As someone who has been freelancing for over 3 years now, I can honestly say that I love freelancing.

Freelancing has allowed me to learn more about myself than any other career I've had and it has allowed me to live my days as I see fit.

And while it hasn't always been plain sailing, I wouldn't change the journey one bit.

Below you'll find a list of the reasons why I LOVE freelancing and why you should too, particularly if you're just starting out or feeling a little jaded…

37 Reasons Why I Love Freelancing

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  • I get to work from home in my ‘apartment pants'
  • I get to work from home!
  • I choose when I get up and when I finish working
  • I can choose to watch ‘Pretty Little Liars' in the middle of the day, and then do a few more hours of ‘work'
  • I can work from any location that has a wi-fi connection, or allows me to tether my phone
  • I'm a regular at a few cafe's and because of this, I don't even have to voice my order, they're keying it in as soon as they see me!
  • Eating healthily is actually easier, because I can cook yummy foods for lunch, rather than grabbing whatever on the run
  • I choose to exercise when I want, and that changes each day, based on how I feel…
  • I can take a day off whenever I want thanks to the power of Google Calendar (rescheduling meetings is a breeze!)
  • If I'm sick, I'm sick, I don't have to email or call anyone to explain what the issue is
  • I can change what I do in the blink of an eye… case in point, I started out with SEO consulting, then SEO writing, then blog writing, then writing books and now I'm coaching too… you can change your skills so quickly when you're a freelancer
  • I get to have lunch with my husband every day!
  • I can take a long lunch whenever I want
  • If I want to spend time with family, I can simply take my laptop with me and work around spending time with them
  • I get to chat to people from all over the world because of our ‘connection' as freelancers
  • I get to travel, although I haven't for the past 12 months (weddings are expensive!) it's part of the plan for the next few years
  • I don't have to have meetings anymore!
  • I get to wear comfy clothing (not daggy, although I could) without worrying what a client might think
  • I can delegate the stuff I don't wanna do to virtual assistants!
  • I can increase my income by simply doing more work or taking on more clients!
  • I can take a holiday without having to ‘book' it in with my boss
  • I get to create an office that works for me, not for someone else, which means lots of colour all over the place!
  • If I want to start work at 5:30am, I can and if I want to reset the alarm for later, I can do that too
  • If someone needs me, like a friend who is upset, or a family member needs help with some urgent, I can rearrange my day to help them (something I really longed for when I was working full-time and my sister was pregnant, it was a rough pregnancy!)
  • If I want to work on the beach or from my deck, I can (NZ is home to some amazing beaches!)
  • I can go and watch a movie by myself with all the retirees!
  • I don't have to go out when all the masses are leaving for work to run errands, I can go at 10am when they are all in their offices!
  • If I need to do a number 2, I can do so in the comfort of my own home, something that I cherish because as anyone who has ever had to share a toilet with others will understand, doing a number 2 at work is just not fun…
  • If I don't feel like doing my hair or putting on makeup, I don't have to
  • If I want to make a hair appointment, I can take an afternoon off to fit it in
  • I can get a manicure and pedicure in the middle of the day or early morning because I don't have to wait till the weekend
  • I can go shopping while everyone else is at work, which means if I need help from a sales assistant, I'm not vying for her attention
  • Did I mention I get to work from home?!
  • If I'm having a ‘meh' day, then I just stop working and take a me day instead (or a mental health day as you might call it)
  • If I need the company of others, I can go to co-working spaces or my local library and cafe's, where you'll find plenty of others doing what they love (or studying!)
  • I can actually plan ahead when it comes to days off and vacations, moving things around as needed to suit my life, not some boss or company who tells me when I can and can't take days off
  • But most of all, the number 1 reason I love freelancing is that I am now in control of my life, what I do on a daily basis is entirely up to me—it's like one of those ‘choose your own path' stories, each day, I choose my own path


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