How do you go about generating passive income with ease without spending all your time on social media? It's a combination of a few things but it can all be boiled down to this one thing: The right messaging.

In this blog post, I'm going to talk about:

  • What passive income is when it comes to running a digital product business
  • What your options are for selling digital products without being on social media 24/7
  • How you can use the right messaging to sell your offers with ease
  • A framework for coming up with the right messaging

Let's dive in!

Using The Right Messaging To Sell Online With Ease

What is truly passive income?

Before we get into everything, let's you and I make sure that we fully understand what an online passive income business looks like.

START Workbook and Planning GuideIn my workbook, START: A Workbook & Planning Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs, I talk about what passive income is through the lens of running an online business.

Here's a brief excerpt from the introduction where I talk about it:

“Let's start by busting this myth…

True passive income is totally possible while running an online business.

But true passive income is not achievable with an online business…

Ok, Lise, I can hear you thinking… if you're saying this isn't possible, what is truly passive income?

True passive income is when you do something once and then NEVER have to do anything with that thing again, but you receive a regular income from it.

True passive income is investing in dividends or stocks, for example. Or writing a best selling book and it selling without you running ads to it.

If that's what you're looking for—100% passive income—then please gift this workbook + planning guide to someone else!

What am I talking about then?

A passive income business that only takes 20% of your efforts to generate 80% truly passive income.

You can create a passive income business, but there will still be things you'll need to do to ensure that your relatively passive income continues to roll on in.

So how does an 80% passive income business sound instead?!

What would working less but making more truly mean to you?

It is possible.”

You can check out the workbook HERE.

To sum up – an online passive income business is 80% passive income. It still requires some input from you but nowhere near what it would look like if you were running a different type of business, especially a brick & mortar one.

Now that we've squared that away, let's discuss how you're going to use the right messaging to sell your digital products by first understanding the different options available for selling online.

What are your options for selling digital products?

The options for selling digital products online are unlimited.

You can sell your products online through a dedicated marketplace like eBay or Etsy, or by having your own website. You can also sell on social media too.

The second option (your own website) is more preferable because you will have all the control over the pricing, marketing, and customer experience.

Where a lot of people get tripped up is the how of selling digital products. They believe that they need to be on social media promoting their products all the time. Or sending sleazy, salesy emails to their email list just to make a buck.

Now I don't know about you but I don't actually want to be on social media all that much.

While I identify as an extrovert 80% of the time, my inner introvert balks at the idea that I have to be on social media and playing to the algorithms to make money. ?

And writing salesy emails without integrity or care about your readers; that's completely out of alignment with how I wish to show up in the world…

Here's the thing… While you can use social media and play to the algorithms to sell your digital products, it's not required to generate an online passive income.

In fact, you can automate a lot of the stuff that sells your offers on social media, removing the need for you to be visible on social media all the time, aka just so the algorithms give you love.

What are your numbers?

Once you know what your money-making content is, you can simply schedule that stuff out in advance. You don't need to be actively present to sell.

What you do need is an audience that is engaged with the content you're producing.

And at the end of the day, it's about the numbers…

Income projection calculator

How many eyes do you need on your sales page to make a certain amount of money? That's the real question you need to answer.

But it's also about understanding what your audience wants and making sure that your offers solve the problem that they identify as having.

When you combine these two pieces together, selling your offers becomes a lot easier.

How can you use the right messaging to sell online?

It starts by using clear messaging that speaks to your audience, that makes them sit up and take notice.

That makes them nod their head in agreement.

That makes them take the action you want them to take… to buy your offer.

Now, it goes without saying that you're not creating crappy products just for the sake of it.

No. I know that you're creating products that are amazing and developed with integrity and really care for the people who you're looking to help.The right messaging sells your offers

When you've got those foundations, coming up with the right messaging is actually easy.

It starts with understanding the problem your audience has.

Once you've got that clear, then it's about checking to make sure that your offer solves that problem (at a minimum).

Once you've got those two pieces, then you can create a message that combines those two items.

It could look like this:

Problem + Your Offer = Problem Solved

Let's look at this a little deeper.

Are you acting in alignment with your Human Design?

Once you've got all of these pieces in place, or at least outlined, it's time to check in with your Human Design Strategy.

Are you creating in alignment with your strategy? If you're not, then no amount of the right messaging or the right offer will help because it will be hard to sell and attract the right customers.

It's about being energetically aligned with everything you do in your business. Without that key component, you're literally going through the motions.

Here's an example:

Let's say your type from Human Design is a Projector.

Your strategy is to wait to be invited before giving advice.

But you've chosen to ignore this. Instead, you've created an offer based on a problem you saw your target audience was having. You know you can help them solve it.

You create an amazing sales page.

Have gorgeous images.

And your launch plan is solid.

So you send out your first email to your list.

You don't have any expectations of getting sales on the first day, because you know most people will buy on the last day.

You are surprised that only 1% of your email list clicked on your sales page link though. But you shove aside any negative thoughts because it's only 24 hours since your email went out.

Over the next five days, you have emails scheduled, social media posts and videos scheduled, and you're ready and waiting to welcome in your new customers.

The last day rolls around and you check your sales page stats. You've had about 300 views, which is awesome. But still no sales.

As the day draws to a close, you end your launch with one sale.

You spend the next few days feeling extremely bitter about the whole thing and consider deleting all your email subscribers and closing your business. ?

You are tired of putting all this effort in only to get abysmal results…

This is what happens when you work out of alignment with your strategy.

What you could have done instead is to have spent the 7 days prior to your launch showing up and sharing your gifts with zero expectations. No mention of your offer, simply sharing your insights and awesomeness.

24 hours prior to launch, you would have sent an email to your list letting them know that you had an offer that is a good fit for them based on xyz. You would have provided a link for anyone to opt-out of the launch so that you were only sending emails to those interested. ?‍♀️

During your launch, your emails and social media would have been more of you sharing your insights and letting people know who you could best serve, with a link to check out details further.

At the end of the launch, not only had you sold out your offer, but you had a waitlist for the next launch.

This is the magic of doing what is aligned — what you are designed to energetically share with the world.

A Simple Framework: Sell Your Digital Products with the Right Messaging

Ok, now that you've confirmed that you're moving forward and are in alignment with your Human Design strategy, let's look at how you can really get succinct in your messaging to sell your digital products with ease.

I call it the “Tangible Results Framework”.

It looks like this:

Everything you need to know about ABC so that you can XYZ.


Everything you need to know and learn about ABC without XYZ.

Let's look at this in action.

Here's what I have for my Custom Business Strategy Session:

“Everything you need to know about running a successful online business using the Human Design framework so that you can create passive income without spending all your time on social media.”

The Problem: running a successful online business without being on social media all the time

The Solution: Use the Human Design framework to create passive income

This simple framework is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your messaging is spot on and speaks directly to your target customer.


Because you're using their words.

You're using their problems.

Your job is to create a solution that clearly shows the results they are looking for.

When you do that, the right message resonates with them and they buy!

Now it's time to try it for yourself. Take the framework, come up with a few ideas and test them with your audience.

And then let me know in the comments below how you go.

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