The question,“What business can I start?” knocks around inside your head so much that you can no longer ignore it. You need an answer.

But you’re struggling with trying to figure out what business you can get started with today. You want to start a business but you're not even sure which one you can get started with first. 

But there's one thing that you probably haven't thought about: whether you're actually suited to starting a business!  

What Business Can I Start? Let's Find Out 

#1: Are you self-motivated? What business can I start Pinterest Image

Not everybody is the right fit for starting a business, so do a couple of self-check questions. 

Ask and answer the following: 

  1. Are you self motivated? 
  2. Can you get your ass out of bed when you need to do it? 
  3. Do you need to hit snooze on your alarm about five times before you get out of bed or do you just jump out as soon as the alarm goes or before the alarm even goes off? 

To be in business for yourself, you need to be someone who is self-motivated. You have to motivate yourself to stick to a routine. And you have to motivate yourself to do the ugly work, the work that no-one wants to do but ultimately, lays at your feet to action.  

Are these the things that you're not necessarily comfortable doing right now? Do you need the threat of a boss yelling at you to get you motivated to take action?  

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Staying motivated comes down to a few simple things: 

  • Self-discipline
  • Knowing your why
  • A good routine

To work for yourself you need to have structure. Sure, that structure has flexibility, but don’t get into the trap of “going with the flow” all the time either. Create a plan and work that plan.

So that's question number one. Are you self motivated? 

#2: How organized are you?

The next question to ask yourself, and be honest here, is how organized are you or do you have the skills to be able to organize yourself? Or are you prepared to learn how to get organized?

Because when you work for yourself, you need to work in an area that is organized or at least organized chaos. 

You need to know where to find things. 

You need to know what you're doing and when you're doing it. 

So that is the second question, are you organized? 

#3: What are your personality strengths?

And then the third question is understanding your strengths. 

Do you know what they are currently? 

If you've never done any type of personality quiz or anything like that, a great one that I would recommend to figure out what your strengths are is the book written by Gretchen Rubin called The Four Tendencies.

 The book covers four different personality tendencies and will really highlight what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are so you have a better understanding of the type of business that might be a good fit for your personality. 

It's a really good starting point if you've never gone through and done a personality quiz. 

When I went through the book it verified that I’m an Upholder. This is why it’s extremely easy for me to be productive as an author, coach, and business owner. 

Self-motivation is something that’s inherent within me. I can balance both internal and external expectations without sacrificing one for the other. 

Now, on the other hand, if I were what Rubin considers an Obliger, it would be much more difficult for me to start my own business. But not impossible! 

Since Obligers don’t want to let others down but they will let themselves down, I’d need to find external accountability and productivity hacks to be a successful entrepreneur. 

In my Productivity Power Plan I can teach you how to play to your strengths and hack any weaknesses to be the best version of yourself. This plan works for both side hustle business and personal productivity, so check it out.

Get your productivity sorted for 2019 goals and planning!

I delve more into personality testing and three different types of tests in this post on How to be More Productive, and also in this post about what online business matches your personality. 

Once you know your personality…

And once you've answered all those personality questions, it's really about finding the right business to pair with your strengths. 

I have created this awesome quiz that will allow you to figure out some different side hustle businesses that you could potentially start in the next 30 days. It takes you through a whole series of questions to get a better understanding of the way you work with people and the way that you react to certain situations. 

That will then result in your basic side hustle personality, and offers suggestions for which potential side hustles would work best for you. 

When you tie together your personality strengths with a business suited to it, you will have more satisfaction and happiness in your daily work and inherently be more productive. It also helps you figure out “what business can I start?”

Once you understand that there is a side hustle that suits your personality, I can show you how to dig into the details of getting started. 



I look forward to hearing what your personality test result is!

Is it what you thought? Any surprises? Any revelations?

Action Step

So ask yourself the main question: are you suited to be an entrepreneur? Even a part-time one? 

Take a personality test to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. Only then will you finally settle that nagging question in your mind of “what business can I start?” And you’ll be able to confidently move forward either way.

In all honesty, it’s more intimidating in your head than in reality. Once you get a few key questions answered for yourself, you can confidently move ahead to implement a plan to start and keep yourself motivated. 

And I’m here to show you those next steps too. 

Questions? Roadblocks? Send me a quick email and I can help get you on your way to side hustle bliss.

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