Do you find yourself struggling with a lack of concentration and focus?

So you’ve hit Struggle Town? I get it. Sometimes it happens, and you cannot for the life of you get clear on what it is you should be doing.

You’re overwhelmed.

You’ve been reading about all the things you should be doing and it feels like you’ve been in research mode for about two weeks. In fact, if you look back over your browser history, that is exactly how long it’s taken you to get to this point where you’re just like, “Argh! I need to figure out what I need to be doing and take action, like, yesterday!”

This happens a lot when you don’t have clarity on what your next step is. If you feel overwhelmed or you just have a lack of focus, then you need to try some positive thinking and do a couple of things to get clear on what your next step looks like.Tips for dealing with lack of concentration and focus in your business

How to Stop Lack of Concentration and Focus

The first thing I would recommend you do is get up and just shake it off. Seriously, this is not a time waster or procrastination. It’s a reset for the body.

Think about a zebra when it outmaneuvers a lion. Within minutes, it shakes off the negative energy and continues to graze. So just shake your body. Get rid of all of the negative energy or frustration that you’re feeling right now.

Go ahead, I’ll wait. ⌚

Great! I bet you feel way better just by doing that.

The next thing you need to do once you’ve got that negative energy out of your system is to sit down somewhere quiet and ask yourself this question: What is my next step? And wait; wait for the answer to come to you. Because the great thing is we have all the answers we need right inside ourselves.

What is the Immediate Next Step?

If you’re ever struggling and you’re not sure what you should be focusing on or you need to just get clear, take a moment and ask yourself the question; what’s my immediate next step? Write it down.

Now, have a look at it. Is it your immediate next step? Does it give you the clarity that you’re looking for?

If it doesn’t, take another moment and ask the question again. Keep questioning until you get to the real answer that you know is your immediate next step.

How do you know when you’ve reached the real answer? Because you’ll just feel it, probably in the area around your heart or deep in your tummy. I really can’t explain it any other way. You’ll just know.

Heart Intelligence

In 1991 a group of scientists discovered 40,000 specialized neurons in the heart. These sensory neurites literally give the heart its own ability to think and retain memory, similar to our brain, but separate from it. This is referred to as heart intelligence, and if you tune into it, you gain access to innate wisdom that already exists within you.

Everything just clicks into place and you’ll know what your immediate next step is, and that’s what you need to be doing right now. To get even more clarity on what that really looks like for yourself and what your plan should be, write out the next step and then the next.

There are some strategies that you can use for getting clearer on what this looks like for you. I’m a huge fan of the 90 Day Plan. It allows me to get clear on what I need to be doing and what my next steps are because it’s written down. Nothing is left to chance or memory. Therefore lack of concentration and focus become non-existent because you have a plan in place.

90-Day Productivity Power Plan Cures Lack of Concentration and Focus

You can grab a copy of my 90 Day Productivity Power Plan, which I use in Trello, right here. It’s the tool that allows me to map things out based on my goals.

Again, it’s about coming back to the two or three overarching goals I’m striving for this year and fine tuning it into 90-day increments. If I want to reach each of those goals, what do I need to do for the next 90 days?

What do I need to do to make sure I achieve those goals by the end of this year? For example, if you want to reach an income goal for the year, break that down into quarterly goals. Then figure out the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to make that happen.

A 90 Day Plan allows me to get the clarity I need whenever I’m stuck and don’t know what I need to be doing. I know I can log into my Trello board whenever I feel stuck and proceed to get clear on what I need to be doing. Or I can just ask myself  “what’s my immediate next step?”, and wait for the answer to come.

You’ll be surprised at just how quickly the answer comes. It will be a bodily sensation of the recognition of truth. You’ll be like, yeah, that’s exactly what I should be doing!

Don’t fret if you feel overwhelmed, if you can’t get clear, or you just feel like you have no focus. I promise if you just do this one small thing, it will make a big difference.

Action Step

Your immediate action step is to ask yourself the question: What’s my next step? And then, listen for what comes up.

Getting clear on what to focus on is about understanding what your immediate next step is. Kick lack of concentration and focus to the curb and regain clarity in your entrepreneurial endeavor by taking just one step at a time. Do one thing each day to progress toward your goals.

Simply, this gets you focused and removes overwhelm.

And if you want to inject some fire in your productivity and focus, check out the Ultimate Productivity Bundle! It’s a collection of over 45 resources that will help you get clear and focused on your next steps. You can check it out here.

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