Gain momentum she says… easier said than done, right.

The thing I notice most about my clients when I first start working with them?

They usually have a couple of books written (and possibly published) and maybe a few services available that they're charging money for…

But none of these things are getting bought (at least not enough to allow them to quit their day jobs anytime soon).

Sometimes they offer these books and services for FREE and they still get zero interest or sales ? .

It's a scary thing for them since it eats away at their self-confidence and has Neville doing a little dance inside their heads… the one I like to call the “you can't touch this” dance.

Neville's so loud at this point, that they begin to despair, which leads to some pretty crazy decisions for their author business…

Decisions like:

  • Buying course after course about the next brand new tactic that is ‘guaranteed' to MOVE their business forward
  • Paying for Facebook ads in the hopes that people WILL buy their books
  • Investing in book promotions WITHOUT understanding which ones work for their niche
  • Throwing the towel in because NOTHING is working

HINT: Neville is NOT who you wanna chat with about your author business!

How to Gain Momentum in Your Author Business

The best way to gain momentum with your author business?

Get crystal clear on what you WANT from your author business.

Once you're clear, then you can create a strategy to move forward on what and how to sell your books and services and who you should be targeting.

Then you can start making enough money to quit your day job.

What does getting crystal clear mean?

Crystal clear aka Clarity is:

  • understanding what you truly want from your author business and then knowing the next steps to take to get you there
  • identifying new book ideas and services that will sell better than what you're currently offering
  • creating a book marketing funnel so that instead of throwing new books at your readers, you offer them the right one at the right time when they need it
  • evaluating where you're at and adjusting course to grow and move forward in a way that's easy rather than difficult

By focusing on clarity it helped me understand that the majority of my awesome readers (such as yourself) want to work with me but can't afford my coaching programs.

So I put my thinking cap on and thought about what you really want…

  • Books that are easy to sell!
  • More ways to make money from your author business!
  • Strategies to engage your current readers!
  • Knowing what to create next!
  • Help rejigging your current stuff so it sells itself!

Then I went back to my 2017 strategy plan and said “Ok, Lise, how can we do that?”

‘Ah! I know. I can do half of the I Got This package and just focus on the stuff that gets them moving in the right direction.'

‘Perfect! How much should it be though…? $1,500 since it's half of the I Got This package?'

‘No, my awesome peeps who are struggling to get book sales can't afford that much. How about $197?'

‘YEP! That's way more affordable…'

‘Uh, we only have 10 days till we go on vacation… how can we do this?'

So I did.

I did an 80's montage of working hard (‘Working 9-5' may have been blaring at the time) to create this limited edition service for you.

To help you get clear and move forward with a concrete strategy… Consider a Voxer Coaching Day with me.


Lise Cartwright
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