Welcome to the first vlog EVER for OFS and for the first one in 2016. Happy New Year, I hope you guys enjoy this new medium and I'm excited to see what you guys think about it all! And please excuse any slang that I might use that doesn't make sense, I forget when I'm talking off the cuff that what we say down here doesn't always translate to everyone else around the world 🙂

Today I'm answering a common question that I get hit with a lot, “How do I figure out which skill I can start my side hustle business with?”

Sometimes you can be too close to the situation and think that you don't have any skills you can start a side hustle with, which is understandable!

I give you my top 3 tips to identify your skill so you can hit the ground running and kick off 2016 with a huge bang!

Let me know your thoughts — oh and no editing, bloopers are included! 🙂

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Have something you want me to specifically cover? Leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright

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