretches because things can change quickly and you need to have the ability to pivot. By sticking to 90-day plans rather than a yearly plan, you’ll be able to adjust quickly and change tack as needed.

Grab your FREE 90-Day Plan template and read about how to use it here: https://hustleandgroove.com/the-90-day-plan

Strategy #12: Pick a date!

Now that you’ve got your strategic plan in place and your first 90-days mapped out for when you go full-time, you need to pick an exit date!

There are a couple of things that you’ll also need to consider in conjunction with picking an exit date:

#1: How much money do you need in your emergency cash fund? Aim for at least 3 months worth.

#2: Do you have a dedicated home office at home? If not, where will you work?

When I decided on my exit date, I gave myself a good 6 months to get things in place and build up my client base so that I could at least cover the bills.

Pick a date and work backward from there.

Read: Why You Need an Emergency Cash Fund

Strategy #13: Grow your team

It’s time — time to hire some peeps to help you run your business. While automation is awesome, there will come a time where you just need another pair of eyes on all that you’re doing.

At the very least, a virtual assistant is on the cards. And don’t worry, you can start off with just 5 hours a month if that’s all you need. But get the help now, while you’re still in your J.O.B. and then scale their hours the closer you get to your exit date!

Strategy #14: Continue growing your email list

It’s time to increase your list building strategies. No matter what stage you are at in your business, list building remains your #1 strategy to get new people interested in what you’re doing.

Without email subscribers, your business will die.

Strategy #15: Get the right tools

To ensure your side business continues to grow and expand once you go full-time, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools in place.

And you don’t need a ton of tools, you just need the right ones that work for you and your business.

Use these side hustle strategies wisely and implement them at the appropriate time in your business. These are ALL the side hustle strategies I’ve used to create the life that I love and a sustainable business that truly makes a difference in peoples lives.

Lise Cartwright
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