As someone who has been writing in some form or capacity for as long as I can remember, writing a book was still a scary thought. How could I come up with something so professional looking without spending a ton of money? And where would I even start? How the heck do you organise a book, what do you have to include and where would I even market it?

These were all the questions (plus many more) that ran through my mind when I was presented with the opportunity of Self-Publishing School last year.

Up until June last year, I had been sitting on the sidelines of self-publishing, wanting to do something, but not knowing where to start. I'd spent the past 5-6 months reading and researching and I was at a point of no return — either I did something with the knowledge I'd gained, or I forget the whole thing.

You already know the rest of the story! Are you at your own cross roads right now? Are those some questions running through your mind?

Stop. Stop underestimating yourself and your ability to nail this. I got your back…

Here's how you can position yourself for self-publishing success: come join me (my first ever speaking gig!) and 35 other bestselling authors at the Self-Publishing Success Summit from July 12 – July 23, 2015.

It's all online, so you have no excuses not to attend.

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The best part? It's free!

I'm going to be speaking about the writing phase, but you'll also hear from other speakers about the publishing phase and the monetizing phase — because this is all about creating a book business.

Imagine what a difference a self-published book could make in your life and in your business… stamp your authority on what you do and let other's know that you walk your talk!

Here's a sneak peek at what's going to be covered:

[feature_box style=”18″ title=”Step%201%3A%20Becoming%20an%20Author%20(Writing%20the%20Book)” alignment=”center”]

How to Boost Your Writing Productivity in 1 Hour Using Scrivener — Joseph Michael

Productive Writing: My Exact Process for Writing 16 Books (including a NYT bestseller) and How I Shortened The Writing Process From 16 Months to 3 Months — Joanna Penn

Clinton White House Speech Writer at age 23. How I did it & how I've used guest posts to build my list by 10,000+ people in 1 year — John Corcoran

0 to 160,000 email subscribers in 2 ½ years. Building successful writing habits to grow your audience & get your book done — James Clear

9 books in 8 months: How to be a writing machine (both fiction & non-fiction) — Steve Windsor

How to Turn Pro As A Writer (And My 3-Step Approach For Writing My Books & Blog Posts) — Jeff Goins


[feature_box style=”18″ title=”Step%202%3A%20Marketing%20%26%20Publishing%20Mastery” alignment=”center”]

Behind the Scenes of The Most Successful Book Launches of the Decade: Lessons From Working With Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Tucker Max & Ramit Sethi (including The 4 Hour Body & Play It Away) — Charlie Hoehn

Growing A 5-figure a month Kindle Business: Getting ATTENTION & standing out from the crowd — Ty Cohen

Selling 40,000 Copies of Your First Self-Published Book (how I did it) — Justin Mares

How I crowdfunded $11,000 for my first book in 21 days (and how to use crowdfunding to fund & market YOUR book) (Ryan Hanley)

The Fundamentals for Success Inside the Amazon Kindle Store (ignore these at your peril) — John Tighe

How to Build an Author Platform And Make $20,000-$50,000/month From Books & E-books — Steve Scott


[feature_box style=”18″ title=”Step%203%3A%20Monetizing%20(Making%20Money%20From%20Your%20Book)” alignment=”center”]

Turn your book into a 6-figure business and a brand.

Building A Successful Backend To Your Book: Lessons From The Godfather Of The Kindle Revolution — Hollis Carter

Double Your Business In Less Than 6 Months With A Book…And Use It To Grow Your Biz To 300+ Employees (A Virtual Freedom Case Study) — Chris Ducker

How To Self-Publish Your Way To #1 on the Amazon & USA Today National Bestseller Lists (And How I've Generated $100 Million With This Formula) — Ryan Levesque

From First Book to Big Business: Turning Your Book Into A Scaling Company — Rory Vaden

How I Doubled My Speaking & Coaching Business To Multiple 7-Figures With My First NYT Bestseller — Christy Whitman

How I Used My Book “Podcast Launch” to Help Create Podcasters' Paradise AND Bring in 5-10 Leads + $600/Day To My Business — John Lee Dumas

$72,000+ in backend revenue within 3 months of launching my first book (The Book on Facebook Marketing Case Study) — Nick Unsworth


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to hear EVERYONE speak. Here's a pic that I've snapped for posterity, because I may never be ‘near' these guys again!

[images style=”2″ image=”” width=”680″ link_url=”” new_window=”Y” align=”center” top_margin=”0″ alt_text=”Last%20chance%2C%20get%20your%20self-publishing%20success%20summit%20tickets%20now” full_width=”Y”]

So what are you waiting for? Jump on board and get your own flavour of self-publishing success happening this month!

Here's the link again:

I look forward to ‘seeing' you there…

Lise Cartwright
Lise Cartwright

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    • Kristen Steele

      For first-time self-published authors, it can be scary to look up at what seems like a giant mountain to climb. But there are so many excellent resources out there, like this one right here, to help you through your journey. Good luck!

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