Your author business is important to you, right. You want to make sure you get yourself set up and off to a great start within as little time as possible.

The problem is, you've got no idea what you should be doing.

What do you focus on first?

Writing all the books in the series you've outlined…

Setting up email marketing assets…

Writing a blog that supports your books…

You feel like your head is spinning.

You can't focus on your author business if you're trying to juggle #allthethings…

Neville is having a great time, spinning lines (often on repeat) like:

“Argh. What the heck am I mean to send to my new readers?”

“I don't have the time to fit author coaching in.”

“Should I finish one project at a time, or do bits and pieces from each one?”

“I feel lost!”

I get it.

What you're saying is: “I don't have faith in myself that this will work for ME.”

I've been there.

I don't have any formal writing training. Heck, my degree is in business management, it's about as far away from a writing degree as you can get (ok, not, if I was a dentist, that would be further away…).

I didn't learn how to write as an author at school…

I did have a diary (thank goodness you can't read THAT!), which I wrote in every day… but the musings of an awkward teenager are hardly the makings of a full-time author.

Yet here I am. A successful, full-time author.

Does that mean I do everything perfectly?

No. Not by a long shot.

What it does mean is that I've figured out the 80/20 rule for my business. I know what to focus on to get the best results. I know when to go after a new tactic, and when to shelve it.

I can still get caught up in #allthethings, but I have systems in place to pull me back in, so I'm not floundering around, wasting time.

Here's where most authors fall down:

  • They don't take action on the right steps
  • They don't know the right questions to ask
  • They don't know what to focus on to move them forward
  • They don't know how to maximize their time to achieve more while doing less

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When I invested in myself and got one-on-one coaching to become an author, I had no idea it would lead to a full-time career.

Or a successful author business…

I mean, I knew that I wanted to write a book (at some stage), but I had no idea it would lead to an addiction to writing…

Knowing what to focus on and when has helped me to quickly make decisions on potential projects, allowing me to grow my author business fast.

Maximizing my time was one of the things I learned early on. It allowed me to write seven books in seven weeks, increasing my book catalog and creating more opportunities for growth.

I find that Neville (my negative inner chatter) is pretty quiet at this time.

He's got nothing to say because I'm busy proving all his nay-saying and negative-Nelly chatter wrong.

How does an author coach help you? What's their role?

Let me break down the process for you:

  • We'll start with an intake questionnaire. This is my getting to know you phase and is super important to make sure that I cover everything you need help with during the next 4 weeks
  • The next step is booking in our one-on-one coaching calls. I'm a Zoom gal and love video chats. Coffee, cocktails, champagne… your beverage of choice is always welcome 🙂
  • Once the initial coaching calls are booked in, we'll be connected via a private Trello board, where I'll have laid out the foundations of our coaching time together. This is where you'll access resources, ask questions, and where we'll communicate 95% of the time. Anything shared here is confidential, I guarantee it.
  • We'll complete a time & systems audit to see where you're at in your author business and how we can make improvements. This is where we'll spend a large portion of our time together.
  • I have a structure in place, but there is flexibility built in, so should you decide to pivot and change focus, we can do that together.

The point of hiring an author coach is to get that one-on-one help you need — when you need it.

If you want to grow your author business, it makes sense that you'll need a little helping hand along the way.

In my experience as an author coach, the structure I have in place for my author coaching takes budding authors from ‘oh-no, I'm so overwhelmed' to ‘I'm in control!' in just a few short sessions.

Without the structure and systems?

Our calls can end up being a chat-feast about our fav episode of Friends or Gossip Girl, or how ridiculous Family Guy is (I mean, come on. Seriously?! hehe).

Without structure — you WILL walk away with nothing accomplished, wondering why you wasted all that money on yourself.

I don't want that for you!

If you're ready to take the next step and get one-on-one author strategy coaching, you can chat with me here:

Lise Cartwright
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