Wow, the weeks are starting to merge into one… I actually thought this was week 4—wishful thinking?! Today marks Day 19 and I've completed three books so far, all on time.

Now I know I said last week was tough, well I guess I put it out to the Universe (silly me) and this week was even more challenging…

If you’d like to see any previous weeks’ update, you can find them here.

I am actually struggling to write this today. I'm feeling what can only be described as ‘blah' and I can't really put my finger on why. Maybe I need to take a break from all this computer work, maybe I just need a day out in the sun. Whatever it is, I intend to unplug from anything electronic (unless I'm reading a book on my Kindle app!) and just relax tomorrow.

Challenge Update—Week 3

Day 15 – Monday: Today was a shit day. I'm just gonna say it!

I had client work coming out of my ears and I completely missed my writing goal of at least 5,000 words. In fact, all I managed to do today that was challenge related was to outline the chapters for the next book and set up all the promotions for the second book. While this sounds good, it wasn't good enough to ensure I stayed on track with my daily goals during the challenge.

Today felt like a complete failure…

Day 16 – Tuesday: Today I'm feeling better, I got up early, got rid of client work and then spent the rest of the day just writing. I completely wrote the majority of the book just today. 6 hours of writing. To keep myself on track, rather than doing a self-edit, I skipped this stage and sent it off to the editor instead.

This time, rather than sending Lisa a MS Word version of the document, I asked if she would be open to giving editing a go in Scrivener. By doing this, she would save me a good 1-2 hours of cutting and pasting back into my Scrivener file.

Thankfully, she said yes. While we're still ironing out a few kinks, this worked really well. I simply shared my Scrivener project with her via Dropbox and using Revision Mode, away she went.

Day 16 ended with me sending off the Scrivener file and getting to bed early for a change.

Day 17 – Wednesday: Normally, Lisa would have gotten the document back to me today, but because of the new Scrivener editing process, she needed a bit more time. So today, I was able to focus on promoting the second book and doing client work.

Day 18 – Thursday: Today was a flurry of activity! Lisa got the file back to me first thing this morning, and wowsers, how quick was this process?! It went so well in fact, that it only took me 20 minutes to review and accept her edits, because I didn't have to worry about cutting and pasting. Did I mention that I LOVE Scrivener?!

Once I reviewed her changes, I needed to format the document. I got through that within a few hours. I also shoulder-tapped Steve to get the next cover sorted, and this is definitely my favourite cover so far. What do you think?

[images style=”2″ image=”” width=”700″ link_url=”″ new_window=”Y” align=”center” top_margin=”0″ alt_text=”How%20to%20Protect%20Your%20Freelancing%20Business%20With%20Client%20Contracts%20That%20Work!” full_width=”Y”]

I ended the day by uploading the book to Kindle, writing the description and hitting publish.

Day 19 – Friday: And here we are. The Blah day. My book still isn't published, not sure what's going on there and I'm not overly motivated to do a lot today. I started the day off well, watching Steve Scott speak live at the Author Marketing Institutes live event, and it got be so pumped up. I cannot wait to sit down and review my self publishing business… but then, I popped out to the cafe to do some work and just started feeling blah.

If you know me, this is definitely not like me. My normal disposition is quite sunny and positive. But I know that for me, sometimes I just need to take a moment, breath, do something fun, or just for me to get myself back on track.

And that's really my lesson from this week. Yes, you can set lofty goals and make massive inroads into your business, by taking massive action, but you also need to listen to yourself and take moments to still do things that make you happy. It's when I lose sight of this that I can feel blah. So today, I'm off to rectify that. As of today, my work is done!

I just have one last thing for you… are you interested in getting access to all of my books? Do you wanna be first to know when I release something new, get freebies, discounts and notification of special events? You do? Awesome. Sign up here AND if you want every book I publish free, make sure you tick “Ambassador.”

Have you had a crap week? Or a crap day? What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Leave your comments below!

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